Friday, March 31, 2017

The Fall of Donald Trump (and Why It Ain’t Happening)

The buzzards are out. These are a subspecies, Bueto Nevertrump vulpinus. The carcass of healthcare reform has them circling. No, actually, they believe it’s the carcass of Donald Trump’s presidency. Repeal and replace dies, so the automatics kick in. “Trump’s failed. He was never up to the job. His presidency hangs by a thread!” And the variation: “It’s good Trump failed, ‘cause Paul Ryan’s bill was a vehicle for socialized medicine. Trump’s an unscrupulous lib. He’s a pretender, and now there’s more proof!”  
Not proof, mind you, of House GOP incompetence. Not proof of a weak speaker and flabby leadership team. Cut ‘em slack. House Republicans only had seven years to figure out healthcare reform and get their act together. The failure belongs to Trump, and shows that his presidency is beginning to unravel… 40-odd days into his administration. The next three years and 325 days are just epilogue.
Reports of Trump’s political death aren’t just exaggerated. They’re absurd. It’s sky-high wishful thinking. So is the cliché that Trump’s itching to go left. It doesn’t stack up against the facts. For those who pegged Trump as a charlatan from the get-go, it’s a never-ending quest for validation. They just can’t be wrong. They’re always doubling down.   
If Trump’s first 40-plus days in the White House are any indication, he has a real crack at making an historic presidency. He could rechart the nation’s course for a generation -- in ways that advance liberty and prosperity.

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