Thursday, March 2, 2017

Things to Think About 2

This is an example of how Obama and Soros have collaborated to try and remove the conservative government of Macedonia and replace it with one more to their socialistic liking.  Both are hard leftist seeking to destroy both capitalism and democracies around the world.  Both are guilty of sedition.  Both are very bad men.

Could anyone tell me why the mainstream media is not talking about this???

The Rest.

You know it is a bad sign when an elected official prioritizes illegal immigrants over the interests of American veterans.  This lady is a typical irrational and un-American liberal Democrat.  Quote: "Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s obsession with catering to illegal immigrants has not sat well with heroes like Dennis Moschella and John MacDonald. Speaking Monday on “Fox & Friends,” the two veterans lambasted the senator for prioritizing the interests of illegal immigrants over those of America’s veterans.
“It seems to be the fact that she’s more interested in creating political theater than she is in helping Americans,” said MacDonald, who serves as the spokesman for the group Veterans Assisting Veterans, which is based out of Warren’s home state."

Trump establishes an unprecedented policy of access to his office.

This former Harvard professor has worked with many CEOs.  He says Trump is a good thinker and learns as he goes.    Unlike Obama Trump is a thinker who grows with exposure to things.  Obama was stuck in a socialist rut his entire time in office.  He never understood his job which is why he was such a failure.  Maybe the media and Democrats will learn critical lessons watching Trump at work.

Want some truth about the "so called" left wing protesters claiming to love Mother Earth???   Anytime the left conducts a protest they leave an environmental mess behind.  Quote: "You have a First Amendment right in this country to protest.  You do not have a right to intentionally pollute a waterway through the intentional discarding of trash, human waste and petroleum products in such a fashion that you know is ecologically unsound and will end up in said waterway.  Period."    Hypocrites.  This cartoon illustrates that though well. 

Far too many are playing a dangerous game with the First Amendment.  Free speech is free speech, period.  Would be censors need to cool it and get a life.  Would be censors are the enemy of everyone's right to speak freely without fear of retribution by someone behaving as a censor of what he/she does not agree with.  Far too many in today's over heated political and cultural environments are would be censors. Would be censors are close minded to all but what they think or find acceptable. Would be censors cannot or will not engage in civil discourse - their position is the only right one so debate is useless. When free, open and honest debate is shut down oppression creeps in.  Would be censors are freedom's enemy.  This item deals with the dangers of censorship.   

This item highlight the rank hypocrisy of the radicle left and its supporting leftist media.  Their hatred of Trump is so dominant they seek to take him down just because.  They care not what their behavior does to demean law and order and shows no regard for protecting the interests of citizens of our country.

Obama messed in areas not appropriate for the nation's president.  This item explains.    Doing things like this exacerbated problems rather than helping.

Have you seen those glowing pieces on the net praising the goodness of Obamacare?  This piece cites a study that concludes they are produced by a small group paid to issue forth an abundance of falsehoods..

I had my doubts, but this address to Congress by Trump gave me hope that damage done to this country because of the poor leadership of the previous four presidents representing both parties is being replaced by strong and bold leadership.  Trump was on point for the whole speech and I think stupefied many Democrats and Neocons.  They need to stop sending their petty barbs towards Trump and roll up their sleeves and help him do as he said.  Troubles lies ahead.  What he laid out will take time and real effort to pull off.  But doing so will be well worth it for our country over the next four years and beyond.

Past items have highlighted the depravity of hypocritical elite Hollywood celebrities.  Their behavior at recent self promoting venues has reinforced our understanding of their arrogance and egotistical view of their own importance.  Truth be told, their performance was totally disgusting.  Here are a few, but not all, examples.,

The Democrat's party plan to obstruct Trump at every turn is not popular with the public.  Sixty three percent think Democrats need to work with Trump for the good of the country.

As they are prone to do leftists ignore facts when dealing with difficult issues.  Their approach puts facts and logic aside and deals with issues based on emotions.  Most of the time that approach does not work and inevitably creates problems.  This is an example.

Thoughts of someone opposed to the globalism efforts pushed by the ultra rich and those who do not understand what they are up to.

This is a deserved honor awarded to House of Representative minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California.   And this even higher honor went to the Senate Minority Leader, Democrat from New York.    This item proves that no matter who Nancy calls a jerk people know she is the real jerk.  Democrats have lost all sense of decency.  If you need more evidence that Nancy is not a nice person this should suffice.   She praised the disgusting behavior of her Democrat colleagues during President Trump's speech to Congress on 28 Feb 17.  She said she was proud of their "decorum."   That is a picture of the degenerate Democrat party of today.   Nancy Pelosi is bad apple.  She is ridiculously hanging a fake Russian threat around Trump's neck.  She is totally ridiculous.   Not only that she is an absolute total world class unrepentant hypocrite.
George Burns

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