Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Medical and Health Sciences 1

Next on the docket is this item which makes it impossible for us to discern whether or not the science reporting we see/read/hear is true.  This item examines the fake science coming out of one of the nation's "so called" leading food and health sciences labs.  Quote: "What the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell does, is not science. Calling it science is a crime against the language, as well as science. For instance, they will have participants eat a variety of lunch offerings and then grade them on their perceived “healthiness.” Naturally, people get the “wrong” results, because there’s no fixed definition of “healthy” with regards to food. This allows the “scientist” doing the study to write a paper claiming that people are brainwashed into picking the wrong foods or that people need more education on diet."

About Those Vaccines. 

President elect Trump has appointed RFK, Jr to head up a study of vaccines.  Quote: "Robert Kennedy, Jr. “All the things that I do are bent on forcing this [vaccine] debate out into the open—because once the science is in the open, the CDC’s position is so fragile, it’s an edifice of fraud, fraud stacked upon fraud, so high and so wobbly, that even a slight breeze of public scrutiny will topple it.”  Kennedy states that President Trump has appointed him to head up a task force investigating vaccine safety. The above quote indicates Kennedy, would, if given the green light, probe much more than the use of mercury in vaccines—his main topic of interest thus far.  This would be a very good thing. The CDC is most certainly an edifice of fraud. It has concealed many of its crimes over the years."

If you did not believe the Natural News' report before, maybe now you will.  The CDC has been forced to tell the truth.

This is a disturbing finding.  Quote: "An Italian court has revealed a previously-classified 1,271-page document by the British drug company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that confirms many dangerous side effects of certain vaccine combinations. The document discloses several vaccine combinations that were known to cause sudden death, and also inadvertently uncovers the sordid truth about the nature of Big Pharma. They do not care about hurting people if it means they can make money. GSK knew about the potential dangers of these vaccines — which are given to children — and obscured the truth behind a stack of official safety reports."

Are the CDC and FDA  criminal enterprises caught in the clutches of big pharma's largess?

This item is a follow-up to the previous item.  Consider the facts cited by RFK, Jr. 

More disturbing news about the hpv vaccination.  Quote: "A sexually transmitted disease called human papillomavirus (HPV) is the only form of cancer known to be contagious, but what the medical community won’t tell parents of teenagers and preteens is that HPV is easily defeated by a normal functioning immune system. Of the 120 or more different strains of HPV, only about 15 are carcinogenic, and the HPV vaccines, which have never been proven safe or effective in any clinical trials, literally take a shot in the dark at a couple of these strains, much like the haphazard flu shot administered every year to tens of millions of unsuspecting victims of neurological poisoning.  Still, the CDC and rogue hacks and shills from Big Pharma use scare tactics to all but force-vaccinate girls as young as 9-years-old with sodium chloride and two versions of the dormant HPV cancers hidden in protein and genetically modified organisms."

Would you feel safe getting a vaccine made in China?  Or, your children or grandchildren?

This item says flu shot studies suggest they are not all that useful for a surprising number of people. Quote: "Flu shots, according to the best scientific evidence available today, will only work against 10% of the circulating viruses that cause the symptoms of seasonal epidemic influenza. Additionally, flu vaccines have been found to elicit inflammatory reactions that may harm the human heart, the developing fetus, and the fragile immune systems of our infants. So, do the theoretical benefits really outweigh the known harms? In a recent article, The Shocking Lack of Evidence Supporting Flu Vaccines, we addressed the surprising lack of empirical evidence supporting the use of flu vaccines in the prevention of seasonal influenza, in children under two, healthy adults, the elderly, and healthcare workers who care for the elderly.

What about flu and shingles vaccines?  Quote: "We’ve written extensively about the flu vaccine hoax. There is plenty of evidence the flu vaccine is at best ineffective and more likely quite harmful. But the pro-vaccine propaganda continues because flu vaccines are a boon for the medical industrial complex. Same with the shingles vaccine."

Trump asks RFK Jr. to drill down into the efficacy of vaccinations.  Turns out he is a good choice for this endeavor.

This is not stuff you want to say or think about your own government but it needs to be said.    People must stand up to unethical practices of our oppressive government.  Let your elected representative know that its is time to clean house of over important, over bloated, over funded tyrannical bureaucracies that do far more harm than good.

This item discusses shingles and shingle vaccines.  Quote: "According to a study by the Cochrane Collaboration, in a trial involving more than 38,000 participants, the incidence of herpes zoster at a follow-up three years after receiving the vaccine was lower than in those who had not received it. But 60 people had to be vaccinated to prevent just one person from getting shingles.  The incidence of adverse events was higher in the vaccinated group than the unvaccinated. For example, just over half of subjects in these studies have injection site reactions such as pain, swelling, etc." 

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