Thursday, June 15, 2017

Items Well Worth Pondering 4

Hillary lost because even Democrats and fed up with the lunatic direction the Democrat party is taking. Quote: "The total number of Democratic defections surprised experts. According to Matt Canter, senior vice president of GSP, “about 70 percent of Clinton’s failure to reach Obama’s vote total in 2012 was because she lost these voters.” In other words, it was former Democratic voters turning against the party that cost Hillary the White House. “The findings are significant for a Democratic Party, at a historic low point, that’s trying to figure out how it can win back power,” MSN reported Sunday.  How hard is it to understand?"

Sadly, recently released information will likely result in a reassessment of this revered boxer's legacy.

Can any sane person believe, much less agree with, what this pro-female mutilation advocate has to say? Quote: "This is horrifying. It is barbaric. It should not be a thing that young girls of any culture should ever have to endure. And there is no excuse for it, so let’s not start kvetching about insensitivity to other cultures. What I’m referring to, specifically, is female genital mutilation (FGM), and it was a topic Wednesday night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program. Carlson interviewed an anthropologist by the name of Fuambai Ahmadu, who was voluntarily mutilated. Ahmadu coyly stated at the beginning of the segment that she did not support FGM, because she doesn’t call it “mutilation.” She prefers the euphemism “female circumcision.”     This is without question female abuse yet the left ignores the parts of Islam that run 100% counter to what they claim to hold dear.

Do you think this liberal, feminist, possibly lesbian professor's behavior shows even a small degree of tolerance and civility?  She sees the world through her biased eyes and teaches her classes obviously wearing that bias.  The subject matter expertise as a professor is not of professional development value nor does it have employment potential but serves well the left's intent to remake American in their image.   According to the data I have seen she is but a drop in the bucket of the useless instructors teaching nonsense of colleges and university campuses.  It is a real tragedy.  Expensive university educations are more and more worthless pursuits especially in the liberal arts curricula where, according to Dr. Thomas Sowell, most of the instruction is increasingly leftist propaganda and useless for preparing students for some type of professional career.

The hypocrisy of the environmental activist class is palpable. This piece elaborates. Quote: "Social media pictures display marchers -- who demand policies to combat climate change and harp about corporate greed -- sipping from environmentally-unfriendly plastic-coated coffee cups at Starbucks while staring at their iPhones. Oh, the irony…  Meanwhile, celebrities like carbon billionaire Al Gore who predicted the ice caps would melt by 2014 and Leonardo DiCaprio who rents super yachts that burn a ridiculous amount of diesel fuel per hour did their part to save the planet…by showing up.  Apparently, their almighty presence neutralizes the exorbitant carbon footprint they create from owning multiple homes and traveling on private jets. It’s the thought that counts. Or something. Because marching seems to be the latest trend, why not schedule a mandatory march following every march to clean up the litter leftists leave behind? After all, this is about saving the planet, right? 

Who is messing with the idea of free speech?  The political left has long charged that the political right is against free speech.  Facts once again prove the lies of the political left.  This item elaborates.  Quote: "The universities molded the federal education bureaucracy, which turned out teachers that shaped the minds of American children. And some of those children are in college now. Surveys suggest that many young Americans think the First Amendment should be amended so as to not allow offensive speech. So the students have learned their lessons well. All speech challenging the status quo is offensive -- to the establishment. And free speech is what American liberty is about. Unless, of course, you're of the hard left, and can hunt free speech at American universities and crush it. That's not fiction. That's not fantasy. And it is not a lie. It's happening now, in the United States."

This is just one of many past examples shared that confirm that our government is so bloated and inefficient as well as ineffective as illustrated by wasteing tax payer monies hand over fist.

This piece points out that selected district court justices are violating the Constitution by protecting sanctuary cities. Quote: "It is peculiar, but that’s the way it is. No one is fooled by this ruling and its politically motivated causes. Either these cases will be overturned by the Supreme Court, or we will become a country that is no longer ruled by law. We will instead be ruled by liberal tears, which have been flowing nonstop since the election of Donald Trump. Those tears won’t protect minorities from harassment, and they certainly won’t protect our nation from terrorism and illegal immigration. Let’s pray that when these cases finally reach a court with some semblance of judicial legitimacy, sanity will once again prevail and the rights of actual American citizens will be upheld."

George Burns

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