Friday, January 6, 2017

Unable to Win Elections, Liberals Seek to Delegitimize Trump

Expect liberals to continue trying to delegitimize Trump’s victory, despite repeated failure. The only thing that changes in liberals’ long-term effort is their motivation: It now switches from election strategy to survival’s necessity. Simply: If liberals cannot effectively undermine Trump’s presidency, they risk losing far more than November’s election.
The over-reported prospect of an Electoral College rebellion against Trump came and went. It became another opportunity to add insult to liberals’ injury; Clinton’s electoral vote defeat margin swelled, as she wound up suffering more “faithless electors” than Trump did. However, while this was the most focal of their efforts, it was far from the only one.
The post-election press has reverberated with liberals’ wishful thinking that by delegitimizing Trump, they can define away their own failures.
The Washington Post has served as a prime vintner of the left’s sour grapes. On December 7, it published a piece by Clinton’s former communications director that raised the racist charge once more: “I don’t know whether the Trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacists to win. But the campaign clearly did, and it had the effect of empowering the white-nationalist movement.” 

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