Friday, March 3, 2017

Interesting Items 2

It is not a stretch to state that a large swath of the political left are demented or out of touch with facts, truth, reality, even simple decency.  The fact that their declarations regarding Trump and conservatives are so vile and indefensible suggests they may well be emotionally unbalanced.  This episode of ABC's "The View" is an example.  The show's hosts are extremely biased and must only appeal to the most avid of biased, uninformed, gullible people which they seek to manipulate into thinking that it is they who are always in the right.  Despite their façade of decency they are seemingly filled with self righteous hatred for anyone who disagrees with their self righteous pontifications.

Do you think you could trust the kind of people the Democrats hire to deal with our nation's secret.  If you have a twinge of doubt you would be right.  Quote: "Now, we don’t need to ask any of the obvious questions here — like for example whether Wasserman Schultz gave the Awans an IT contract on the side for the Democratic National Committee, or whether any of the Democrats employing them were read into Middle East military actions, like for example the ill-fated raid in Yemen in which Navy SEAL Ryan Owens was killed. It seems self-evident how much potential destruction these people may have caused if they happened to be stealing our national secrets and selling them to various buyers in the Muslim world.  One might well look at the set of circumstances laid out above and see in it a scandal that would make Watergate look like a petty break-in. One might then scratch his or her head and wonder — why on earth would the New York Times or the Washington Post, which incidentally just hired John Podesta (speaking of horrendous cybersecurity!) as a columnist, have virtually no interest in the Awans at all?  Do Carlos Slim and Jeff Bezos, one might ask, really believe they can’t sell papers with such a story to tell?

This is an item I wish I could have written.  It is filled with common sense that is being destroyed by illogical liberal/progressive thinking.  Quote: "How about that: a dogmatic and absolute statement decrying "dogmatism and absolutism."  How intolerant!  Given that its foundation is filled with lies – as Cuomo and his fellow gender-denying apologists well demonstrate – liberalism is filled with such contradictions.  The fact is, we're all intolerant.  It's just a matter of who's right.  Some things deserve no debate.  The great C.S. Lewis alludes to this as he rather bluntly declares, "An open mind, in questions that are not ultimate, is useful. But an open mind about the ultimate foundations either of Theoretical or of Practical Reason is idiocy."  More plainly put, one would have to be an idiot not to recognize that certain things – like a person's gender – are settled for all time."

This is a long and thoughtful piece dealing with the ever expanding embracing by the political left of the LGBT movement and the problems presented to a society with long held opinions that run counter to that movement and its increasing intolerance of those who legitimately differ with them.  Quote: "It is true that we live in a nation that is no longer Christian in any thick sense, and that it has been many centuries since the West accepted nominalism. This is the world that traditional orthodox Christians have to live in, and to which we have to accommodate ourselves as best we can without violating our consciences. From my perspective, our opponents don’t come at this from the point of view of advancing pluralism, and figuring out how we can live together in a kind of peace, despite our radically different views, but rather treat it like the Inquisition, determined to stamp out heresy, and to promote tolerance by crushing dissent.  A national newscaster denounces a father concerned about his 12 year old daughter having a biological male undressing in her locker room, calling him a bigot. In other words, it is an irrational prejudice to do anything other than affirm and embrace the new order. And critics still wonder why so many of us feel the need for the Benedict option!

This interview provides a good follow-on to the previous item.  Quote:  At a strategic point in a short debate the Fox TV host "... [Tucker] Carlson laid down a challenge to Petkanas: “I want you to name a single scientist, just one, who says you can determine your own sex just by saying so,” he said. “What’s the science exactly that you are what you say you are? Can I change my race too?”  Petkanas said no, saying that “this is about inherently who people are.”  Doesn’t that make him a science denier?  No, it’s not just you; Petkanas seemed to be a bit fuzzy on the scientific facts. But for liberals, it isn’t about facts; what you feel is what makes good public policy. So long as what you feel is liberal.  This proves in microcosm just how intellectually bankrupt the ideological underpinnings of the left are on this issue. The science, such as it is, has nothing to do with it. It all has to do with “tolerance” — and anyone who disagrees is a bigoted scoundrel."  Be sure to watch the video.    The incoherence of current liberal thinking is truly astounding.  To them the only thing that matters is how they feel.  Facts are an irrelevancy.  The problem with their logic is there is no scientific basis to verify anything based on any given individual liberal's feelings.  It is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with liberals in their current state of  cognitive dissonance.  

Michael Moore calls Trump a sick man for recognizing the wife of a fallen soldier.  I call Michael Moore a pathetic human being because that is what he is.

More about the Democrats (and some neocon Republicans) plans to violate the Constitution they swore to uphold.   They have no basis but their apparently insane hatred of what Trump is doing.  He specifically said what he would do if elected and he is doing it because he won the election.  He was clear about his intent unlike the "blessed" Obama who chanted his ridiculous "hope and change" the meaning of which no one knew.  We learned its meaning the hard way over his eight years in office.  He meant to inflict HIS hope and change dreams on the country.  Neither the people nor country benefited.  Those holier than thou hate Trump yahoos need to calm down and take their much needed medicine.

Why can't we have common sense prevail over truly overbearing nonsense?  Quote: "The political left seems more interested in stirring up hatred, division, and resentment than in actually solving the problem. Leftists need to ask themselves why they do this.  Are they really concerned about their fellow citizens or are they engaging in protest as a form of self-help therapy for whatever it is that ails them?"

Trump is serious about putting stop to human trafficking, especially children.  The political left has never done anything about this horrific problem.  This item explains what Trump is doing. Quote: "Milo told this column that once one realizes the MSM “cares nothing for real victims and only wants its ideological enemies destroyed, this behavior becomes intelligible. Journalists don’t care about children. They care about damaging their political enemies.” Milo is absolutely right. This is why we’ve heard nothing from the MSM about the mass sex trafficking arrests and this will continue unless a conservative can be targeted." 

This former CIA operative has some pointed remarks about the intelligence community's efforts to disrupt Trump's presidency.   Quote: "For a few days now there have been reports that America’s intelligence community might be conducting a silent campaign to keep the Trump White House from governing. The resignation of Michael Flynn brought this into focus. The story goes that these individuals wanted him gone to protect Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran; Flynn was a staunch opponent to the agreement. Guy wrote about this alleged plot, while Lt. Col Tony Shaffer, a former CIA analyst, said that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhoades—all Obama officials—were “directly involved” with the leaks of the transcripts between Flynn and the Russian ambassador that sunk him. On the other hand, Flynn did mislead the vice president, which is why he was shown the exit, but the contents of the discussions, which is highly sensitive information, show that there probably were no legal infractions."

This Swede agrees with Trump.  The way Sweden handled the refugee problem is all wrong.  Trump is right.  Quote: "In the Spectator, the columnist Tove Lifvendahl wrote that no one was better than Sweden when it comes "to offering shelter."  "But when it comes to integrating those we take in (or finding the extra housing, schools and healthcare needed for them), we don’t do so well," she said.  Problems have been rising in Sweden since the influx of immigrants according to news reports. In 2015, Sweden grew by 103,662 people, a record mainly due to immigration. The Spectator column cited two incidents where children were killed, one in September and one the year before, as a result of gang violence. An 8-year-old boy was caught up in a grenade attack and a 4-year-old girl was killed by a car bomb."   More proof that Trump is right.   Our dishonest media will not give him any credit and even contradicts him even though they know the truth.  As a group they are increasingly disgusting. This item proves Trump is right and the leftist media are a lying bunch of no good journalists. 

Whatever happened to the political left's demands for separation of church and state?

The left is stuck in the muck of their irresponsible socialist ideology.  That is a very dangerous thing.  Quote: "Their ignorance is rivalled only by their sense of entitlement.  Liberals can't be wrong, so they have to keep digging. It's always somebody else's fault. Supposedly serious liberal pundits are wondering about impeachment or even violence to overthrow the illegitimate Trump administration.  Well, first thing they might try is to read the U.S. Constitution. They might get informed about its philosophical basis in John Locke and the Founders. They might try to answer the question as to why constitutional government has worked for more than two centuries in the United States, while European nations struggled with instability, wars, and domestic rebellions. They might want to read a little history, and find out why we are a nation of immigrants who became Americans. And they might want to think about the reasons why the United States worked in practice, not in some utopian fantasy.  We may not be perfect, but just pick another country, and wonder why they didn’t build utopia." 

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