Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Note Covering A Variety Of Topics 3

US Pediatricians get it!!!  We need to listen to them and definitely not to liberal secular progressive pontificators of unadulturated nonsense.  The political left is abusing children with its misguided, ill-informed, unscientific and most unhealthy obsession with deviant sexual matters.  Quote: "Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published an excerpt, in their AAP Daily Briefing, from a study in the April Journal of Experimental Psychology. The study reported that children under the age of 14 are not cognitively capable of crossing a busy street “because children lack the perceptual judgment and physical skills needed to consistently get across safely.” This same AAP, however, also frequently promotes the claim that children this age or younger are cognitively capable of deciding that they are the wrong sex. Moreover, the AAP also deems children cognitively competent to consent to puberty blockers, toxic sex hormones and mutilating sex reassignment surgery. Cognitive immaturity and impaired risk assessment during adolescence has always been recognized. That’s why society has long had age restrictions not only for consenting to medical procedures, but also for driving, voting, joining the military, and purchasing alcohol and cigarettes. Dr. Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians states, Children are not miniature adults. Everyone knows this. Our position statement, The Teenage Brain: Under Construction, documents the cognitive limitations of adolescents that compromise their ability to provide informed consent." 

The left's Antifa terrorist organization is apparently linked to sexual predators, specifically pedophiles.   You will not find this item to be a pleasant read.  But, it does speak to the moral decay of the political left.  Quote: "Militant “Antifa” leftists responsible for organizing the riots in Berkeley have been tied to NAMBLA, a notorious pedophile group whose name is an acronym for “North American Man/Boy Love Association”. The Antifa group — known as the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) — has been linked to anti-Republican violence that rocked Berkeley several times this year (“By Any Means Necessary” is Sartre quote that was famously invoked by Malcolm X in a call for racial violence). BAMN’s efforts led to the riots at UC Berkeley against the alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. Earlier this month, BAMN’s plans to disrupt conservative writer Ann Coulter’s speech at UC Berkeley caused its cancellation over safety concerns."  

This item extends the previous five items. It is nefarious activities like these that make fighting perverse LBGT initiatives a societal and legal imperative.  LBGT advocates are seeking to establish a legal environment wherein children are encouraged to determine their sexual orientation.  This type activity is in itself a form of sexual perversion and should never ever be allowed to pollute impressionable minds.   Thankfully, this effort in Colorado ultimately failed.  But it is a certainty that their search for ways to promote perversion will continue unabated.

Another negative consequence of Obama's and the political left's irresponsible obsession with sexual perversion.  Quote: "WND reported several students, represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Independence Law Center, brought a case against Supt. Richard Faidley and others for allowing both boys and girls to change and shower in the same room under the guise of accommodating “gender orientation.”  The claim was triggered when a high school student identified only as Joel Doe “was exposed involuntarily to an undressed female student while he was changing in his school’s locker room.” Several other students were added to the case. The lawsuit charges that without any notice to students or their parents, school officials “secretly opened” their sex-specific restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex. The original plaintiff reported he was standing in his underwear about to put on his gym clothes when he suddenly noticed that a female student, also in a state of undress, was in the locker room."  

This piece points out the idiocy of claiming abortion is a woman's right.  It is in fact a consequence of the over sexualization of America by the political left.  Permissive and repeated access to abortion is just another form of birth control.  The fact is that permissive abortions makes murder okay but only if you are a pregnant woman.  Quote: "Such comments not only grossly exaggerate the practical consequences of accommodating religious objections to the contraceptive mandate; they fundamentally misconstrue the interests at stake, erroneously equating freedom from coercion with a claim on other people's resources.  The "basic right to prevent pregnancy" does not imply a right to free contraception any more than the right to freedom of speech implies a right to free internet service or the right to armed self-defense implies a right to free guns. A system in which you can force other people to subsidize your choices, even when it means violating their religious convictions, looks a lot more like tyranny than freedom."    I don't understand the absence of responsibility and accountability which would result in use of a number of perfectly effective means to avoid pregnancy.  Abortion is far too often the chosen method of birth control.  The fact is that in most cases it is not about a woman's right to choose.  I recently read a piece about a woman who went to get her ninth abortion but was shocked when seeing the ultrasound that unlike the piece of tissue Planned Parenthood said she was aborting it was in fact a living baby, a human being.  The consequence of deception and total dishonesty of abortion advocates is the willful destruction of human life.  Or, more rightly said, "murder".

And this item may cause some people to change their mind about the goodness, honesty and ethics of Planned Parenthood.    Quote: "After having their videos blocked by the courts for some time, the undercover journalists at the Center for Medical Progress are releasing new tapes of Planned Parenthood executives speaking frankly about their practices – and they are as gruesome and disgusting as anything CMP has released in the past.  On Thursday, the group published online a three-minute video recorded at a recent National Abortion Federation meeting, a preview of content yet to come. In the video, Planned Parenthood senior director Deborah Nucatola is seen describing how the organization will change abortion procedures while performing them so they can extract as many intact fetal organs as possible for later “donation.”  “You know, sometimes she’ll tell me she wants brain,” Nucatola said in the video. “And we’ll leave the calvarium till last and then try to basically take it – or, actually catch everything – and even keep it separate from the rest of the tissue so it doesn’t get lost.”  Astute viewers will recognize that Nucatola is actually describing the process of beheading the fetus so the sensitive brain tissue can remain unharmed and intact.  At another point in the video, a Planned Parenthood executive named Deb VanDerhei admits that some affiliated clinics cannot resist the temptation to sell fetal tissue to research clinics.  “The truth is that some might want to do it to increase their revenues,” she said. “And we can’t stop them.”
Wait, hasn’t Planned Parenthood been saying this entire time that they NEVER engage in that kind of illegal sale?"

Free Speech is under attack.

Free speech is under assault by the political left.  Quote: "The totalitarian left is emboldened by its selective suppression of speech. Just as scary is the deluded thought process that inspires its Stalinism.  Recognizing its inability to compete in the marketplace of ideas, the left has been chipping away for years at the concept of free speech. You have to give leftists points for cleverness, not to mention persistence, because they don't openly advocate censoring conservative speech as such. They pretend to be protecting some greater good or preventing imminent harm to certain groups.  When they failed in talk radio, they resurrected the Fairness Doctrine, which is euphemistically disguised as a policy to ensure the presentation of all viewpoints but is actually a sinister ploy to dilute the power of conservative talk. They always have some excuse -- and plausible deniability."   And, "I urge you not to miss the most stunning aspect of Baer's specious analysis. The thrust of the left's message against conservatives across the board is that because of our toxic ideas, we should be discredited and delegitimized "as less worthy of participation in the public exchange of ideas."  Just as leftists support the commission of violence in the name of preventing speech that could arguably lead to it, they would muzzle us because through our speech, we would discredit and then effectively muzzle them. Insanity. We don't want to muzzle liberals; we want to defeat them in the marketplace of ideas. We don't want to commit violence against them, but they often want to do so against us. Boy, how they project."

Loss of free speech is something many of us have suffered. It is a real phenomenon and is the product of leftist policies and tactics.  This item provides the details.  Quote: "Despite freedom of speech being one of the first points within the Constitution, the liberal left is finding ways to silence conservative speakers, hosts and celebrities through intimidation tactics. Intimidation as a tactic to prevent someone from spreading information is nothing new. The practice has more or less been around since humans were living in caves. When watching animals in a local zoo or on nature shows, certain creatures will attempt to intimidate others in order to gain what it wants. One would think humans have risen above acting like a dog or a spider, but Democrats have proven this simply is not the case. That is why there are groups within the Democratic Party using tactics designed specifically to shut the mouths of conservatives, even if what a Republican is saying is true."    More,

Another leftist effort to kill free speech. Quote: "The Left has caused this problem and they have to cure it or it will be the death of the university system in the U.S. Parents need to start demanding that schools enforce free speech and not in restricted areas. The federal government needs to assert the power of the purse to withhold funds from universities that abuse the First Amendment and do not protect the free speech of all people on campus. Almost all parents are hogtied by the Left’s control over the educational system. They are afraid their little darlings will not get into the right school and get the right degree. They are not considering what their children will become after they spend their $100,000 to $200,000. This dangerous behavior is spreading outside college campuses as a parade was cancelled in Portland when someone called and threatened violence against Republicans marching in a civic parade about roses."

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