Thursday, June 22, 2017

Democrats’ $32-million Man Loses in Georgia

The Democrats went down to Georgia, looking for a seat to steal. It sounds like a Charlie Daniels song, but instead of Johnny they ran into Republican Karen Handel, who defeated Democrat hopeful Jon Ossoff (shown) in yesterday’s special election in the Peach State.
The Democrats had hoped to flip the seat, previously held by Republican Tom Price, who vacated it to become the secretary of health and human services. But while a close race was expected, Handel ended up winning cleanly by six points, 53 to 47 percent.
It was a high-profile contest, cast as a referendum on President Trump; in April, New York magazine even called the 30-year-old neophyte Ossoff the “Trump-Hate Weather Vane.” As such, both sides devoted tremendous resources, making the congressional race history’s most expensive — by a $20 million margin.
Approximately $32 million of the race’s total $56.7 million cost was spent by Democrats (note: Different sources provide different figures), with copious out-of-state money pouring in. It turned out to be the best loss money could buy.
This certainly is the Democrats’ talking point. The sixth district is a red one, and “Ben Ray Luján, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which spent about $5 million on the race, pointed out that Ossoff ‘vastly outperform[ed]’ past Democrats who tried to take the district,” wrote Vice News.

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