Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How the persistence movement is defeating the liberal Trump-haters

The persistence movement toward prosperity is alive and well!

You would not know it from all the media noise about the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Some Republicans and some Democrats applaud the move, and some find it despicable. But no one has noticed how President Trump made the move. Namely, he didn’t tell anybody inside the FBI ahead of time.

As a result, there were none of the leaks that have plagued this administration since it took office.

You would also not know it from the media noise about the “no there there” Russian connection investigation, the General Michael Flynn investigation, the “no new news” Sally Yates and James Clapper Senate hearing, and no women officially on the Senate health care task force.

And! The endless opinion pieces trying to tell President Trump how to do his job. Memo to the world! President Trump does not make decisions based on media noise and soundbites. From executive orders on domestic issues to military engagement, he has made decisions based on thoughtful input from people on his team whom he trusts.

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