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Things To Consider 3

The above items suggest that our country faces serious problems.  The mainstream media, liberal Democrats, leftist elitists and others have so polluted the political atmosphere the sickness now consuming the political left extends to all corners of the country.  In order for that to change the DC swamp must be drained.  The head of the snake are the elitist who occupy the DC swamp.  Leftist anti-Trump alligators are itching to take him out.  The FBI and deep state collusion against the president is continuing.  This is a clear and present danger.   This item raises serious questions in regard to the credibility of former Director of the FBI Comey.  According to this piece his record is spotty at best.   He has had a habit of protecting liberal left interests no matter the facts.

Another element of the DC swamp needing serious attention is the CIA.  There are plenty of reasons why it should be abolished.  This piece just provides a top level view. Quote: "The process of abolition is actually easy to understand in theory, but it is far from an easy matter in practice because it involves some serious changes in the status quo and the enlightenment of many people. The CIA depends strongly on legislation from Congress that created it in 1947. The CIA depends upon the funding by Congress, the amount being kept secret. Committees in Congress monitor the CIA. They’d stand up for it, by and large. Because the Congress brought forth the CIA and has funded it, a fight to abolish the CIA is primarily a fight against Congress. The way to fight that fight is to go over the heads of Congress to the American people; and the way to do that is by publicizing every possible fact about the CIA. This has to be done fairly and squarely, and that means undoing the secrecy in which the CIA hides its activities.  Secrecy sustains the CIA. To abolish it, it is essential that a president inform the public of every bad thing that the CIA has ever done, even as ordered by past presidents and endorsed by past Congressmen. Their connections have to be made known. Many documents need to be declassified. Many secrets have to be made public. This is going to ruffle a great many people who’ve been in power, because their reputations will undergo reappraisals. Certainly, all documents relating to the Kennedy assassination should be immediately declassified and so should documents relating to 9/11. But that’s only a very small part of what needs to be declassified. If all of this seems unlikely, it is. But suggesting it serves a purpose. It shows how far away from where we the people stand are those in power who purport to represent us."

This deals with the implications of  Democrat's vitriolic language and behavior.   This item adds celebrities and media to the mix and suggests that their vitriolic language inciting violence needs to be prosecuted.   If  you want to see just how demented the Democrats are, please watch this video of Congresswoman Maxine Waters riling up a crowd calling for Trump's impeachment.  Notably absent from her rant is any reason whatever that such a charge is warranted.  The left has gone insane.

In follow-up to the previous item, this one provides a partial list of the unethical and irresponsible behavior so many on the political left are either conducting or condoning.  

The political left likes to charge Republicans and conservatives with being on the wrong side of history. But the fact is that history proves beyond any doubt that it is the political left which is routinely on the wrong side of history and is history's most prolific perpetrator of violence. 

The history of the political left is one that is filled with anarchists.  This item provides a fair accounting of something that seems to be terribly wrong with today's version of political leftists.

The Rest.

This is a thoughtful piece building on the efficacy of a play ongoing in New York City depicting the assassination of President TrumpThe concept of civility seems to be gone from our society.  Quote: "While the media is mixed on its response, the New York Times is defending the play vigorously, this display brings up an important point and one which is not being carefully discussed at length in the media or elsewhere. We have reached a point in this country and around the world where violence has replaced metered civil discourse. We are no longer societies of educated and interested citizens willing to listen to someone else’s viewpoint without retaliating against them in violence and open displays of hatred."  And,  "This is the important question we should be asking. Leaders represent the views of the people who vote for them. We have a framework in this country for the peaceful transition of power and we have enshrined such civil rights as the right to peaceful protest and removal from office by vote. The founders knew there would be people of varying political sentiment living in America. Their design was not for open acts of violence to represent how opposing political viewpoints are viewed."

American and global civil discourse is at a crossroads. We can either accept that violence will rule how we interact with others both behind the protection of our computer screens or openly in the public square or we can decide to reign in intolerance in the name of tolerance.  Once these types of acts become mainstream it is not long before societies devolve into anarchy. Liberty minded individuals know the power of civil public discourse and education. That is how we spread the ideals of freedom. We must start championing these values. We need to end the violence and hatred before a despot decides to end it for us."

What this senator left out is much more important that what she said.  The fact is that Obamacare is dying and people are being harmed by it for a whole lot of reasons.  Not only that she did not tell the people that she is a political animal that lies for her liberal/progressive causes every chance she gets.  In this case it is one great big whopper of a lie.  Quote: "Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren called the House GOP's plan to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act a "cruel" way to enrich the wealthy and cut insurance from many Americans.  "Trumpcare isn't a health care bill. A bill that destroys health care for millions to shovel cash to the rich isn't a health care bill," Warren tweeted.  "This is the same cruel Trumpcare bill that @HouseGOP tried to pass weeks ago. Still strips coverage from millions & guts Medicaid," she added. Warren added that too many Republicans are treating the bill like it's a game.  "This isn't football. It's not about scoring points. #AHCA will devastate Americans' healthcare. Families will go bankrupt. People will die," she tweeted."    Democrats levy such emotionally laden charges against Republicans as a matter of routine because they must deflect the public's attention away from their ever recurring blunders.  So they lie to convince the public that their failures are really roaring successes.  Obama, Hillary, Chuck, Nancy and Elizabeth are experts at such unethical tactics.

But to be sure the Republican healthcare bill is not the right solution either.  The right solution is to get the government out of any management position of the nation's health care system. Health care works best when it is conducted between the health care provider and the patient.  Government involvement is bad medicine for both.  Government run healthcare with entitlements is just another version of Obamacare.  Maybe better, maybe not.  Senator Rand Paul, a medical doctor, has the credentials to speak on this subject.  Read his comments on the current version of the Republican plan.  Quote: "Sen. Rand PaulRand PaulOvernight Healthcare: GOP brushes off Trump calling health bill 'mean' | Big decision for insurers | Trump order on drug pricing in the worksRussian sanctions bill faces uncertain path in HouseOvernight Finance: Senate passes Russian sanctions deal | White House divided on debt limit strategy | Budget office wages 'war on waste' | Trump expected to tighten Cuba rulesMORE (R-Ky.) sharply criticized central elements of the emerging Senate Republican healthcare bill on Thursday, indicating that he will vote against it unless dramatic changes are made.  Paul denounced as “new entitlements” two core elements of the Republican bill in both the House and Senate: a refundable tax credit to help people buy insurance and a “stabilization fund” of money to help bring down premiums.  “I think we shouldn't have new entitlements that will go on forever in a Republican plan to fix healthcare,” Paul told a small group of reporters. “We can't pay for what we already have: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.” Asked if he would vote “no,” Paul said: “What I'm telling them is if they get to an impasse, come talk to me, because I'm more than willing to vote for a partial repeal if I can't get complete repeal, but I'm not willing to vote for new Republican entitlement programs.”  Paul is perhaps the strongest voice of opposition to the emerging direction of the bill so far."

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