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Things to Think About - Political Left Is Not Our Friend 3

So who is it that supports letting the people into our country, getting welfare and other government benefits taxpaying citizens fund, overloading our schools and medical facilities, and much more?  And yes even the negative consequences resulting from those who commit crimes such as rape, murder, vagrancy, dope dealers and gang members?  No matter their respective circumstances each one (not born here) is in violation of the law. That cannot be ignored - US citizens are fined or prosecuted for violating the law. Why and under what legal statute do they excuse illegal immigrant illegality?  So the operative question is who wants them here and why aside from businesses seeking cheap labor? Oh yes, its the political left in search of loyal voters, even though welcoming people like this is unacceptable to the vast majority of tax paying and law abiding citizens who suffer the inevitable consequences caused by illegals.    Some of the over 94 million able bodied Americans without jobs would benefit if the illegals just went back home, not to mention the relief and financial benefits that would accrue to our welfare rolls, hospitals, schools, law enforcement, jails and more.  Shouldn't we put the interests of our own families, friends, neighbors, our towns and cities and our country ahead of illegal non-citizens?  Isn't that the responsible thing to do?  After all it is not like we invited them here.  They came fully aware that doing so was an illegal act.  Unfortunate as their circumstances may be they are not our national responsibility.  Why can't the political left/Democrats see or understand this?  Oh, I know.  They want/need them as reliable leftist voters. So, their reason is not really oh so humanitarian as they claim.  It is for their political benefit.   

Another thing.  When a Democrat does something inappropriate the mainstream media mostly ignores it or provides lame supporst/excuses for the leftist culprit.  Take the fiasco created when a Democrat congressman made an inappropriate remark about Kellyanne Conway kneeling on a couch trying to take a picture of the black college and university leaders meeting with Trump.  This irresponsible Democrat hinted that it reminded him of actions a former White House staffer did on her knees.  Did the media fault their fellow Democrat idiot for his inappropriate innuendo?  No, they treated the inappropriate action as if Kellyanne was the "star" of a sleazy  show.  They are just as unsavory in their thinking as is this idiot Democrat politician.  The fact is that it was a Democrat president who had an intern do just what was implied in this despicable charade.    The political left has absolutely no class.

To make matters worse consider this.  Quote: "Does anyone else find it interesting that the Russian ambassador, Kislyak, visited Obama 22 times from 2009 to 2016? Six of those times was during Hillary Clinton’s selling of uranium to Russia. Sounds pretty fishy, huh?  The left is crying wolf while their precious Obama and Hillary are getting away with murder!   Obama made his visitor logs public in 2009, so this is how we know that Kislyak was there, down to the day and time. So, why aren’t they being investigated?"   The moral here: Before leveling dubious charges against someone you do not like, clean your own house first.  But Democrats never, ever do that.  They have let Hillary get away with multiple criminal acts. Not just any crimes, federal crimes.  Obama, too.

The media is getting worse all the time.  In this case it is the worse of the worse, CNN. Get this. They have hired the daughter of Obama's closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett to cover Trump's Department of Justice.  Do you think the DOJ has a chance of receiving any reporting justice with an Obama operative doing the dirty work?  Quote: "There is nothing wrong with assigning Valerie Jarrett's child to cover the DOJ.  But there is something wrong when pretending objectivity when it is clearer every day that objectivity is a figment of media's imagination."    BTW, Valerie has moved into Obama and Michelle's new DC home from which they manage their insidious war against Trump.  They are not even trying to hide what they are up to.   Here's further proof that we cannot believe anything anyone at CNN says.

The Democrat party is filled with irresponsible people yet they think they are the only party capable of running the country.  I give you Obama as Exhibit #1.  No explanation needed.  I give you Hillary as Exhibit #2.  She was a complete disaster on multiple fronts running the State Department. Enough said.   Exhibit #3 is Nancy Pelosi. Another disastrous Democrat leader.  As minority chairman of the House of Representatives she serves as the example for this paragraph.  She apparently allowed a group of Democrat representatives to pay a handful of Pakistani operatives lots of money to work for them as spies.  Quote: "So what do you do when some Pakistani “IT professionals” want to work in the House of Representatives while taking payoffs from Iraq?"  Here is a legitimate question no one on the political left will ever ask.  Quote: "What did Nancy Pelosi know, and when did she know it? Additionally: How much confidential information was on these servers?  How much went out of the country? America needs to know."   The moral of this item is if you do not want foreign powers to learn your secrets make sure you do not put a Democrat in charge.  All three of them (Obama, Hillary and Pelosi) serve as Exhibits to the truth of that claim.

The political left, being the self described holier than thou group, always seems to call out the political right when bad things happen.  The latest example is the anti-Semitism sentiment that is growing across the country.  The left has charged that the problem has been generated by the political right.  As usual the facts suggest the problem is clearly and factually emanating from the political left.  This item provides the evidence.  Quote: "Authorities believe the man arrested Friday by the FBI in St. Louis, Juan Thompson – a black, anti-Trump, former reporter for left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald’s publication the Intercept – was responsible for eight of the nearly 100 bomb threats and attacks since Jan. 4.  Groups such at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anne Frank Center and the Anti-Defamation League have criticized Trump for not condemning the wave of threats more strongly.  And after Trump condemned the attacks in his address to Congress Tuesday night, SPLC complained that the president’s “generic remarks” were “complicated” by his statement to state attorneys general earlier Tuesday that some of the attacks may not have been motivated by anti-Semitism but by political enemies trying “to make people – or to make others – look bad.”  Trump’s profile, however, better describes Thompson than the left’s caricature of a Trump-inspired, white supremacist, anti-Semite."   And, "In 2016, Thompson announced he was running for mayor of St. Louis to “fight back against Trumpian fascism.” In tweets, he also called white people “trash” and said they “have no shame.” He described himself as a “socialist” and tweeted “we don’t want America like NY, we want it like Havana.”  And, "Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren recently said that during his time as ambassador, he never encountered anti-Semitism from the right in America but saw a lot of it from the left."    Now, tell me you can trust anyone on the left to tell the truth?
Jerry Brown, Democrat governor of California, is one of a number of Democrats who personify the socialistic foolishness that consumes their party.  Read this and you will see what I mean. Quote: "Compounding the sadness of this sordid political theatre is the reality that people’s lives and fortunes are directly and adversely impacted by these sophomoric morons who cannot leave their talking points even a moment to care for the very people they claim to care about.  California Governor Jerry Brown should be a real embarrassment for the citizens of California.  Unfortunately, Jerry Brown is allowed to continue his preaching and march toward creating a socialist society along the lines of Venezuela, Honduras, and Cuba."

Many Hollywood celebrities fall into the radical leftist Democrat category as well.  Past items highlighted some of their irraional views of their belief in the goodness of socialism and hate of anything conservative.  This piece highlights a radiacall Hollywood type that has promoted leftist hatred for years, even supports the destruction of private property and harming innocents who disagree with his crazy leftist views.  Watch what Michael Moore said on national television.     Would anyone say this man is a nice guy?  Is of sound mind?  Has an ounce of decency?  Truth is that it is unlikely that any average law abiding American finds his behavior acceptable.  Nonetheless, he is an icon of the political left.  How is that even possible? 

Our leftist State Department has been in collusion with socialist billionaire George Soros to destabilize Macadonia's government.  That is bad enough but during Obama's reign US tax dollars were also used.  Quote: "The report presents evidence that the U.S. government “has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia by colluding with leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros.”   Soros is a heavy funder of Democrat party candidates, leftist policy interests as well as left wing led politically based unrest.  He worked closely with Hillary's presidential campaign and provided it lots of money.  He even collaborated with her while she was Secretary of State.   You can tell the character of someone by the company they keep.  The Democrat party keeps company with Soros who is one of their favorite socialist sugar daddies. 

Another bad expenditure of our tax dollars by Obama and the Holder/Lynch led Department of Justice was a slush fund set up to support selected unsavory activist groups.   Quote: "The Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice slush fund scheme, according to congressional investigators."    Obama was in multiple ways undermining the nation's health and welfare while in office.  What this item discusses is just one example and serves as a foretaste of what he is now up to.

This provides a good summary of the political left's ruthlessness, dishonesty, mean spirited rants, radical socialistic goals for us all and exposes their total disregard for what the majority of Americans want.  What THEY want is all THEY care about.  And that is the unadulterated truth. 

As with items above this one bears special attention. It provides a short history of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and bears a resemblance to some of the actions being exercised by OUR political left.  Quote: "The conflict between the Provisional Government and the Bolshevik Soviet in 1917 is emblematic of the conflict for Russia’s soul that is still being fought in 2017. The Provisional Government had a vision for a Russia that shared in the values, ideals, and alliances of Western and European society. They intended to stay in the war because France and England needed Russia—Russia needed Europe and Europe needed Russia. The Bolsheviks, however, wanted a Russia that would initiate and then perpetuate a world revolution, abhorring Europe. They created a Russia that would be an inherently destabilizing, antagonistic, and revisionist force for years to come."    Most Russians are still seeking freedoms such as those we have enjoyed for 250 years.  Yet for their own selfish political control reasons a similar fate that befell Russia is seemingly what our political left is seeking for us. 

I will wrap up with this excellent piece that lays bare the hypocrisy, rank dishonesty and absolute absurdity that characterizes the ineptness of the political left as it continues its total abandonment of decency and failure to show even a little respect for most of America's citizens.

There are plenty more examples that could be provided.  Now, do you understand why I am so frustrated with the nefarious antics of the political left?  To be fair Republicans engage in unsavory practices, too.  But the difference in degree weighs heavily in favor of the political left/liberals/Democrats/progressives.  And, Republican antics in no way support overthrow of our Democratic Republic and replacing it with the political left's goal of a socialist utopia.

George Burns

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