Saturday, January 21, 2017

Things to ponder 1

This is an exceptional autopsy of the Obama years.  Quote: "If apology for America’s mistakes must fashionably precede an audience for the world’s opinion, then accordingly, America apologizes for President Obama. Twice, as president, he took up the oath "to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States," and twice he laid it down. He never spoke for the American people; he spoke rather for an idea of unlimited government that the people could not accept. His one legacy achievement may be that he created the need for Donald Trump. It is a correction demanded by political justice -- that truth shall impeach the liar. Who but the people shall correct their government when it has fallen into error? The question informs us because it is honest. The surrender of liberty is a choice perpetually available to all free peoples. The object of progressive doctrine is to render that choice acceptable to the majority of voters. Should we forget this, or should we fail to understand the left's determination to create the political and social divisions necessary for their own success, then by our negligence we shall have forfeited the means of correction."

This portends what may happen to our country anyway but continuing Obama's policies and those of California's socialist Democrats it would have been a guaranteed catastrophic event.  Think Venezuela.  Thankfully Hillary did not win and maybe, just maybe we will survive.  California is on a collision course with disaster and may yet take the country down with it.    These are perilous times.  

This item helps explain what is going on in California.  We need to be ever aware and alert to the things the left seeks to impose on the rest of us. Quote: "The inclination to revolt against a life constructed around personal freedom is deeply ingrained in that eternal collectivist craving of men for a material security that exceeds their self-reliance and an intel­lectual security that relieves them of the necessity of applying thought to their lives. Every time civilization flowers, it has basically done so to the degree that men were left free in matters of the mind and the economics of living. Every time civilization declines, it has basically done so to the degree that the collectivist mentality in man is set loose and allowed to utilize state coercion to dictate truth and redistribute productivity, so as to get something for nothing by expropriating the creative effort of others."  And, "All of our troubles today stem from the Marxist-Keynesian worldview that capitalism is not only evil, but in Keynes’ words, “reached it’s mature stage” in 1929 and must be replaced with a benevolent, all-powerful state to guide the economic forces of life. The above ten personalities are vehement supporters of this tragically flawed concept of political history and economics."
And, remember, populated by far too many socialist sympathisers Hollywood is in California, too. 

Just for your information during his tenure Obama killed over 300,000 small business jobs.   And how about this?   Does anyone really think we need or even want to continue along Obama's chosen path????   

If you want to understand what nonsense really is ponder this item.  Quote: "Global warming has become a huge industry these days, with climate-change entrepreneurs like former Vice President Al Gore cashing in big, as Bloomberg estimated his worth several years ago at $200 million plus, after an asset total of $1.7 million while he was running for president.  Governments are spending big, billions at a time. And doesn’t everyone feel the increasing costs of energy and products?  But a new estimate about what it will cost the world’s citizens to reduce the world’s temperature by the end of the century by a “grand total of three tenths of one degree” is a stunner: $100 trillion.  That’s $100,000,000,000,000.00.  Enough to make 100 million people millionaires."  

If you don't think Obama's refugee policies have been based on fraud, mismanagement, unethical motives and are plain bad for our country, please read this.  His motives were far from pure.  Just one example quote from this piece.  Quote: "President Obama and his progressive supporters claim it is undemocratic to deny access to refugees from war-torn countries like Syria. The implication is that Trump and those who voted for him are heartless and un-American. The irony in this is that the top five states having unvetted refugees from Syria forced on them are red states (Republican), not blue (Liberal)."  Ask yourself what was his purpose in planting an overload of unvetted population Muslims in Republican states?   It is reasonable to assume it was his uncontrollable hatred of and desire to punish Republican run states for disagreeing with him and his irrational views.

Here is a radically different view from the Obama years regarding the radical Muslim problem facing the entire free world.  Trump's declaration that this problem is in fact a real problem offers much needed relief for those who know the truth of radical Islam and should inject fear for Islamic jihadist adherents.  They now know that someone in power means business when addressing the need to eliminate the cancer of Islamic Jihadism from the face of the earth.

The hypocrisy of liberal Democrats is stunning in scope.  They claim to hold the moral high ground on all matters no matter the truth as revealed by history.  They have an abysmal race relations record completely ignored while leveling false and/or totally mischaracterizations of Republican personalities and policies. Their treatment of Senator Jeff Sessions during his Attorney General appointment to be the next Attorney General reveals the scope of their hypocrisy.  Read this piece to see what I mean.   Sometimes is seems as if they have absolutely no shame.

Over the years the government has become more and more prone to make pronouncements that protect itself rather than the people it is suppose to serve.  It has long be in need of cleansing along with its co-conspirator the mainstream media.  Hopefully, with the inauguration of Donald Trump such a process can start.  He pledged to take America away from the politicians and give it back to the people. Hopefully Trump is a man of his word.  Misfits and mindless idealogues who seek their own agendas without regard for the consequences within both government and media need to be removed from any position of responsibility.  This item focusses on the government misdeeds/dishonesty.  Quote: "Seen in this light – somewhat as Bruce Yandle has taught us with his lovely bootleggers-and-Baptists model – one realizes that a very large part of everything the government does is derived from fake politics, from false characterizations or appealing cover stories that provide plausible rationales for government policies and programs whose true goals are quite different from those it advertises to the public in its quest to put the policies in place and keep them going, preferably with ever-increasing funding and an ever-larger bureaucracy.  Where government, politics, and policy implementation are concerned, we would be wise to remember that just as in the realm of often-fake news, things are rarely what they purport to be and, indeed, they are often the exact opposite."

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