Thursday, June 15, 2017

Items Well Worth Pondering 2

Most people will likely agree with Trump on this point.  Federal government over-reach in so many things is out of control.  This item deals with the federal government seizing land for control without local populations having a voice.  Quote: "Over the last 20 years, presidents from both sides of the aisle have used the stroke of a pen to lock up hundreds of millions of acres using the Antiquities Act, but none more egregiously than President Obama. In 2014, then-President Obama said, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone. And that’s all I need.” This braggadocious one-liner was the basis for devastating monument designations by the Obama administration. President Trump’s recent Executive Order directs Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to review national monuments created by the Antiquities Act since 1996 that exceed 100,000 acres and to coordinate with local stakeholders. These communities that were shut up and shut out of the charade of discussions surrounding national monument designations deserve a voice."

Have you ever wondered why some people become communists?  This item addresses that question. Quote: "Eastman, for example, realized that he was seeking to liberate people by taking from them the three things people love most in life: their families, their religion, and their property. Instead of creating a new heaven on earth, they had become apologists for a killing machine."  And, "It would be nice if any article written about communism were purely retrospective. That, sadly, is not the case. There seem to be new brands of Marxian thought codified every few years, and still more versions of its Hegelian roots that take on ever more complex ideological iterations (the alt-right is an example).  Why do people become communists? Because human beings are capable of believing in all sorts of illusions, and we are capable of working long and hard to turn them into nightmares. Once we’ve invested the time and energy into something, however destructive, it can take a very long time to wake us up. It’s hard to think of a grander example of the sunk-cost fallacy."

These are the words of a thinker I respect and if his concerns are proven to be so we really do have a problem.

This is hypocrisy on steroids.   His ego is so big that he proudly declares how brave he was to not bomb Syria.  He needs to go away and take his over inflated ego with him.   

Most often facts back up common sense.  This is what John Stossel has to say about repealing and replacing Obamacare.  Quote: "The House repealed Obamacare!  OK, they didn't really -- but they passed a bill that repeals some bad parts of it, like the individual mandate tax, medicine cabinet tax, flexible spending account tax and health savings account withdrawal tax. Good.  Now the Senate will create its own bill and ask the Congressional Budget Office if the House bill will save money.  But Obamacare was so bad, I fear these changes are just Band-Aids on a collapsing system. Instead, the Senate should pass my seven-point plan.  His plan makes sense.  But too often our legislators don't use facts and have little or no common sense.

This falls into the believe it or not category.  Liberals are going backwards.  They now seek segregation.  Quote: "Political correctness has gone so insane, liberals are demanding a return to segregation.  At Harvard University, postgraduate students receiving their degrees have announced plans to host a separate, private graduation ceremonies will be held for different races.  No, that’s not a joke. This liberal insanity is quite serious. It’s very real… and Harvard is not alone."  And, "Sadly, Harvard isn’t the only college that is hosting a racially segregated graduation ceremony. The school has joined a growing list of colleges that pull the same stunt.  For example, notes that Stanford, Temple, and Columbia all host black-only graduation ceremonies."   Can anyone explain how the self acclaimed most inclusive people on earth can do this?   Is this what progressives call progress?

You can usually detect the character of someone by the people they associate with.  This is certainly the case with former president Obama.  This item illustrates.   You will recall that throughout his presidency Obama never defended the interests of Christians anywhere in the world but always said positive things about Muslims and gave them his full support, usually at the expense of American citizens.   And, notably he was consistent on this point.

This is a prime example of why our immigration laws must be enforced.  This tragedy would have been avoided.

Does anyone believe that the politicians in California have any desire to serve the interest of the people?  If you do then this item should disabuse you of that belief.  They are continuing their long run at promoting progressivism and socialistic ideals that have already taken a toll on the financial and moral standing of the state.  People and businesses are leaving the state.  In other words the people be damned.  The state government has a nefarious agenda and intend to see it through.

It may not be time to give up on Trump.  He has publically stated he was thinking of terminating NAFTA.  Apparently both Canada and Mexico responded.  Quote: "In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Saturday, Trump said he had every intention of terminating the agreement with Canada and Mexico, before leaders of both countries contacted him about it. The president said that he got “very nice” calls from Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian prime minister of Justin Trudeau asking him to negotiate with them.  He said he told them that he would. It looks like Trump is going to put some of his deal-making skills to work on the agreement.  However, he did not entirely back away from putting an end to it. ”If I’m not able to renegotiate NAFTA, I will terminate NAFTA.”

This item proves that the ACLU often bases its arguments on spurious grounds. At issue is Trump's temporary immigration ban from selected Muslim countries.  Quote: "The last part of the audio is rather funny. Jadwat, asked whether the order on its face is valid, says No. Why? “I don’t think so, Your Honor, because the order is completely unprecedented.” To which one of the Fourth Circuit judges replies, with astonishment that seems mostly genuine: “So the first order on anything is invalid?”  There is more faulty logic on display as well.

This item deals with the continuing collapse of many members of the political left.  Their antics have progressed from sad images of childish to outrageous and irresponsible

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