Wednesday, March 29, 2017

About Our Mainstream Media 1

This item is presented to document how discombobulated the liberal mainstream has become.  There are many items presented but I do not expect you to read them all.  Select a few to peruse and it should be obvious that the mainstream media is truly out of sorts in both their behavior and what they write and say.   Those marked with an * are particularly interesting.

* The New York Times was especially aggrieved by the president's tweet, writing, "the language that Mr. Trump deployed on Friday is more typically used by leaders to refer to hostile foreign governments or subversive organizations. It also echoed the language of autocrats who seek to minimize dissent."  This is the same "revered" news organization that once waxed poetically about the flossing habits of President Obama and commemorated his 50th birthday with a stomach-churning essay that read like a cheap romance novel. "His brow is mostly smooth, his chin firm, his neck taut," lusted The New York Times writer Denise Grady.  The fact of the matter is the Mainstream Media truly is the enemy of We The People -- they hold us in contempt - treating us like we're a bunch of backwater bigots. I illustrate that point extensively in my new book, "The Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again."   This quote tells us all we need to know about our egotistical, self-righteous, self-serving, dishonest and reprehensible mainstream media.

*This is a very interesting item discussing a recent CBS "60 Minutes" program.  I did not see it.  But, wish I had given this accounting.  The piece dealt with fake news.  Quote: "Gone are the days where the only national news you were able to get was at 6:30PM on one of several different networks – nowadays, the news is constant, anyone with an internet connection (including Free Market Shooter) can tell their story, and it is up to the readers to interpret the “real” and “fake” stories as they see fit.  Youtube upstarts are reaching more and more people than traditional media, with less and less legacy costs, despite attempts to subvert their right-leaning politics.  The business model in media is changing, and it is changing at a pace and in a way that has left the legacy mainstream media outlets unable to adapt and compete.  The fact that 60 Minutes feels they need to do a segment, with their as-usual ridiculous bias masquerading as “professional” journalism, is proof enough – they are scared to death that alternative media will put them out of business.  They are fighting back against the threat to their business model, but if you watched the segment, you’d realize that their efforts will be in vain.  The internet has made traditional news outlets a relic, who mostly all repeat the same story from the same source, oftentimes from a “source” who will only continue sharing content and information as long as the stories are told the way the source wants/needs them told.  It is only a matter of time until this business model explodes, and it can’t happen soon enough."    

*It really puzzles me how the left can claim they own the high ground while wallowing in the gutter.  They never, ever report facts like this because they destroy their fake narratives.  This is information that supports Trump's claim that Sweden is in deep trouble due to irrational refugee policies which are in fact wreaking havoc on that country.  Quote: "9 in 10 Gang Rapists In Sweden Are Foreign.  A new report suggests that in cases of gang rape or sexual assaults involving two or more attackers in Sweden, 85 percent of the attackers come from a foreign origin." 

*This item details the extent to which the elitist mainstream media are as dishonest as the day is long.  Speaking to the mainstream media as a body the author notes that "To an extent marvelous to behold, it has become a factory for the production of fake and very fake news: not just the dissemination of lies, half-truths, and unsubstantiated fantasies, but also the perpetuation of that echo-chamber in which political paranoia feeds upon the bitter lees of its impotent irrelevance. As I say, that old adage about the barking dogs and the moving caravan is deeply pertinent to our situation. If Donald Trump is at all successful in his efforts to help the country, we will look back on the behavior of the media and its enablers circa 2017 with a mixture of horror and contempt."

This is the truth and nothing but the truth.  The difference now is that the mainstream media and the opposition party are displaying curiosity and energy not found during the Obama years, years in which such curiosity and energy would have found much disturbing meat to report on.  Now that energy and curiously has returned but not for the good but for the purpose of obstructing if not destroying the Trump administration.

Liberals think mainstream media lies are truth.  Wonder how much they appreciate that displays like this reflect poorly on their intelligence, analytical skills and common sense?

Unbelievable mainstream media reporting. Lie after lie after lie.

The problem with leftist media people like this is they want to spend the country into the ground with all their entitlement programs (which if truth be known are unconstitutional) and then people really will die because their spendthrift ideas are bankrupting the country.

*This Washington Post journalist is without question as the link says she is a hyperpartisan.  This piece does a good job of walking through the dishonesty of so many in the mainstream press.  That they continue to lie, distort, ignore their own writing shows just our of sorts they are that Hillary lost and Trump won.  It is a really embarrassing scene.

*The leftist mainstream media is so desperate to destroy conservatives they will sensationalize any lie they can conjure up.  This is a good example. Major news outlets ridiculously claim that conservative Sean Hannity pulled a gun on liberal Juan Williams.  Quote: "Incredible. Except – it’s just more fake news.  You see, in reality, what happened was that after the “Hannity” show was over one evening last October, Hannity showed his longtime friend his unloaded gun on the set.  As Williams himself tweeted tonight, in response to all the hysterical “mainstream” news coverage: ”This incident is being sensationalized – everything was under total control throughout and I never felt like I was put in harm’s way.  “It was clear that Sean put my safety and security above all else and we continue to be great friends.”

*This should happen of course.  But, it will not happen if this is what they want.  Quote: "If ever there was a time for "adult leadership" in the media to step forward and be held accountable, it is now.  Based entirely upon the exponentially growing evidence, there can be no doubt that major media outlets such as CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News (with its cable-partner MSNBC) the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press and others have either openly declared "War" on the administration of President Trump, or are actively aiding and abetting those who have.  Every single day, these liberal "news" outlets feed the beast of anarchy with highly inflammatory rhetoric comparing President Trump to "Hitler," "A Nazi," "Satan," "A Dictator," "A Fascist," "A Racist," and more. Through and blessed by their "leadership," these media outlets feature articles and pieces calling for "Resistance," "Revolution," "Taking to the streets," and "targeted, confrontational protests."

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