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This is another example of a rabid liberal perpetrating lawlessness.   This man has long been a thorn in the side of honesty, liberty, justice and freedom.

At some point the political left will see what a travesty this is.  Could it be that these are frustrated boys who could not defeat their same sex competitors?  Changing sex makes them champion athletes?   Their motives need to be challenged - maybe they think they can't make it as a male so the solution is to claim to be female.   Here's more.   In my mind it is most unfair to real females.  Indeed, the real girls are afraid to say anything because insane leftist political correctness forbids shaming transsexuals.

This is a profile of the vitriolic hatred that Obama loyalist who leak classified documents have for Trump.  They have no concept of decency, history or understanding that they are not humanity's answer to all things right and proper.  They are self-righteous egomaniacs who think only they know how to run the country, what's right and wrong.  They are blind to the destruction Obama and his unethical leadership levied on our country.

A very worthy piece to consider.  Thanks to Charles for sharing.  Charles' remarks: Quote: "Ideas worth remembering when measuring the worth of politicians’ rhetoric.

Logic is not a progressive left/Democrat strong suit.  This item serves to illustrate the point.  Quote: "By “American children,” they of course mean the kids of illegal immigrants. “Roughly one in four American children younger than 18 live in immigrant families, and over four million U.S.-citizen children have at least one undocumented parent,” they wrote, already introducing deception into their argument. Because, after all, it doesn’t really matter if “one in four American children” live in immigrant households. No one is suggesting that we deport lawful immigrants. But this is one of the left’s favorite tricks – to conflate “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant” until there’s no longer any difference. “A sense of safety and belonging is key to their psychological development,” they continued. “Feeling secure is critical to them thriving emotionally, academically and socially. Conversely, evidence has shown that adverse childhood experiences, like intense uncertainty and fear, are detrimental to their health. Currently, too many children live in daily fear that their parents could be arrested, detained or deported at any moment.”    When is it a fact that illegals immigrants are Americans?That slight of hand in the use of language is deceptive, dishonest, unethical.  It appeals to emotions and not facts and certainly not the law. 

This woman is a disgrace to humanity. She would not know the truth if it hit her in the face. Quote: "In an interview at a tech conference in California this week, Hillary Clinton suggested the unthinkable: If Democrats want to win Washington back from the Republican Party, they – hold onto your hats – might have to start lying! Can you imagine? A Democrat lying to the American people just to win an election?? Surely Hillary Clinton had her tongue planted firmly in her cheek even to imply such a bold political strategy!  Clinton found her way around to this advice while complaining (again) about the endless series of outside factors – none of which were her fault, or fair – that cost her the 2016 election. Among these factors, Trump’s “enormous investment in falsehoods, fake news…call it what you will.”  In other words, anything that didn’t line up exactly with what was being reported by The New York Times and CNN. Of course, at another point in the interview she also blasted the Times for reporting on her email scandal “like it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor,” so we guess her idea of fake news is literally anything that doesn’t portray her in the most glowing of lights.    Democrats must be secretly happy Hillary did not win.  Her post election behavior proves she is not mentally stable and her incoherent behavior is harming the party.  Just think, if elected, of what damage she would be doing to the country.....

Seems that Trump's work requirements to qualify for food stamps policy is working.  Quote: "Thirteen Alabama counties saw a dramatic drop in food stamp participation after work requirement for able-bodied adults were restarted.  Thirteen previously exempted Alabama counties saw an 85 percent drop in food stamp participation after work requirements were put in place on Jan. 1, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources."
This is a good thing.

Formers Senator Tom Coburn is one of the few elected officials who tells the truth.  The point he makes here is why we need term limits.

This is example of the reality of how Obama's self proclaimed "most transparent administration in history" actually worked.  Quote: "State Department officials determined that Iran hacked their emails and social media accounts during a particularly sensitive week for the nuclear deal in the fall of 2015, according to multiple sources familiar with the details of the cyber attack. The attack took place within days of the deal overcoming opposition in Congress in late September that year. That same week, Iranian officials and negotiators for the United States and other world powers were beginning the process of hashing out a series of agreements allowing Tehran to meet previously determined implementation deadlines. Critics regard these agreements as "secret side deals" and "loopholes" initially disclosed only to Congress."

Federal government overreach is out of control.  This item deals with just one of the problem of our controlling government and its self serving rules.  Quote: "Federal regulation is Washington’s favorite method of encroaching upon the freedom of the American people. By changing the definitions of streams and waterways to “waters of the United States,” they can control virtually any piece of land, even if it is owned entirely by a private citizen. These kind of actions have forced We the People to take matters into their own hands. Congress seems unwilling to address the tyrannical rules of the previous administration, so it’s up to the people and the states to solve their own problems."

By now most observers of the world scene should have noticed that despite claims to the contrary Islam is not a peaceful religion.  This assertion does not of course apply to all Muslims.  But Muslims committing acts like those outlined in this piece are the ones that adhere to the complete doctrine of that religion.  Islam is incompatible with western culture.  Trying to fit Muslims into the western world is a fools errand. The reason being is that Islam is a total system that embraces all aspects of their culture. It is a governmental system, legal system, social system and religious system all integrated into one.  It's doctrines are incompatible with those of the western world.  Large percentages of Muslims do not attempt to change and adapt to the cultures of countries that welcome them.  In the end those countries regret their presence.  This regards the most recent London tragedy committed by Muslims carrying out their holy jehad.  Quote: "A BBC eyewitness suggests a motive: “They shouted, ‘This is for Allah’, as they stabbed indiscriminately.”  The murderers were Muslims. The rationale for their crimes lies in the belief that their bloody deeds would inscribe them in a book of martyrs, and Allah would reward them with instant ascension into the paradise that awaits all good Muslims.
Ideas have consequences. And where might these crazed killers have gotten an idea like that?  Is there a strain of Islam, the basis of which can be found in the Quran, that would justify what the murderers did at London Bridge? On Palm Sunday, an explosion in Tanta, 56 miles north of Cairo, killed 29 and injured 71 Copts as they prayed at the Mar Girgis church. A second blast at a church in Alexandria killed 18 and wounded 35.  On May 26, masked gunmen stopped two buses carrying Coptic Christians to Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Egypt, and opened fire, killing 26 and wounding 25."  And the beat goes on. It will not stop until the western world refuses to give in to their designs to infiltrate and eventually take over our countries.

This item extends the conversation regarding the incompatibility of Islam with western culture.  Quote: "People who knew the jihadists who struck Saturday with long knives against defenseless London diners saw something, and they said something. But the British government did nothing.  In fact, one of the three attackers was reported to authorities for following the teachings of a known radical sheik based in Dearborn, Michigan.  Dearborn is home to the largest Arab-American community in the U.S.
According to the Telegraph, a former friend of one of the three dead London suspects claimed one of the attackers had been radicalized while watching Dearborn cleric Ahmad Musa Jibril’s YouTube videos, and he said he contacted authorities after becoming concerned about his friend’s Islamist views.  The Telegraph described the Dearborn sheik as “infamous American hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril.”

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