Thursday, June 15, 2017

Media and such 2

CNN is an anti-American operation.  Hiring people this hateful, dishonest and disrespectful of our nation's president prove the case.  The moniker this hateful and biased media type placed on Trump's head belongs on his own head.  He is a disgrace to even his leftist biased colleagues.    This is the same CNN operation that slobbered over anything Obama said or did no matter how dishonest, disrespectful, or odious it was.  They are so dishonest and biased that they cannot be trusted to produce anything of value for public consumption.   Well, well, well CNN has now admitted they speculated the news, made it up, openly without any actual evidence reported fake news as real news. They were hoping against hope that Comey would authenticate their made up speculations.  He didn't but he did prove that CNN is an organization of proven liars and biased left wing propagandists.   My guess is the apology is for show and that they will return to reporting fake news as if nothing happened.  

This is an example of how the mainstream media protects the left's political interests when the real news is really bad/hurts their politically correct narrative.  Impose a news blackout.

Even this hard core left wing TV personality admits that the media has been reporting fake news.

Not only is the Democrat party coming apart so is the mainstream media.

The fact that ABC does not corral the propagandist views and rants that routinely populate any edition of The View proves it is an in the tank for socialistic leftwing control of the airwaves.  This program is a disgrace and far beneath the dignity of any respectable broadcasting operation.  I occasionally watch a bit of their elitist drivel but after only a few seconds have to change channels.  These are vicious, disrespectful and dishonest left wing women poisoning people's minds. 

Anyone who thinks the media is fair and balanced in its reporting have limited understanding of the difference between fact and fiction. Quote: "On May 9th, 2017, President Donald Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation head James. R. Comey, an action that set off fireworks with many liberals, Democrats, and members of the mainstream media.  Oddly, the same people who had actively sought Comey’s termination in the months before the election now expressed their rage about President Trump’s sudden decision to do what they had previously wanted.  While their explosive reaction to Comey’s firing is not totally unexpected due to their constant attempts to discredit the new president’s actions at every turn, it is just one of many issues concerning Comey that have been willfully skewed or ignored by an increasingly biased media. Let’s explore and dissect the lies pundits have been spreading about this event."

It is interesting how the political left can in order to protect their favorite political personalities find illusional crimes committed by Republicans and conservatives but not actual crimes by multiple members of the Democratic left.  This item proves the point of how the create news they want to report in order to promote a narrative they want to project rather than the actual facts.  The guilty party is a CNN reporter, of course.

If  you want to see a good example of how dishonest the mainstream media is, read this.  Quote: "If the media repeats a lie enough times, will people believe it?  That’s what the liberal media seems to be trying to do. Case in point the recent “white supremacist” killer in Portland, Oregon, who was falsely painted as a Donald Trump supporter. Not only is that allegation an outright lie, but this criminal — who stabbed Good Samaritans Rick Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche to death in the midst of yelling at a hijab-clad 17-year-old girl and her friend, who is black — is a perfect example of the kind of lunatic Democratic political consultants Scott Foval and Bob Creamer were accused of using to foment violence at Trump rallies. In case you don’t remember, Foval and Creamer were both captured on hidden video cameras by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe in 2016 admitting that they paid disturbed people to bait Trump supporters outside numerous Trump events. Foval, in particular, was captured saying “it’s not hard to get some of these [Trump supporters] to pop off” and “sometimes the crazies bite, and sometimes they don’t bite.”

This is another good example of the absolute left/socialist bias of CNN.    They have been going down hill for quite some time.  With obvious bias like this it is likely they are nearing the bottom.  However, at least one member of the liberal CNN news staff has the self awareness to recognize liberal bias when he sees it.  The entire membership of the leftist media need to heed his words if they expect to survive.

How soon the hypocritical left forgets, conveniently so.  Quote: "Democrats and the mainstream media are hyping allegations that President Donald Trump revealed classified information to the Russian foreign minister as “the most serious breach of national security” by any president. Former CIA Director Leon Panetta, for example, told CNN on Tuesday that Trump “cannot just say whatever the hell he wants and expect it doesn’t carry consequences.  Panetta should know, because it was his loose talk after the Osama bin Laden raid that exposed a Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, who helped locate the Al Qaeda leader.  As a result, Afridi was imprisoned on fabricated charges and will live under fear of assassination for the rest of his life."    Leon Panetta is a left wing power broker, was Hillary's campaign manager, has extensive ties to Russia and is a complete hypocrite to boot.

A judge has sided with a doctor who claims that CNN defamed him.  Cooper Anderson's eagerness to make headlines and not check facts may well bite him in the butt.     Talk about left wing bias at CNN.  They are more like a left wing propaganda operation.  This proves it beyond any doubt.—-and-not-good-way   Unprofessional on air behavior and utter bias on full display at CNN.

As noted a number of times the mainstream media does not need the facts or truth to make up news that places Trump in a negative light.  They lost their credibly many years ago but like the Eveready bunny keep on spewing the lies to damage people and policies they do not like.

This woman is truly a very, very, very sick person.  Her antics are reprehensible and she should be barred from any future appearances on TV, movies, radio and print media.   She and her leftist friends are beyond ugly in their disrespectful behavior.

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