Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shadow Government’s Cyber Space War Blaming Russians for Stealing Election

If the Russians had been hacking the 2016 presidential election to steal it from Hillary Clinton, as is being charged by the sore loser progressive left and their bush league mainstream media surrogates, no one would have known about it.

And you can bet the farm that the legendary intel of the Russians would never rely on motor mouth Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for intelligence or anything else.

Unlike the U.S. Democrats and their screaming meemies in the progressive left-addicted Hollywood and Entertainment industry, Vladimir Putin and his team of Ruskies recognized from the start that Hillary Clinton’s was a leaky old boat going nowhere but down.

Intelligence is a serious matter to the Russians who have long counted on it to subdue their enemies by keeping them constantly on the run from the voracious Russian bear.  The Russians can see straight through all the devious games played by the American Dems because they’re the ones who created the disinformation Obama, Clinton and company are now playing with.

It is all too obvious that the Democrats and their back-stabbing media pals are using Vladimir’s Russia as a cover for their humiliating, still stinging 2016 election defeat.

The dramas they’re out there kicking up in the dust should make the Democrats in the running for their very own Academy Awards night.

If the Russians had any advice for America wannabe spy catchers, it would come in four words:”You talk too much!”

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