Thursday, March 2, 2017

Things to Think About 1

Realism is a needed ingredient as the Trump presidency unfolds.  He faces many difficult challenges and logic says he will not always succeed.  He will need to compromise and adjust given facts and obstacles that arise.  But, given his State of the Union speech it is likely he will seek to fulfill his promises.  This note provides some of the things that have and will continue to unfold sure to disappoint some.  Stay tuned.  Surprises and change, good and bad, will be a part of what happens.

Challenges ahead.  Things warranting constant monitoring.

    1. This is a very interesting analysis of the history of the government's relationship with the Trilateral Commission.  It has a history of exercising powerful influence over government decision making, especially regarding the push for globalization/one world government.  The author provides relevant history to establish the power they wield and presents a warning that Trump may give the globalists more power than his campaign rhetoric posited and his recent State of the Union speech..   We will need to keep a close eye on this warning. 

    2. This item puts an additional damper on the Trump presidency.  Powerful forces are at work with the potential to minimize the good Trump expounded upon in his state of the union speech.  This piece by a credible source provides necessary details.    Another thing we will need to keep our eyes on.

    3.  President Trump has taken action to cut the overzealous EPA to size.  This piece assesses the challenges Trump faces in dealing with this over bloated and out of control bureaucracy. 

Things to keep current with.

Watch out for dishonest, unethical, hypocritical, and immoral Obama and his intentions.  You will recall that he claimed he was staying in DC because he did not want to force his daughter to change schools.  But that was just another one of his hundreds if not thousands of lies. Quote: "But now we know the real reason Obama is staying in town (and it isn't that his daughter is finishing high school -- you watch, after she's done, he'll stay longer). Obama is making his house two miles from the White House the headquarters for Operation Oust Trump.  "Obama's goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment," the Daily Mail reports."    There is no doubt that he was a terrible president and is worse than a disgusting human being.  All decent Democrats, if there are any, should hang their heads in shame.

Have you ever heard of the Curley Effect?  If not, you will find this piece very, very informative.  Quote: "Here’s an example of how the Curley effect works: Assume that a mayor implements policies that ultimately redistribute wealth from the upper & middle class to the lower class through various means. The lower class of this city now becomes economically dependent on the politicians who engineered this flow of capital, so they give them their undivided electoral support (often this works in conjunction with natural ethnic voting patterns found in American politics, which we previously covered here). This support comes in the form of votes, campaign contributions, get-out-the-vote drives, protests of opposition events, etc." and, "As we can see, the long-term effects of the demographic shift being forced upon us by the Left are absolutely disastrous. While the economic effects will modulate our behavior in the short term, the long-term dysgenic effects on our social capital due to mass migration of non-White foreigners via legal, illegal, or open borders methods are absolutely devastating to our ability to maintain our economic, social, and geopolitical hegemony. Those in power, both on the Right and on the Left, are complicit in this; those on the Left actively engineered the immivasion, while those on the Right benefited from it via reduced wages while being too afraid of being called a racist to stand up for their own constituency.  Ultimately, those in control of the international Left believe that your dispossession, minoritization, and that the fraying of our social fabric is worth an easier re-election campaign & unopposed ability to wield political power for influence and gain. Do you?"

This is as accurate a description of the destructive antics exercised by the political left I have seen.  Quote: "It is an admission that the Left knows it cannot compete in the larger arena of ideas.  They know the only means they have to accumulate power and win elections is by:
1) Destroying the opposition through vile personal attacks,
2) Organizing and pre-planning demonstrations to appear spontaneous,
3) Orchestrating occasional violence at marches to ensure media coverage,
4) Utilizing their allies in the mainstream media to propagate false and misleading stories, and
5) Accelerating the spread of outright socialist anti-American propaganda through their fellow travelers in the education and entertainment establishment." 
These are, in fact, some of the same strategies utilized by the despots throughout history as they seized power.  If there is any group in the United States today that could be truthfully compared to the Fascists, it is the current iteration of the American Left. 

This piece and the linked article are well worth the read.  They deal with the disastrous numbers of people eligible for jobs but cannot get them. And, it deals with matters of culture which our elites choose to ignore because the truth is too hard for them to deal with.  Quote: "The other day, Tucker Carlson had Nicholas Eberstadt on to discuss his most recent column on the economic causes of the turmoil we see in the culture.  The column is well worth a read, as Eberstadt loads it up with facts and graphs to make his points. The shocking statistics on the un-working population should be a national scandal, but as he points out, the economic data fed to politicians disguises these realities. Relying on the unemployment rate, for example, hides the legions of people, particularly men, who have dropped out of the workforce entirely. If you are not looking for work, you are not counted in unemployment figures."  and, "That’s what our masters cannot comprehend because at their heart of what drives their thing is self-loathing. They hate their ancestors and the culture they built, because they hate themselves. Our betters want the featureless gray slurry of multiculturalism because it is the nullification of culture. Multiculturalism is no culture. It is the bland formality of rules and check lists. It is a world where no one remembers the past, because no one wants to be remembered. The great unrest is not about economics. It is about men not wanting to leap into the void. It’s about men not wanting their name erased from the book of life."   Dealing with serious problems is hard work but work that badly needs to be undertaken.  Interests of American citizens deserve far better than what both major political parties have ignored or refused to deal with for far too long.  Illegal immigration, refugee invasion, poor economy, decaying cultural norms and the growing welfare state are all related contributors to massive problems that need to be on the table.  Rest assured that the political left and neocons will not want to lift a finger to address these concerns. They have led the way creating these problems with a long array of horrendous government policies. It is up to us to pound on our elected officials until they recognize the problems and start dealing with them.  It is about what Trump says - America first.

This is one more thing Obama destroyed - the Democrat party.   He was lauded as the smartest president ever before he took office in 2008.  He proved that was not the case throughout his presidency.  The trouble for the Democrats is that he is continuing the antics that ruined the party even now.

This man and Nancy Pelosi are the face of the Democrat party.  Their recent proclamations regarding the Trump presidency confirm their intent to be as combative and disruptive as possible.    These two dishonest people with dubious ethics intend to be a thorn in Trump's side.

This item contrasts the views of Senator John McCain and Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov.  It seems that Lavrov makes more sense than does McCain.  Interesting piece.  Quote: "Is Putin’s Russia an enemy, as McCain seems to believe?  Before we can answer that question, we need to know what the new world struggle is about, who the antagonists are, and what the threats are to us.  If we believe the struggle is for “global democracy” and “human rights,” then that may put Putin on the other side. But how then can we be allies of President el-Sissi of Egypt and Erdogan of Turkey, and the kings, emirs and sultans of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman?  But if the new world struggle is about defending ourselves and our civilization, Russia would appear to be not only a natural ally, but a more critical and powerful one than that crowd in Kiev."  and, "Today, the United States is confronting Russia, a huge and natural ally, over a peninsula that had belonged to her since the 18th century and is 5,000 miles from the United States. We have immense potential that has yet to be tapped into,” volunteered Lavrov. But to deal, we must have “mutual respect. Hopefully, President Trump will sound out the Russians, and tune out the Beltway hawks."

Immigration enforcement officials are being turned loose to do their jobs and could not be happier.  Obama's idiotic rules are being discarded.  Quote: "Liberal activists may be wringing their hands about the Trump administration’s commitment to enforcing immigration law, but the agents who dedicate their lives to protecting this nation couldn’t be happier. In interviews with agents and officials in Florida, California, Texas, and elsewhere, The New York Times found that ICE and Border Patrol employees were thrilled to finally be able to do their jobs.  “Gone are the Obama-era rules that required them to focus only on serious criminals,” the Times reported Sunday. “In Southern California, in one of the first major roundups during the Trump administration, officers detained 161 people with a wide range of felony and misdemeanor convictions, and 10 who had no criminal history at all.”   The Times spoke to one 10-year veteran of ICE who said Trump’s election had made an immediate difference in the day-to-day life of immigration enforcement authorities." 

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