Friday, March 10, 2017

Pelosi: No Democratic Votes for GOP Healthcare Plan

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi made clear that Democrats will not support President Trump's healthcare plan: "I don't see any Democratic votes for what they are doing," Pelosi told Newsmax Friday at a press breakfast in Washington hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.
Democratic opposition comes on the heels of conservative Republican condemnation as well. Conservatives in the House are branding the healthcare package "Obamacare Lite."
Insisting that the replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act would lead to "the 400 wealthiest Americans getting a tax break of $7 million per year," Pelosi said that the battle in Congress over new healthcare legislation "isn't even about Democrats and Republicans. It's about the American people. So when they say, 'Whose side are you on?' Democrats are on the side of the American people and meeting their needs."
Calling to mind virtually all major social legislation was historically enacted with bipartisan support, Pelosi quickly noted that "I do remind you that Medicare had a problem. Republicans were not that crazy about Medicare when it came forward. In the end, some of them came forward but that wasn’t before they tried to block it every step of the way." 

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