Saturday, January 14, 2017

Food For Though 3

Egotist in Chief. His view of himself is grossly over rated.   For his many crimes while in office treason for this one should be considered if not for all the others.    This is a synopsis of what his failed leadership looked like.

Leftist hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy.    The hypocrisy of leftism is a symptom of their intolerance and out of balance sense of their own righteousness.   Just one more example of Democrat hypocrisy.   Their holier than thou posturing is not a pleasant thing to watch.

You cannot tell me that this is civil discourse/behavior from rabid liberal members on ABC's The View.    They display contempt for anyone who does not agree with their radical leftist views.

Here is someone representing the political left.  Seems to me that his orientation which seems quite confused does not represent the best the left has to offer.  But unfortunately for the left he is not a good model to follow.

Michael Moore has a right to his opinion but his demonstrated hatred for those who differ with him makes him a very poor spokesperson for his misguided ideology.    His ideology is in consonance with Obama's which has proven over and over again throughout history to be a total failure.  He prefers proven bad policies which inhibit rather than those that promote ideas and actions that support individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution for all peoples regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. 

For those worried about the cost of a southern border fence.  It will cost less than the cost of Obamacare for one year.  Think we should do it?

This item destroys the self elected elite "experts" which populate the air waves, academics, Hollywood, government, politics, and crony capitalists.  Quote: "Experts aren’t what they used to be – that is, experts. “Experts” tell us that by an act of sheer desire, Dave can transform into Diane. That’s crazy. We try to outsource our moral judgment to “ethics experts” and end up with nutballs telling us infanticide is cool. The experts told us how there was an ice age coming. Then acid rain. Then ozone depletion. Then global warming. Then, when it didn’t actually get warmer, global climate change. Yet, somehow we are expected not to notice this litany of wrong and to just submit to the guidance of people who are literally never right.  Sure, if I had a brain tumor, I’d want a skilled neurosurgeon to take it out – though note how Dr. Ben Carson’s demonstrated track record of competence at that hard skill has earned him zero respect from the left, demonstrating that their alleged regard for expertise is simply another scam. But while I would rely on my doc for the technical work of cutting and slicing, his expertise does not apply to the other key issues involved – like whether I want to accept the consequences of the surgery on my quality of life. Questions that relate to our preferences and morals are not the province of experts. Nor should decisions regarding the principles and policies of our government be delegated to the technical experts charged with carrying them out." 

This a signature example of the lack of ethics enforcement during Obama's entire tenure.

This item is for those who still think the mainstream media is an upstanding, honest fair and balanced news reporting enterprise.   So, what's new????

Speaking of fake news the mainstream media complains about it seemingly totally unaware of the fact that they are a major source of it.

This item lays bare how the mainstream media produces fake news.    This woman is a walking fake news outlet all by her lonesome.  To my way of thinking she is a disgrace to decency, honesty and seems to be totally void of any ethics.

Despite hopes that he would further improving race relations occurring over previous years Obama said and did things that harmed advancement of race relations.  See his history here.  Quote: "At every opportunity to quash racial division, Obama's rhetoric instead amplified it. For eight years he continuously peddled the notion that America is a deeply racist, unjust vessel of oppression. While he would at times admit that some progress had been made in race relations, he consistently returned to his rhetoric about a country plagued by "systemic racism." And so, race relations in America changed to reflect the vision Obama promulgated for 8 years. The media beloved racial unifier, Barack Obama presided over the deterioration of race relations in America. If you like your race relations, you’ll get to keep your race relations."

As other items have shared with you concerns with extreme bias is running rampant in parts of the media, education establishment, political pundits, left wing politicians.  The nonsense this item discusses is but one example of the political left has resorted to.  This clear attitude is that they are the only ones with the right solutions to all the world's problems.  What they fail to see because of their self-righteous attitude is that they are a major part of the problem.

George Burns

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