Friday, June 30, 2017

Matters of Education 4

The demise in public education has been ongoing for a long time.  John Dewey kicked off the trend way back when.  Past items have discussed the acceleration of the decline started by President Carter when he federalized government control of public education with the establishment of the Department of Education.  The fact is that was a violation of the Constitution.  There is nothing in the Constitution that grants the federal government has any role in education. This item provides interesting insight into the level of decay public education is now suffering.

It is impossible to believe that many if not most of our public schools are leftist institutions bent on indoctrinating our children into being good little socialists.

This is loonacy.  Whatever happened to the left's holy grail of "separation of church and state"?  These obviously leftist teachers teach Islam as the religion of choice because it is the only one they teach.  This is a prime example of why government should get out of the education business.  They corrupt the curriculum with proffered government sponsored propaganda far too often.

George Burns

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