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Media and such 3

Typical of our left wing media.  If the Obama's screw up they say nothing.  If the Trump's sneeze it a display of their terrible manners.  Maybe not a good analogy but it makes the point.  Media bias is out of control.

Serves them right.  The media caught with their pants down.  Lies can be overturned with truth.  They seem not to know that.

Given their dismal record of performance who can challenge the results of this study of journalists.  Quote: "A recent scientific study just proved something that viewers of CNN have probably suspected for years: Journalists’ brains function at a lower level than the rest of the population." 

This Harvard study finds that 80% of the mainstream coverage is anti-Trump.  Quote: "President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office "set a new standard for negativity" for press coverage of a president, a Harvard study found.  The Harvard Kennedy School and Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy study examined coverage by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, broadcast outlets CNN, CBS, Fox News and NBC, and European news outlets the Financial Times, BBC and ARD in Germany.  "Trump's coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity," study author Thomas Patterson wrote. "Trump's coverage was unsparing. In no week did the coverage drop below 70 percent negative and it reached 90 percent negative at its peak."   If Harvard, a liberal bastion, finds that media coverage of Trump is 80% negative just think what the real percentage must be.

CNN is not the only guilty party in extreme bias against Trump and anyone not kowtowing to liberal nonsense.  The Washington Post is doing a pretty good job too.  This item explains.
Speaking of the Washington Post, they continue to report fake news.  Facts are no longer necessary to make a sensational fake revelation.

David Horowitz says in this piece that the liberal media is actively trying to destroy Trump.  Quote: "David Horowitz, author of The New York Times bestseller "Big Agenda," says the media is on a hell-bent mission to "destroy the Trump presidency" and singles out The Washington Post as "completely untrustworthy."  "These are seditious rags," Horowitz said Thursday on Newsmax TV's "America Talks Live" with Bill Tucker.  "The Washington Post. It's completely untrustworthy. It's totally partisan. It's destructive. All of these stories are designed to destroy the Trump presidency. We haven't seen this in our lifetimes in this country."

This is a measure of the lack of ethics and any moral standards on the part of the mainstream media.   Quote: "Today former Congressman and soon to be ex-husband Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty in federal court to texting explicit images to a 15-year-old girl. He faces up to 27 months in prison. It was just a few short years ago that the left and their friends in the media defended Weiner against allegations he was preying on young girls and viciously attacked Andrew Breitbart for his reporting on the issue."   Just like when the media protected Bill Clinton for his sexual misbehavior they later took up the banner to protect Anthony Weiner, a former Democrat leader and husband of Hillary's closest ally.  The morals of both are in the toilet but that does not matter to an equally amoral mainstream media.

The media's "gotcha" mentality absent in depth research is a dangerous trend.  Quote: "The daily press conferences of Sean Spicer, the president's press secretary, are broadcast live on C-SPAN and are among the highest-rated shows on daytime television. YouTube offers discussions of the "spiciest moments" of the day illustrated with emojis of chili peppers and flames. Serious criticism in such an atmosphere is trivialized, and the spotlights on the newsmakers are less illuminating than suspenseful. Who will ignite the next bombshell?  All this is rooted for now in an "outsider" president who tuned and tweaked his public persona in a reality television show, and whose brazen carelessness is amply documented. For its part, the press acts on its Woodward and Bernstein envy without doing the hard digging (and disciplined editing) that made them famous. "Gotcha" may be fun to play, but the press, its customers and the First Amendment deserve a lot better."   

The Democrat party and their mainstream media partners are literally coming apart at the seams.  Quote: "The national media and the Democratic Party have gone stark raving mad over President Trump's election victory; they refuse to accept it.  Their paroxysms of fury are evident all day long on every network and cable news outlet and every mainstream newspaper.   Since Nov. 8, they have leapt like a swarm of remoras onto a whale proclaiming every little thing that they think might take the man down.  Hillary's team concocted the "Russia collusion" hoax within twenty-four hours of her defeat.  Everyone knows this!  Hillary is the one with all the Russia connections; lots of them, all financially benefitting her personal foundation.  They, the media, have come up with numerous other schemes with which to attack Trump: taxes, emoluments, tweets, family, even his ice cream servings.  The Democrats in Congress dutifully follow suit like Pavlov's dogs.  They care not a whit whether their charges are based in fact.  Hence, "fake news."   The mainstream media folk invented it, this "resistance," and they are running with it, day after day after day.   They devised the game plan, and they are sanctimonious in their defense of it.  Like the Russia meme they keep peddling, they go at it from every angle in the pitiable belief that they can convince the American people that they elected the wrong person. The Democrats in Congress dutifully follow suit like Pavlov's dogs.  They care not a whit whether their charges are based in fact.  Hence, "fake news."

This is an insightful piece that will at times frustrate some, maybe even make some angry and still other time evoke agreement.  It definitely offers food for thought.  Quote: "Meanwhile, to all of you yapping incessantly about Russia, don’t complain in 2020 when you get a horrible corporate Democratic candidate and Trump wins. Even if you dodge the Hillary bullet, don’t expect for a second to get anyone decent nominated. The “resistance” is clueless and Trump has much better odds of a second term than ever being impeached. The Russia nonsense is all a carefully crafted distraction narrative to keep you stuck on the debt serf plantation and away from organizing genuine resistance. Keep it up, the plutocrats are laughing uncontrollably.  This is precisely why I reserve my most intense contempt for the corporate media. It’s quite intentionally focusing people’s attention on a still unproven theory that marginally affects their lives, compared to very real issues of economic misery and the neo-feudal world being institutionalized all around them. This is straight up evil. The corporate press is deliberately not focusing on things that really matter to people, and diverting mass attention to what is still just a conspiracy theory. If you have proof Trump is a Russian stooge, let’s see it. If not, then focus on the very serious issues that matter and helped elect Trump in the first place. The corporate media, neoliberal Dems and neocons are successfully diverting genuine angst and energy away from pressing economic concerns and toward a imperial geopolitical agenda that benefits the plutocrats and their ambitions. They are manufacturing resistance."  Here is an example.

If you have the evidence present it.  Otherwise shut your mouth or put down your pen.  This columnist is no fan of Trump but he is more put out with the lack of ethics of those who are aimlessly and viciously attacking him without any evidence.  Quote: "There’s an old saying, “Put up, or shut up.” If you’ve got the goods, let’s see them. Show me the proof and I’m ready to believe. And there are millions of Americans willing to do the same. I say this as someone with a long, documented history of not being a fan of Donald Trump. What I’m not willing to do is take the word of people unwilling to put their name to a charge, nor am I willing to believe The New York Times or any newspaper without some proof. It may not matter to them, but my integrity won’t allow it." 

There is plenty of evidence that the political left and its mainstream media partners are colluding to destroy Trump on mostly spurious charges and purposeful misrepresentation of what he says or does.  This is and example of the coup many have claimed is ongoing.  It is a massive effort and is intended to remake our country into a leftist paradise where the people's voices gets drowned out by the nonsense spouted by socialists/Democrats/liberals/progressives.  Here is an example.  Quote: "One of Trump's vast number of African-American supporters told HLN's Drew Pinksy:  "I love what (Trump) is doing with the Muslims getting out of the country, because if they really knew what that was about -- if they knew that that was about freedom. It was about freedom versus enslavement."  He's right. It's not about religion. It's not about nationality. It's about hitting the pause button on bringing in radical Islam's dysfunctional, misogynist, violent, exploding-airplane culture. The voters understood Trump. (At least some of us did -- barely enough of us to elect him president!) Liberals didn't. But now the courts are blocking Trump's exercise of presidential powers based on the left's own idiotic misinterpretations of what he said."   

George Burns

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