Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Note Covering A Variety Of Topics 2

This is another accounting of the lessons that the recent collapsing of Venezuala teaches.  Socialism/leftism does not work, never has.  As Margaret Thatcher once said and I paraphrase, "Socialism does not work because the socialists eventually run out of other people"s money." This is a sad story. Quote: "Venezuela is a naturally rich nation. It’s ranked seventh worldwide for biodiversity and has the world’s largest reserves of oil. This is a country that deserves, more than most, to thrive. However, as in all countries, it passes through economic cycles and, when on a downward curve, would-be leaders take the opportunity to claim that the “greedy rich” have sent the economy into a tailspin (which can sometimes be the case) and that the solution is to adopt a collectivist approach to governance."   

This item lays bare the truth and nothing but of the deceptions that lure people into socialism and its subsequent internal corruptive components which always leads to national collapse and great suffering of the masses.  Quote: "Socialism is about forced redistribution of wealth from those who have sacrificed, worked hard, and risked their own resources, to those who have need of resources beyond that which they have personally earned. It is simply government-mandated theft. It breeds resentment in those whose income has been stolen, and it breeds entitlement and dependence in those who are recipients of income they have not earned. It also perversely incentivizes individuals to invest their efforts in pursuing a position of "need" as opposed to investing time in education, training, and labor so as to obtain income."  And, "A problem that was created by government interference and intervention cannot be fixed by injecting more government interference and intervention.  ObamaCare is predictably making things worse. Although we were told it would reduce insurance premiums, the exact opposite has occurred, and health insurance premiums continue to increase dramatically. Such inconvenient truths are often met with tired and worn socialist apologetics to the effect that some people may have to accept higher insurance premiums, but it probably will only affect wealthier individuals who can afford to pay more, and thus it is consistent with redistributive justice. Now that physicians have essentially become beaten-down hostages of an oppressive government/third-party payment system, why, some wonder, is it taking so long to break the backs of independent physicians?"  

Quote: "Violence and intimidation against Republicans are quickly becoming the new normal in an increasingly tense political climate.  In one of the most recent incidents, police in Tennessee charged a woman with felony reckless endangerment on Thursday for allegedly trying to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a town hall. The woman, Wendi Wright, was reportedly enraged over Kustoff’s support for the American Health Care Act and screamed at the congressman and his aide, striking his car windows and reaching inside the vehicle."    By their silence Democrat leaders, including Obama and Hillary, are condoning this spike in violence against Republicans.  This has long been a tactic of leftists seeking to destabilize a nation's political structure and impose their tyrannical rule. 

This item deals with the intellectual void that is the religion of atheism.  The author equates atheism with progressivism.  Quote: "To be clear, I’m not a believer." and, "I don’t know if the Christians are right about a God in heaven, but I don’t know they are wrong either. I don’t know. I can’t know." and, "I do know I’d never want to live in a world ruled by atheists."

This expands the conversation to include cultural Marxism.  Quote: "A word Cultural Marxists use a lot lately is diversity. “We’ve got to have diversity.” No, we don’t have to have diversity. There’s zero logical or moral reason why every room should have a quota of blacks, Hispanics, LGBTs, women, or whatever. It’s extremely stupid to have people qualify for something based upon accidental characteristics. It encourages them to view themselves not as individuals, but members of a group. So it actually foments class warfare."

Regarding the political left's obsession with sexual matters.

Regarding the left's obsession with sexual matters introduced by cultural Marxism it is interesting to note that Bill Nye, the left's ill informed science guy, has added ill-informed sexual smut to his list of leftist advocacy causes.  This is truly sickening.   Quote: "The "moral" of Nye's busybody message is that monogamous heterosexual sex is unnatural, immoral and boring. He is pressuring and lecturing people to get with it,  to cast off the chains of their unnatural parochial sexuality and embrace an unhealthy and destructive lifestyle. What is so appalling about this is that Nye is cloaking himself in the robe of science and hoping to transmit this message to our children -- to tell our children that it is anti-science to embrace a heterosexual and monogamous relationship, that true happiness can only be found in sexual perversion. There is only word for that: demonic."    He must be a real embarrassment to real scientists.  

Science tells us a completely different story about transgenders than they and the liberal left does.  Wonder who is right?   Quote: "Transgender activists have simultaneously detached gender completely from sex and suggested that men can magically become "real women" by merely "identifying" as female, and vise-versa. This is untrue, of course. A new study composed by Weizmann Institute of Science researchers just widened the hole in the transgender narrative pushed by progressives: it has been found that the two sexes express over 6,500 genes differently, adding to the already major biological differences between men and women."  And, "Still, the many intricate biological differences between men and women, such as the ones expressed by Weizmann Institute researchers, will be said by progressives to be simply overridden by one's feelings."   Looks like science tops by a long shot  the "this is how I feel" claim invented by the political left.  But as the piece notes facts mean little to progressives.  To them feelings trump facts.  No wonder they are so wrong on matters of importance most of the time. 

This is just one more of the unintended consequences of far too many poorly thought out progressive/liberal/Democrat policies.   Quote: " France, Sweden, Germany and other European nations are on a path to legalize rape committed by migrants because it’s “their culture.” As shocking as this might seem, a recent number of rapists who avoided severe punishment suggests there’s a precedent already in place to decriminalize rapes by migrants because they don’t “culturally understand” Western rape laws or even the word “no.”  In short, rapes by migrants are downplayed as “cultural misunderstandings” and thus the victims never receive justice, meaning that “de facto” rape legalization is, for the most part, already in place. For example, a German judge recently acquitted a Turkish drug dealer of rape despite believing “every word” of the 23-year-old victim’s accusation because, according to the judge, what the victim “had experienced as rape,” including having her head shoved between two bed posts after she said no, might be “culturally” considered “wild sex” in Turkey.  “The prosecutor admitted that the acquittal must have been a heavy blow to the victim,” reported the Märkische Allegemeine, translated from German.  “On the other hand a conviction was not possible because there was no demonstrated intent of rape [by the accused.]”   Although going this direction does fit within the absence of respect liberals/progressives have for abiding the law.

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