Sunday, June 25, 2017

The American Presidency in Paralysis

Is the next vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court sooner or later?
Liberals despair. Trump’s “progressive” critics, long champions of a strong presidency, notably Barack Obama’s robust executive power, are abruptly born-again skeptics. What’s to worry? Trump’s Neil Gorsuch remains a constitutionalist who would challenge an imperial presidency. But Democrats don’t want to challenge this president; they want to destroy him.
The crisis is not that Trump will fill another vacancy on the Supreme Court, or the myriad openings throughout the federal judiciary, or the major unfilled positions throughout the executive branch that also require U.S. Senate confirmation. The scandal is that Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer and his co-conspirators are sabotaging not the Trump presidency, but the office itself. Where are the political science professors and other do-gooder academics? Could they be in a “safe space”?
Trump was barely inaugurated when demagogues like (the ethics-challenged) Maxine Waters urged impeachment. If there is an Administration “cover-up” — it may be without a crime! Meanwhile, the mainstream media ignore that the democratic process is disrupted, not by Russians and Putin, but by Senate Democrats and Schumer who will not allow this elected president to govern.

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