Friday, January 20, 2017

The Travesty Known As Obamacare 1

At this point no one knows what the future of Obamacare will be.  But the below items suggests it is in bad need of replacement with something that actually works.  Obamacare repeal and replacement will be a major undertaking during the upcoming legislative session to fulfill promises made during the presidential campaign.  Democrats will, of course, fight this Republican initiative tooth and nail and do their best to scare the wits out of the public about what the Republicans are doing to their sacred cow, no matter its total and absolute failure.

First, let it be known that the repeated Democrat lies led by Obama were that the Republicans had no ideas, no plans, no ability to provide a healthcare program "as good as" Obamacare were totally bogus.  Obamacare is a total failure and has inflicted great harm on our nation's healthcare system.  It must be replaced.   Here is a synopsis of one of several Republican plans.    I remind you that during the time the Democrats were crafting Obamacare, more that 50 amendments were offered by Senate republicans to make it more likely to succeed.  Then Senate majority leader Harry Reid did not let one single Republican proposal see the light of day.  He then later boasted that Republicans had not offered any ideas, implying of course that only Democrats can do the right things for the country and that Republicans are totally inept.  That, of course, was just one of Reid's many dictatorial actions as Senate majority leader, as well as a blatant lie.  He served as loyal lackey and chief obstructionist for President Obama throughout his tenure as Senate Majority Leader. To their credit not a single Republican voted for Obamacare.  They knew it would fall on its face.
Democrats have been  naively, more likely foolishly, pretending Obamacare is a roaring success and claiming Republicans are crazy if they repeal it.  This false narrative is Democrats "sticking their heads in the sand" because by most accounts Obamacare is not only a failure but a colossal failure.   Although no longer in office Obama has pledged that he will be personally involved in trying force Congress to save his disaster.  What a guy.  The will of the people or specifically the quality of their healthcare means nothing to him or his Democrat partisans who can never admit to any of the multitude of collosal mistakes they make.

This is a total indictment of  Obamacare, or its totally bogus name "Affordable" Health Care Act.  Quote: "Buy-and-raise, the Los Angeles Times reported last month, is a practice that drug companies are utilizing to inflate prices by 1,000%.  Here’s how it works: drug companies offer patients “co-pay coupons” for common drugs like a simple skin cream called, Alcortin A and a basic pain reliever, Vimovo. The drugs retailed for $189 and $115 respectively less than two years ago. Today, they retail for $7,968 and $2,061 respectively. Patients and doctors rarely see the true sticker price as the drugs are covered by many insurance plans and drug companies give patients co-pay coupons that allow them to pay a negligible amount while, as the Los Angeles Times reports: “leaving America’s health system to pick up the rest of the price.”

More truth about Obamacare that Obama and his partisan minions will never tell you.

This is another travesty Obamacare caused.  Quote: "Among the talking points deployed by Obamacare apologists in their effort to save “reform” is the claim that repeal will cause thousands to die due to the loss of health insurance. This nonsense is based on the fiction that repeal will cause tens of millions to instantly lose health coverage and on debunked studies showing that the lack of insurance causes premature death. Strangely, the compassionate champions of the potentially uninsured seem unmoved by the very real carnage wrought by Obamacare’s destruction of rural hospitals. Since 2010, 80 such facilities have closed, a trend that is killing patients right now."  How do you think the people who lost access to these facilities feel about Obamacare?

Here is another truth and one of the reasons why Hillary lost.  Quote: "I don’t know any prominent Republicans who have refused to admit Obamacare is reaching a lot of previously uninsured Americans. That was never the major criticism. The criticism was that Obamacare is reaching those people at an extraordinary cost to the lower middle class, which has borne the brunt of Obamacare cost increases. Likewise, Obamacare has not measurably improved the healthcare of those it has reached, while it has negatively impacted many more who, it turns out, couldn’t keep their doctor.  The Democrats will tell you it is all Republicans’ fault. If only Republicans had done what Democrats wanted them to do, none of this would have happened. But that is precisely the problem. Democrats thought they could dictate and everyone else would comply." and, "You want to know why Hillary Clinton lost? There you have it. Forget Sanders voters. Forget James Comey. Forget fake news. Democrats forgot good policy is good politics and designed a bad policy expecting its collapse would force further change. That change is now coming at the hands of Donald Trump."

The truth is that Obama will never admit the truth that he has been a total failure in everything he has done as president.  Obamacare is just one of his biggest and costliest to us of all of them.  

This failed mess absolutely needs to be removed from the face of the earth.

This infographic does a good job of synopsizing the Obamacare delimma. 

Continuing the left's denial of obvious facts regarding Obamacare's massive failures.

And still Obama claims it is a success.  Paying for those who receive subsidies will cost tax payers $10 billion in addition to paying for our own insurance.

Obama claims of success are disclaimed in this and subsequent items.  What a guy. 

This item points out that Obamacare is "crushing" the middle class.  Note that the item was first published this past August and things have not improved since. 


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