Sunday, July 2, 2017

Media Matters 1

Biased politicians and cohorts in the mainstream media produce countless fake news items.  This montage of discredited reports illustrates the point.   The left does not like to tell the truth because the truth not only hurts their narratives. Far too often it refutes them.  CNN disasters.  Quote: "Like other major networks, CNN is in the business of hustling stories that result in ratings and ad revenue. They’re children (pretending to be grownups) playing with very expensive toys no sane parent would give his child. Earlier this year, CNN boss Jeff Zucker told the NY Times, “The idea that politics is sport is undeniable, and we understood that and approached it that way.” Yes, and CNN has been presenting the sport with all the professionalism you’d expect from a crew broadcasting a junior high school soccer match in Mongolia. While Zucker was CEO at NBC Universal (2007-2010), NBC Television’s ratings crashed from number one to four among the four major networks. Bottom of the barrel. On January 12, 2010, NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote: “’Zucker is a case study in the most destructive media executive ever to exist’, said a honcho at another network. ‘You’d have to tell me who else has taken a once-grand network and literally destroyed it’.” On the principle that massive failure leads to another plum job, Zucker was gifted control of CNN. He may pull off the same stunt at there. On Tuesday, CNN came in last, behind FOX and MSNBC, in the oh-so-precious 25-54 age-group ratings. CNN has the boss and the on-air talent to achieve a permanent place in the cellar."

This piece examines the motives and ethics of the top leadership at Time Warner and CNN.  Not a pretty story.  Quote: "Zucker and Bewkes forgot they are running a PUBLIC CORPORATION! If someone pretended to have some proprietary system that gave value to a stock that was fake, it’s jail time! Why should CNN and Time Warner receive a Get-Out-Of-Jail free card. The Senate should demand a Special Prosecutor right now!"  And, "Moreover, the two are desperately trying to manipulate their stock higher with fake news and that is inside trading on a monumental scale. The revelation of this new report by Project Veritas clearly shows the two are guilty of securities fraud. “Insider trading” refers generally to buying or selling a security, in breach of a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence, while in possession of material, nonpublic information about the security. Insider trading violations may also include “tipping” such information, securities trading by the person “tipped,” and securities trading by those who misappropriate such information. If any director of a public corporation knowingly engages in false or misleading information to manipulate their stock, that violates the law and both Zucker and Bewkes would face 25 years in prison. They have a fiduciary duty not to engage in fake news because they hold and create the image that they honor a relationship of trust with the people of the world. They can be charged criminally in Europe, USA, and Asia. If class-actions lawyers who pick-up the rug, they have defaulted shareholders desperately trying to get the stock back it its former highs."

Ten forms of fake news conducted by the mainstream media.  Quote: "And these mainstream sources are currently shouting and bloviating about independent media spreading fake news. I guess you could call that number 11: accusing their opponents of committing the crimes they are, in fact, committing."

You know the mainstream media is in bad shape when highly respected veteran investigative journalist Bob Woodward offers these comments on the state of today's journalism.

Public trust in the mainstream media continues to decline. Quote: "According to recent YouGov polling, 70% of Americans “agree that news organizations report stories in a light that’s partial to who owns them.” In addition, while 52% of Democrats agree with this sentiment, a whopping 85% of Republicans do. When YouGov then asked “whether or not one would trust a news source if its track record proved objectivity,” 83% of Democrats said they would compared to 58% Republicans."

If you still don't think the mainstream media is totally left wing consider this bit of hypocrisy.   Bernie Sanders and his wife have been under investigation for fraud since 2015.  Have you heard any mainstream media outlet report this?????    You have heard plenty of fake news claims levied against Trump over and over again, yet real news putting leftist icons in unfavorable light goes unreported.

This item illustrates well the duplicity of the New York Times.  They can't even get a correction right when they screw up the original story.  This item explains.

Since this person is a hard core leftist the media has been downplaying that side of her character.  Typical dishonesty on display by an overly partisan media.   Chris Matthews on the other hand comes right out and accuses Trump of all manner of crimes.  None are true but he seems to passionately believe them.  Quote: "In reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s new book, The Smear, which details how the mainstream media has been corrupted by political actors and smear campaigners, she warns Americans always to be distrustful of what they read and watch. Every story and every utterance made by the mainstream media is there for a reason, Attkisson warns.
Knowing that, what could be Matthews’ basis for comparing the Trump’s family to murderous dictators? Obviously, the Left has taken all the wrong lessons from this month’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. On the other hand, Matthews’ outrageous claims could be part and parcel of the mainstream media’s smug attitude. As recently captured by Project Veritas, CNN producer Jimmy Carr was caught on camera calling American voters “stupid as sh**” (via YouTube)." 

We will have to wait and see what happens after George Soros and his mainstream media hit men/women got FOX to oust Bill O'Reilly from his highly successful position.  O'Reilly has plans to fight back as a independent operator no longer bound by management shackles.

The NY Times deserves to lose this lawsuit.  They are chief among the lying and unethical rags that purport to dispense news and legitimate opinions.  NOT!

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