Monday, June 19, 2017

Glimpses of History 1

Much has been made of the Iranian regime and it's nefarious activities.  The fact is our nation's CIA is largely responsible for the mess by meddling in their internal affairs.  So, how great is that?   Quote: "The Trump administration has released a long-suppressed and classified government report disclosing U.S. clandestine action in Iran that outlines America's role in the country's 1953 coup, the State Department announced last week in a move that is likely to roil the Islamic Republic. The report, which details covert U.S. operations in Iran, has been the source of controversy for quite some time, as the former Obama administration had suppressed its publication in a bid to avoid upsetting Iran during diplomatic efforts to foster the landmark nuclear deal. While a small portion of the report still remains classified, its release marks the first time the United States is officially acknowledging its clandestine role in the 1953 coup against the Iranian government led by Mohammad Mosadeq."    Doesn't that make our government bi-partisan hypocrites (ie: claims of Russian interference in our elections, etc.)?  As highlighted in past notes, our government is guilty of most of the crimes they claim are committed by others.  This truth should shame us all.  I am tired of the hypocrisy of both Democrat and Republican politicians and their elitist counselors (ie: Military Industrial Complex, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc.) who encourage/guide our frequent unethical international behavior/foreign policy, yet claim to be paragons of ethics, justice and fair play.  They are not what they claim to be.  More examples follow in the next few items.

This is a logical follow on to the previous item.  Did this Democrat Senator commit treason?  This bit of history covers Senator Ted Kennedy's "actual collusion" with Russia while President Reagan was in office.  His obvious intent was to have Russia help thwart Reagan's re-election.   Consider this actual event in the context of current day Democrat histrionics regarding what is by all indications a nonexistent relationship between Russia and Trump. 

This one, too.  This item reveals not such good things in which governments have in the past engaged. The book should be quite interesting.    And, this one. 
This brief item depicts the true history that liberals/Democrats either do not know or know but ignore.

This one should really bother people of conscience.  An troubling bit of history and insight into the way government works for its own purposes.  Quote: "The reality is that Lyndon Johnson was a one-man crime wave running through the elite levels of American politics for thirty-five years. His own top Aide Cliff Carter bragged that LBJ had ordered the murder of at least 17 men and as well as his own indiscreet sister. LBJ murdered JFK and LBJ orchestrated the 34 USS Liberty murders, 171 casualties and LBJ was the singular lunatic who brought the world to the precipice of World War III during the Six Day War. For anyone who thinks that Israel would have intentionally attacked an American ship and attempt to exterminate all survivors (including machine gunning the Liberty life rafts, a war crime) without the express orders of the head of the American state, please remember that Israel in 1967 was utterly aware that the tall Texan in the White House was their best friend ever. The Jewish Times has gone so far as to say Lyndon Johnson was the USA’s first Jewish president. Lyndon Johnson had been an advocate of Jewish causes from his first moment as a congressman in 1937 and it is just nuts to think Israel would have savagely attacked an American ship unless ordered to do so by Lyndon Johnson personally."    

A not so very pleasant recounting of a history of death and destruction.   This item brings this travesty into the modern era, namely the past eight years.  Quote: "As the leader of the Democrat party for the last eight years, it should come as no shock that many of the far-left policies that Barack Obama and the Democrats have championed have been little more than old recycled Marxist or Socialist ideas rebranded. Socialism is one of those concepts that looks good on paper, and replays nice in sound bites while campaigning, but it has never worked anywhere in history.  In reality (somewhere Obama and liberals don’t visit often), socialism and it’s class warfare or its income redistribution ideas always eventually succumbed to the most basic tenets of human nature. Furthermore, the ruling class usually tend to exempt themselves from having to participate in the same “sacrifices for the greater good” that everyone else in society must endure (think Obamacare), so why do liberal politicians keep getting elected?"

Herbert Hoover presidency has long been maligned.  This item examines whether he deserves that label.    The item extends the truth about Hoover rather than the self serving revisionist history progressives like to produce.

Although a registered Republican Theodore Roosevelt was a "Bull Moose progressive".

This piece will disturb some because it itemizes FDR's racism. Quote: "This is the problem modern Republicans are facing. Democrats have been using and manipulating entire races for nearly a century. For them, lying about their history while simultaneously gaslighting the American public is a walk in the park. The merits of the second President Roosevelt’s administration can be debated, but regardless of where you stand on his individual actions, the fact still remains: the darling of modern progressivism didn’t blink at giving Klansmen high positions in his administration. He systematically aided a platform party shift which has doomed minority communities since 1936, and given way to the culture of identity politics we’re subjected to today."

This is a bit  of history that progressives/liberals and black apologists regardless of race have long suppressed and do not want us to know.  It does not match the left's current day racial narrative.  Quote: "It is widely believed that slavery in 19th-century America was the exclusive province of whites. However, as historian Larry Kroger reveals in Black Slaveowners, free black people in the United States owned slaves, fought for their right to do so and had little sympathy for abolition."  

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