Wednesday, March 29, 2017

About Our Mainstream Media 3

*A very interesting ruling by a federal judge.  Quote: "Judge Evans didn’t mince words in her 18-page order allowing the case to move forward, and dismissing CNN’s attempt to get it thrown out of court.”  Conservatives have accused CNN of being biased and unfair for years.  Now, at least in this one instance, a federal court agrees.

The ladies on ABC's The View have been the subject of past items.  Here is another one that cements any doubt as to their extreme bias and lack of decency when talking about anyone who differs with their "enlightened" points of view.    They are a disgraceful lot.

This is an insightful piece pointing out the harm media does by injecting their biases into what should be news. 

This investigative reporter runs counter to the attitudes and actions found in the vast majority of the mainstream media.

Read this and tell me that NBC news is not part of the left wing gun grabbing mafia.

*Very true portrayal of a self absorbed, dishonest and leftist promoting media.  Quote: "Here's another recent example of media bias. TIME Magazine had a cover story (1/30/17) showing a defiant Trump at his inauguration. After several pages on the new president including his aims to destroy the status quo and on those opponents who strive to undermine him, the magazine then had an article entitled, “The President Who Loved.”  Who is that dealing with? President Obama. Even in his post-presidency, the mainstream media continues what veteran CBS newsman Bernard Goldberg once called in a book its “slobbering love affair” with Obama in the 2008 election. Was TIME implying: Trump hates, Obama loves?  Of course, a free and independent press is essential to a free and independent country. But a conservative’s free speech rights include the opportunity to criticize the obvious bias to the left of the main gatekeepers of America’s media."  Obama loves????  My foot!!!!  Yes, he loves to spout off his nonsense and rhapsodize about his wisdom and admonish those who do not consider him being almost god like.  He is nothing but a self absorbed, egotistical, arrogant human who despises anyone who does not agree with him. His history is filled with destructive socialistic actions which never produce a positive outcome.  Just take a good look at his terms in office, especially his last year.  No one but his favored cronies benefitted from his reign.  Nothing but destructive and hateful stuff - all with a big smile on his face.  Then look at what he is now up to - plotting to destroy Trump's presidency.  Any sane, clear headed person cannot but find him to be a far, far, far less than nice person. 

Quote: "Of course, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has won the Pulitzer Prize three times – it seems it has become the award that does celebrate yellow journalism for whom it was named. If the Democrats were clean, then even if Russia hacked the DNC, there would have been nothing to release. Moreover, nobody has accused Russia of altering one single email. This is outrageous blaming Russia for their candidate losing instead of admitting they got caught.  This interview is a disgrace to the New York Times and to MSNBC. Comparing the hack of DNC to Pearl Harbor and 911 where thousands of people died is just insulting."

*The mainstream media takes a big hit in this piece.  Here is another CNN example of reporting what it wanted instead of the facts.

*Examples that expose the mainstream media for what it really is.  Quote: "The mainstream media have stepped up their complaints about President Trump amid pious howls mostly about the First Amendment. The issue, however, has nothing to do with that. It's that these organizations are openly asserting a right to define, control and impose their world-view on us. That's the real problem. To start, they are defining what is and isn't offensive in America today, claiming they can make those designations even while admitting they don't have all the facts, and that you, the reader, deserve to lose your job if you fall outside of the rigid box they construct."

Wonder why the leftist media does not see, investigate or report on  the very obvious legal and ethical problems with Planned Parenthood.   They instead blindly praise/support this unethical cesspool.

Even some Democrats are willing to call out the mainstream media's dishonesty and their arrogant fake news antics.

This is but one consequence of the mainstream's fake news campaign.

*This is a prime example of mainstream media fake news.    It is unbelievable that the mainstream media is so committed to their dishonesty that they somehow do not think we will discover how dishonest they really are.  Ignoring truth and not reporting it is a form of fake news.   Trump is right.  Swedish government is hiding the truth.  They are propagating fake news.

If the media does not stop their unethical behavior things their standing in the eyes of the public will continue to go down hill.  This item provides insight.   

This is kind of thing the left does to protect themselves from revealing the truth of their positions.

The left wing mainstream media avoids the issue of voter fraud like the plague because they know it works against their "no voter fraud" narrative.  This item explains.  They know the truth but do not want to do anything about it.

Could this NBC news anchor be too dumb to hold her position or have serious memory problems?  This is totally incredible.

George Burns

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