Thursday, May 11, 2017

Washington Is Never Going to Get Healthcare 'Right'

First they tell us the GOP replacement for the Affordable Care Act is going to doom Republicans at the polls. Democrats in Congress were so confident on the point they even taunted Republicans with the "hey-hey, goodbye" chant.
Then Barack Obama urged lawmakers to summon the "courage" not to repeal Obamacare in remarks he made after receiving the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.
"Courage does not always mean doing what is politically expedient," Obama said at the JFK Library Foundation, "but what they believe deep in their hearts is right."
That is certainly how political courage is usually defined. But wait a sec—if the GOP health-care bill is so widely reviled, and therefore so politically toxic, then Republicans showed much bravery in passing it. Since they're going to get trounced at the polls for doing so, they must be men of great conviction. Why didn't they get a prize for courage?
The Democrats are right, of course. Leave it to the GOP to foul up the repeal of an unpopular law so badly that Americans decide maybe they like it after all. For years a majority of Americans has opposed the ACA. Now a majority supports it and hates the replacements.

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