Monday, March 13, 2017

GOP replaces ObamaCare with SwampCare

Well, now we know why the GOP establishment kept their ObamaCare replacement package locked in a room where not even GOP senators could read it. Everyone naturally wondered what they were hiding, and now we know. They were hiding it because it is a horrible, no good, very bad piece of legislation.
If it repeals ObamaCare in any meaningful sense (and it doesn’t), it only replaces it with something as bad if not worse. This is exactly the kind of bill you would expect to come from the swamp that so desperately needs to be drained.
This bill does not drain the swamp. It instead brings the swamp under the protection of the public policy equivalent of the EPA, guaranteeing that no one will be able to touch it, and ensuring that it will be an ugly and muck-ridden part of the American landscape in perpetuity.
And the problem here is that, if this bill passes, the Republicans will own this thing lock, stock, and barrel until the end of time. Their scapegoat – a socialistically-oriented president who shoved ObamaCare down our throats under cover of darkness – will be gone and his name won’t be anywhere on or even near this thing. Every bad thing that will happen – escalating premiums, deductibles, copays, ever-more expensive entitlements, ballooning budget deficits – will quite rightly be laid at the feet of the GOP, 100% of it. The legacy of the GOP will be the final decimation of the greatest health care system in the world. 

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