Thursday, June 15, 2017

Media and such 1

For your perusal, time permitting.  There is a lot of stuff here.  The mainstream media just keeps on giving. 

Decay, decay, decay.  You know the sources.  Quote: "Since the 1960s, colleges have been in the grip of leftism, which is distinguished from liberalism by its predictable Marxist cant and taste for violence. Disagreement is “hate speech.”  This stuff percolates down. Elite universities set the tone, and others follow or risk being expelled from the leftist bubble."  And, "Whoever penned that has a bright future in academia. Or perhaps a job someday at the Washington Post, which lurches ever insanely leftward under Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. As with TV network news, the A section is full of nonstop hysteria at how Trump or the Republican Congress are wrecking the country. Meanwhile, the Metro section front page recently featured a five-column photo and article headlined “Woman Told Not to Nurse in Church.” Stop the presses."  And, "The rest of the Post – even Sports -- bemoans the slightest breech of leftwing orthodoxy. Over on the editorial page, “Censorship Comes to the U.S. Senate” lamented the removal from a U.S. Capitol tunnel of a student’s painting in January depicting police officers as vicious, gun-toting animals preying on black people. What tourist wouldn’t be delighted to see that?"   

Talk about decay.  The left wing media is so hateful and disrespectful of Trump that they will report anything that is untrue, half true or made up just so they can his reputation and make trouble for Trump and them look good.  Truth is the left wing media long ago sullied, no destroyed, its own reputation by being in the fake news business.    Not only are the mainstream media disrespectful of Trump they are downright ugly and working feverishly to destroy his presidency.  To me they are anti-American and treasonous.  Voicing differences of opinion is perfectly acceptable but knowingly issuing forth lie after lie with intent to destroy is beyond reason.   Here is another example of the so called tolerance and irresponsible behavior of mainstream media types.
Anyone who still believes the mainstream media is fair and objective in seeking out and reporting just the facts is living in an altered state.  Two quotes: "The media smell blood in the Potomac River. They sense the President they hate could be removed from office. Never mind that he won a landslide, winning electoral votes in 31 states. The media hate the President’s agenda and they hate that he defied their wishes and expectations by winning last November. What has happened since his election is the equivalent of an attempted media coup d’état. According to the Media Research Center (MRC), 89% of the coverage of President Trump by the network news programs of CBS, NBC and ABC has been negative. According to the MRC’s Rich Noyes, “the elite liberal media do not think that Donald Trump is worthy of being president. They don’t like his policies. They don’t like his character."   And,  "The Trump-hating media are also ignoring the latest bombshell involving former DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered in Washington D.C. His case remains unsolved, but investigator Rod Wheeler claims that a media source has a contact who asserts that Rich provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks, the organization that released the embarrassing information. While the media and the Democrats constantly allege “Russian collusion” in the election to help Donald Trump and maintain that “Russians” hacked the DNC email account, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange maintains that it was not the Russians. In fact, the source could have been Rich and maybe that is why he was killed.  This potentially juicy story has been spiked by the mainstream news media so they can constantly opine about Trump scandals, impeachment, Watergate, James Comey, etc. Another day, another Trump scandal, but in the case of the “bombshell” Comey memo, the media is running the story even though they have not seen the memo and are quoting, once again, an anonymous source. While this diversion is happening, the President’s accomplishments are being ignored as the mainstream news media are working overtime to take down a legitimately elected President. In the process, objective journalism is now officially dead."

If the political leftist media does not like reporting of a non-leftist site they simple suspend it ... censor it.  Truth hurts and so much truth is coming out that is hurting the political left's credibility that they are trying to hide it from the rest of us.

Comey's testimony proves without a doubt the low standards and ethics of mainstream media reporting.  Their fake news is built on narratives they make up hoping the public will accept them as truth.  But Comey's testimony reveals the corrupt, lying and fake news outlets they really are.

The mainstream media is a pro-Muslim, socialistic anti-American operation bent on destroying the American legal system while promoting the horrors of Muslim sharia law.  This is unbelievable.  Quote: "According to the mainstream media, the “March Against Sharia” that took place in more than 20 U.S. cities Saturday was worth dismissing out of hand because the gatherings were “anti-Muslim,” “Islamophobic” and filled with hatred. But ACT for America, a national security grassroots organization founded by Brigitte Gabriel, staged the rallies across the country with the purpose of highlighting that “Sharia is incompatible with Western democracy and the freedoms it affords,” according to its website. The Americans who showed up at the rallies warned against the dangers that radicalization and the extreme tenets of Sharia law pose to human rights." 

Everyone should be able to trust the news media.  But, that is not the case and has long been so.  However, during the past 20-25 years things have really gotten bad and worsened throughout the Obama years. They are even worse now. Mainstream media dishonesty, leftist propaganda, fake news, etc. accelerated after Trump's victory.  They obviously believe it is their responsibility to take down a legitimately elected president. He is not who they anointed.  In other words to "he## with the people.  They will get their way no matter what.  Quote: "The media have decided that reporting the news is no longer sufficient for them. They’ve decided they want to participate rather than just observe and report the passing scene. For example, they have taken upon themselves the negating of the results of the 2016 presidential election. They’ve arrogantly concluded they’re entitled to greater responsibilities and influence.  In the past most conservatives considered the mainstream media to be part of the support system for the Democratic Party, its public relations department or marketing division. Recently the direction of control in that relationship has reversed. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that it’s the media, not the Democratic Party, who are driving the bus.  Does it make any difference if it’s the media or the Party that’s in control? Even though the philosophies and objectives of the two are indistinguishable, one important difference is that the Democratic Party’s leaders are elected by voters and are at least somewhat subject to constitutional limits. The political parties are supposed to be governing. That’s their historic role. Although imperfect, public officials are constrained by a system of checks and balances. The media are not."  And, "The media and their kindred spirits have embarked on a high-risk strategy. They’re dead certain that Trump is a disaster waiting to happen and that it will in fact happen. If they’re wrong about that, they’re toast. They have no fallback strategy, no “Plan B.” They have absolutely no positive message. Their sole strategy is “resist!”  Spiro Agnew would describe them as “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

Katy Perry is one of the entertainment community's ISIS patsies.  ISIS must love her irrational, irresponsible, pie in the sky rants that do not in any way acknowledge the facts or the bold realities of Muslim terrorism.  In this piece she demands that the people in Manchester, England adopt love rather than hate for the radical Muslims who are terrorizing their city.  She thinks that loving them will solve the problem.  Typical irrational and irresponsible liberal thinking. 

The lengths to which the mainstream media will go to discredit Trump in support of their leftist ideals is incredible.  Their blatant dishonesty and propagandizing is sickening.  Quote: "Another day goes by, and another fake news story is reported. As the Conservative Tribune reported, NBC took a quote from former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani regarding President Trump’s travel ban and twisted it out of context to make it appear as if he had consulted Giuliani about ways to create a legal “Muslim ban.” But that’s not at all what Trump said, as this clip documents.  The fact of the matter is that Trump’s original executive order did not even specify the countries which travel was to be banned from and to; these countries — Sudan, Iran, Syria, Iraq — were initially defined by Congress in 2015 and added to in 2016 by former President Obama, who appended Yemen, Somalia and Libya to the list."   Here is another NBC lie...  And shows what cowards and dishonesty looks like.  

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