Friday, January 27, 2017

This is no time to sit on your hands 1

This is a look back a few months in time but remains relevant given the exposure of so much about the incessant production of fake news. Past items have shared information of corruption and outright criminal intent on the part of elitists across the realms of the political, academic, crony capitalist and mainstream media elite.  A continuing stream of leaked documents is confirming many of the disturbing comments previously shared.  I urge you to check things for yourselves. Do not take my word for it.  Please take the initiative to share what you learn with others.  Here is a quote and link to an article which serves as a call to action:  "If you're not following the flurry of email dumps now being released every 24 hours by Wikileaks, you're missing out on the most damning revelations of systemic government corruption in the history of this nation. The emails reveal unprecedented criminal collusion between the State Dept., the Clinton Foundation, the Obama White House, the FBI, the DNC, the leftist media and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In essence, they are all conspiring to rig everything: Town hall questions are rigged, debate questions are rigged, the polls are rigged, the news coverage is rigged, the justice system is rigged and no doubt the election itself is going to be rigged (stolen) in order to make sure Hillary Clinton wins. The entire mainstream media, it turns out, is nothing but a collection of presstitutes pretending to be journalists. In reality, they are all Clinton operatives who operate with eerie similarity to obedient Nazi party propaganda pushers."  This IS NOT propaganda from conservative sources.  The leaked documents contain their own words as to what they think and what they are up to.  It is nothing short of an attempt to take over our country at the voting booth.  Don't take my word for it. Please check this out for yourself.  The below link contains further links you can use to search content of the leaked incriminating email for yourself.  The mainstream media will not aggressively report the truth because they are part of the problem.  I assure you I am not crazy.  This is something that has been developing for a number of years.    

A most interesting, yet scary, assessment. Straight talk.  Quote: "In America today, instead of engaging in the peaceful participation of ideation and the vigorous contemplation and debate of ideology, we are experiencing the descent into tribal warfare, identity politics, ad hominem attacks, lawlessness, anarchy, and chaos.  At this moment in history, words are once again being replaced with bricks, rocks, hammers, colored flags and fire.  Unless the current trajectory changes, these will soon give way to bullets and bombs. American patriots might soon replace their MAGA hats with makeshift helmets and battle armor to wage all-out war against left-wing nihilists and a heavily armed Deep State in a Second American Civil War that is currently underway. History rhymes and the past has already foretold of the forthcoming chaotic times. Just like in a garden of seeds, weeds, and flowers; the passing of time will produce a yield from the same elements that have always been.  Just like the Revolutionary War, except today, it is the political establishment and global financial elite, acting as an entitled monarchy.  Just like the First American Civil War, but instead of North versus South, it is now “urban” versus “rural” and lawless anarchists challenging those with Common Sense and decency. And, just like Germany during the 1930s, except today, the leftist Brownshirts have chosen to wear black instead." 

This judge excoriates Obama and his DOJ attorneys for the lies and deceptions they delivered during deliberations in his court room.  Read to see what he did and why. 

This deals with the delusions that consume the political left. Quote: "The overarching issue is that we are watching the progressive left continue to wrap themselves in their own delusion. This past weekend there were marches focused on women’s rights. Where were those voices when Christian and Yazidi girls were being raped and sold as sex slaves by ISIS – that group Obama called the JV team, which was not Islamic. If this is about misogyny, where were those voices reference Bill Clinton regularly being welcomed as an “elder statesman” of the Democrat party?  More violence, threats, intimidation, rantings, protests, denigrating, disparaging, and demeaning language from the left will not win folks over to their cause. It will only further distance them from the America that has rejected and repudiated them, the electoral losses of the past eight years is evidence.  The delusion of the progressive left is that they are not conducting a self-analysis or assessment. Their way did not advance economic growth or national security. Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing, and expect different results”. Einstein’s definition certainly befits the grand delusion of the progressive left."

Very, very interesting piece by Doug Casey, a libertarian thinker, writer, speculator, and founder and chairman of Casey Research.  Quote: "Greater Depression has started. Most people don’t know it because they can neither confront the thought nor understand the differences between this one and the last.  As a climax approaches, many of the things that you’ve built your life around in the past are going to change and change radically. The ability to adjust to new conditions is the sign of a psychologically healthy person.  Look for the opportunity side of the crisis. The Chinese symbol for “crisis” is a combination of two other symbols—one for danger and one for opportunity.  The dangers that society will face in the years ahead are regrettable, but there’s no point in allowing anxiety, frustration, or apathy to overcome you. Face the future with courage, curiosity, and optimism rather than fear. You can be a winner, and if you plan carefully, you will be. The great period of change will give you a chance to regain control of your destiny. And that in itself is the single most important thing in life. This depression can give you that opportunity; it’s one of the many ways the Greater Depression can be a very good thing for both you as an individual and society as a whole." 

This item assesses the state of the political left/progressives.  According to this thoughtful and articulate black writer to improve our nation's future prospects will take time and a lot of work.  Quote: "In short, the left is terrified that, like Obama, Trump is going to do as he pleases as president, only in his case it will be to the benefit of America rather than to her detriment. This has made them even more desperate and careless in their speech, and the farther left they are along the political continuum, the more desperate and careless their speech is proving to be. Spinning bizarre and fanciful calumnies and making petulant demands for conciliation when they are at a political disadvantage (nothing new; they’re just doing more of it at present) illustrate their present distraction."  And, "The left’s deportment over the last few weeks serve to reinforce what I’ve maintained for some time, and what I will continue to articulate: Dedicated progressives are a vile breed, whatever letters they happen to have in parentheses after their names. They are patient and well-entrenched, however, so stamping out their influence is going to be a job bigger than any president. In a very real sense, our work is just beginning."

We already knew this but it is good that they now know too.  So, when will the mainstream media stop the misleading and outright lies and start telling the truth about the problems plaguing the troubled Democrat party?  And more importantly when will they start telling the truth about the efforts Trump is undertaking to improve American lives?   And, when will they stop trying to interfere with his agenda?   To say many of today's journalists propagate fake news is not news.  It is fact.  This piece from a long time investigative journalists talks to his peers and in private they tell him what they don't to you and I.  Read his comments derived from mainstream media reporters.

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