Thursday, June 22, 2017

US on track to reduce CO2 emissions even without Paris accord

One of the dirty little secrets of the global warming hysterics who went off the deep end when President Trump withdrew from the Paris climate deal is that even without the agreement, the United States will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and meet the voluntary goals set by the accords.
The fact is, that the US has been reducing its carbon emissions for more than a decade without government mandates. The free market has driven industry to find alternatives to coal as it became more expensive. And the fracking revolution has created a glut of natural gas supplies - a fossil fuel that burns cleaner than coal or oil.
With the dust of the decision settling, analysts have taken a closer look and say it’s still possible, though difficult, for the U.S. to meet the goal of the Paris deal even without being a signatory.
Federal data show the U.S. is already well over one-third of its way toward meeting that pledge, with net emissions in 2015 down more than 11 percent compared with 2005. Even without a comprehensive federal strategy to reduce emissions, other factors could continue the downward trend. 

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