Friday, January 27, 2017

Largest 10 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ May Lose $2.27 Billion in Federal Funding

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other large cities could lose federal funding for housing, education, airport improvements, HIV treatment, and more. “The [funding] numbers do not include federal money for law enforcement, which was excluded in the executive order, and programs like Medicaid, which are administered by state governments,” Reuters states.
One estimate found 300 “sanctuary city” jurisdictions exist where state or local officials refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement officers, and which order cops not to discover arrestees’ immigration status. Nationwide, at least 11 million illegal immigrants live in America’s towns and cities.
President Donald Trump issued an executive order Wednesday instructing Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to look at all channels of federal funding for sanctuary cities and determine how they can be changed by the administration.
Trump’s actions could shrink local government workforces and indirectly bring some city operations to a grinding halt. The Port of Seattle depends on federal dollars to operate, for example.
In response to the threat of lost funding, Democratic mayors like Rahm Emanuel in Chicago and Bill de Blasio in New York have made make declarations about taking the Trump administration to court. 

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Crystal James said...

Thanks for the information provided. However, the news are not so good. I don’t understand why so big cities are losing funding. Moreover, I think that big cities need more financial help from the government. Thus, what’s the reason for those cuts? How New York and Lost Angeles will get the money for housing, education, airport improvement and etc? Should they get funding through easy loan services? Frankly speaking, I don’t understand the game Donald Trump is playing.