Friday, June 16, 2017

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This is a real lesson all of us need to learn about Islam.  Quote:"Islam is a Grand Hallucination, birthed by Muhammad's hallucination that he relayed to his first wife and employer, Khadija. Greatly frightened, he told Khadija that he was visited bya jinn (devil) in the Hira cave. Khadija comforted the distraught man by assuring him that the episode was Allah's way of choosing him as his messenger. Muhammad believed his rich wife-employer who was 15 years his senior and the hallucination became a belief -- Islam. Remarkably enough, under the early tutelage of Khadija, Muhammad succeeded in attracting a number of influential followers. Before long, the movement gathered more and more power through violent campaigns and the faith was taken to new people and alien lands. This grand hallucination, Islam, presently has in its stranglehold over a billion humans, posing an existential threat to all non-Muslims. Islam is rooted in the primitive tribal mentality of "We against Them," "We the righteous against the heathens," "We the servants submissive of the Great Allah against the rebellious enemies of Allah." Islam is a polarizer. Islam is an enemy-maker. To Islam, a non-Muslim is a combatant against Allah and he is fair game to be subjugated and killed." And, "Deluded by the threats and promises of Islam, Muslims, poor or rich, vie with one another in furthering the violent cause of Allah. Many non-Muslims are also victims of a different, yet just as deadly, delusion. They believe that Islam is a religion of peace, that only a small minority of Muslims are jihadists, and Muslims can be reasoned with to abandon the Quran-mandated elimination of non-believers. These well-meaning simpletons are just as deluded as the fanatic jihadists by refusing to acknowledge the fact that one cannot be a Muslim and not abide by the dictates of the Quran."   This should open a few eyes.
Compare this with the unbelievably unsavory and unethical not to mention unfounded liberal, Democrat, progressive efforts to utterly destroy a sitting president.  Neither of their "paragons of virtue" Bill Clinton nor Barrack Obama received such vitriolic opposition.  Yet their multiple misdeeds while in office far, far, far outpace anything Trump has said or done. The political left has become an enemy of the state and a self serving entity bound and determined to be in charge no matter how bad their political schemes and ethics are.  Remember too there are plenty more unethical and even illegal actions attributable to these two former presidents but the liberal mafia does not care.  They want blood because Hillary did not win.

This is a reminder that puts the current Democrat war on Trump in perspective.  They get away with most everything.  Trump cannot get away with a burp.   It illustrates their irresponsible, irrational, disrespectful, unethical behavior and over the top "holier than thou" attitude.   So sad.  The only strategy the Democrats have is Russophobia.  And, of course the other is to bash Trump for anything and everything he says or does.     Democrats and their puppet mainstream media are determined to not recognize Trump's successes because they expose the serious Democrat policy failures.

And the political left, Democrats, did not think this was an impeachable offence????   Yet unsubstantiated connections with Russia is worthy of impeachment????   Democrats are awful at determining what is bad policy or terrible actions taken by a liberal Democrat president.  But, they can spot a speck of dust if the president is a Republican.   If you don't think the political left has gone stark raving mad, read this.

The Golden State Warriors, winners of the NBA title will not go to the White House to celebrate their victory.  This is living proof of the tremendous damage the political left is inflicting on our country.  They are actively dividing the nation and fomenting hatred across political, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, economic and social lines.  What should be an honor for the victorious team has been turned into a hateful rebuttal of a President duly elected by the people.  That is not only disgraceful it is un-sportsman like.  I will not be caught pulling for Golden State anytime soon.  They have shamed their fans, the NBA and our country.

Rather than acknowledging the fact that their vitriolic language and hateful charges cast at President Trump and his supporters by liberal politicians and media types is the most likely cause of a shooting injuring five people, they are instead using it to call for gun control.  There can be little doubt that left wing air waves filled with vitriolic language incited this man to seek to kill Republicans.  The political left's unending attacks, hateful language and gross misbehavior must cease before they cause a more serious tragedy.   Liberals never pass up an opportunity to spout their propaganda no matter how inappropriate.  This black commentator and I have similar views but he goes further.    People need to listen to this good man.  Here is another assessment expanding the point even further.   Bottom line:  The political left, mainstream media and unethical elitists of various stripes are destroying the very fabric of our country. 

Don't think the political left is stoking the hate Trump language which leads to events like a deranged man attempting to assassinate Republicans?   Read what this hard leftist CNN host said about a modified Shakesperian play which includes the assassination of Trump.  Quote: "CNN serial plagiarist Fareed Zakaria went to see a production of Julius Cesar in New York's Central Park, a play that we now know depicts the gruesome assassination of President Trump. Nothing wrong with that. Zakaria might not have known what he was in for.  But after it was over, Zakaria so enjoyed the bloody spectacle, was so enthused, he declared the play a "masterpiece" and publicly recommended it to others. "If you're in NYC, go see Julius Caesar, free in Central Park," Zakaria tweeted 13 days ago, "brilliantly interpreted for Trump era. A masterpiece[.]"    The hateful language used, this disgusting play and more item sponsored by the left are very, very dangerous.  Just one example is the event in Alexandra, VA that severely wounded Representative Scalise and injured others.  That Zakaria has not been fired is proof positive that CNN and thier fellow leftist ilk fully intend to continue their nasty ways.
 This is an apt depiction of the inciters of violence.

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