Thursday, January 5, 2017

Another Obama era first! Racially motivated kidnapping and torture broadcast live on social media

Remember all the black people who were kidnapped and tortured for voting for Obama twice?
Neither do I.
Now that Donald Trump has won the presidential election, left-wingers want a race war. (Actually, they’ve wanted one for years.) The Left in this country went from rioting and killing police officers and is now taking it further and becoming something closer to ISIS.
A few days ago Trump criticized Chicago authorities for allowing the murder rate to skyrocket. “If Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help!”
A Facebook live video broadcast (since taken down by Facebook) shows a white male being held hostage and getting assaulted over and over again by several black assailants.
Police describe the video shot in an apartment on Chicago’s West Side as depicting a “brutal act toward an adult male with mental health challenges” and as “sickening.”Someone identified as Brittany Herring posted the footage revealing the frightened young man tied up with his mouth duct-taped shut while he is humiliated and brutalized.
The suspects, two African-American women and two African-American men jubilantly kick and hit the victim, pepper him with cigarette ashes, and force him to denounce white people and Donald Trump. Attackers’ faces are shown clearly as if they don’t expect to be held accountable for their actions. They even use their own first names.
In Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago and in the era of the Democratic Party-endorsed Black Lives Matter movement these criminal thugs have every reason to believe they’ll get away with it. Maybe President Obama will invite them to the White House to discuss how our society drove them to do it.

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