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Newsworthy Items 2

This item explains the why the center left's is so discombobulated by Trump.  Quote: "Writing in 1944, Ludwig von Mises wrote that the debate over the future of freedom is not only about beating back socialism, communism, fascism, interventionism, and so on. There is broader discussion to be had. The core problem is the ideology of statism, a word he took from the French term etatism. It identified a view that the state should always and in everything be the central power, organizing principle, and spiritual core of any society. It must be the final judge, the final arbiter, the center of our loyalties, the one indispensable institution because it alone is deserving of our highest devotion and ideal. It must be forever built, larger and larger, taking on ever more responsibility and taking ever more money and power from the rest of us.  The president is supposed to at least pretend to be the high priest of the statist religion. That's his job, according to this outlook.  Everything seemed to being going so well under the Obama administration, which was so earnest, so decorous, so civil. He was funny, smart, respectful of process, and sincere in his pronouncements. He ran on hope and change but governed as the person who kept hope for a new freedom and any radical change at bay."  

If you want to know what Democrats really think of most Americans, this item will give you needed insight.  Quote: "A Democratic lawmaker from California referred to Middle America as "Podunk, USA," during a committee meeting last week, several sources inside the meeting told the Washington Free Beacon.  Remarks by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) during a closed-door Energy and Commerce Committee meeting with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai raised eyebrows from those present.
The moment occurred when Eshoo pushed back against Pai when he was discussing expanding broadband access to rural areas."    You will recall that during the election cycle Hillary labled those who supported Trump as "irredeemable deplorables".  There can no longer be any doubt that the Democrat party is all in for itself and its political agenda with little or no regard for the people they claim to care about.

I do not always agree with Alan Dershowitz's opinions but I usually do agree with him when addressing matters of law.  This is such a case. Quote: "The debate over the proprietary of the president's actions, about which I have opined repeatedly, should continue, but let's take the allegations of criminal obstruction of justice out of this important debate. There is more than enough fodder for a debate over the merits and demerits of the president's actions without mudding the waters with absurd charges of criminality.
Partisanship seems to have no limits these days. Both parties are equally at fault, as are extremists among the public and within the media. It is getting harder and harder to have a nuanced debate about complex political issues.  'Everything is either evil or good, nothing has elements of both. Actions either deserve criminal indictment or the Nobel Prize. Nobody benefits from this kind of discussion.  So, let's agree to disagree about important issues, but let's not distort the debate with extremist slogans like "lock her up" or "obstruction of justice."
The Comey firing gave the Democrats another opportunity to expose their hypocrisy.  Here is what former President Clinton did.  Quote: "July 19th, 1993 proves Trump was right to fire Comey. That was the date Slick Willy himself — former President Bill Clinton — did the same thing! The liberal media doesn’t want to admit it… but Clinton axed William Sessions just a few months into his presidency, and the circumstances are quite familiar. So where was the liberal outrage then?  There was none." 
Ask yourself this question.  If this were a Republican would the mainstream media be all over it and reporting it as proof of how awful and corrupt Republicans are.  Quote: "If there was one thing the liberal media does with the greatest of ease, it would be pretending the corruption of Democrats doesn’t exist. That talent was on full display Thursday as the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) as well as Univision and Telemundo, ignored the conviction of former Florida Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown. “Corrine Brown has been found guilty on 18 fraud and tax evasion charges,” reported Fox News’ Bret Baier during Special Report."  I second this motion...term limits for elected officials will help curb corruption like that displayed by Ms. Brown and anyone else regardless of political affiliation.
This writer speculates that this notion espoused by the political left may eventually split the country.  Quote: "Jimmy Kimmel could have said, “Obamacare may not be perfect and it may have been sold with a lot of lies, but I believe it’s worth it for everyone else to pay more so the small percentage of the population with pre-existing conditions and no insurance can be covered.” That pitch may not be a political winner, but at least it would be an honest argument. Instead, Kimmel is essentially arguing that ONLY people who agree with him care about the healthcare of children and the rest of us want children to die.  This sort of rhetoric has become commonplace on the Left and it’s not just dishonest, it’s evil. It’s bad for the country. It could even potentially split the country apart one day because we won’t be able to continue to live with each other. In fact, we’ve already reached the point where California’s threats to secede are being met with cries of “faster please, what can we do to help?” from millions of conservatives."  
We will just have to wait and see what comes of this, if anything.   Quote: "While Democrats and the mainstream media claim President Donald Trump terminated FBI Director James Comey because of what he might have found in an Russia meddling probe, the fact there will be a new leader at the bureau may have unintended consequences for scandal-plagued and twice-failed candidate Hillary Clinton.  The investigation into her emails and the immunity deals granted to Clinton and her aides may be revisited, Brian Weidner, a veteran former FBI agent warns.  “I would be surprised if they did not review all the investigations regarding HRC and come up with [a] conclusion regarding prosecution. The statute of limitations hasn’t come into play yet,” Weidner said in an email to Fox News."
This is a display of common sense.  Legal immigrants oppose illegal immigration.  Quote: ""Surprise," says the headline. "Stunned," were supporters of the sanctuary policies, Tavernise report:  "Democrats oppose deportation on the grounds that it breaks up families, Mr. Ma said. But so do other aspects of the justice system -- without setting off the same outcry.  'If a single mother commits a crime and has to go to jail,' he said, 'we don't say, 'Oh, we can't do that, because it will break her family.'  This perspective baffled the sanctuary bill’s supporters."  Why? Immigrants have at least as much at stake in a credible immigration policy as their fellow Americans who were born here. Immigration policy continues to effect immigrants long after they arrive. In fact, immigrants and their children are often the first to feel the effects of the next wave."
This is an item that reveals yet again the gross hypocrisy of the political left.  Quote: "The Constitution limits the powers of government. The Founders wrote a document that told the government what it cannot do. The Democrats do not like that because they want the government to do everything — just so long as they are in charge.  This ridiculous double-standard is why the Democrats have kept losing. They consistently blow their wads on the outrage of the minute, and people have stopped listening because the Democrats have now become the party of “No you won’t” instead of “Yes we will.”  Their sudden cries of “Constitutional crisis!” should at best be mocked. Because we know that the moment they get back in power, they’ll go right back to trying to ignore it."
Despite left leaning protestors irrational and irresponsible behavior Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, is a true winner that deserves praise from all quarters.  This item explains.  Quote: "Parents know what's best for their children. Survey after survey show the majority of minority voters in America support school choice. For example, The Black Alliance for Educational Options poll in 2015 showed the majority of African-American voters surveyed support charter schools – Tennessee 67%, Louisiana 65%, New Jersey 65%, Alabama 54%. An American Federation for Children poll in 2016 shows 75 percent of Latinos support school choice.  Betsy DeVos’ critics are the ones who are tone deaf to these voters' plea for change. If they think their heckling, protesting, shouting, booing and shaming will force Secretary DeVos to change course, they do not know her at all. Betsy DeVos is the "iron" lady in America's education field. She has given 30 years of her time to advocate for school choice. There's no way she is changing course now. Her perseverance should be good news to all parents who want to choose the best education solution for their children."

This man is so massively hypocritical it is hard to put him and his super boosted ego into perspective.  Guess who it is.

One of the irrational components of liberals/progressives philosophy is their views regarding religious liberty and separation of church and state.  Their hypocritical dishonesty is blatantly obvious as this piece points out.

Given the abysmal job the mainstream media is doing how is this even possible.

You will recall that acting Attorney General Sally Yates refused to enforce President Trump's Executive Order banning persons from select Middle Eastern countries and declared it to be unconstitutional.   This piece establishes that she was wrong and why she was fired by Trump.  This item extends the discussion an suggests that the firings of both Yates and Comey are consistent with his intent to drain the DC swamp.

This is just one more of hundreds if not thousands of reasons why illegal immigration must be brought under control.

This item highlights the havoc the Clintons have wreaked over the years with their unethical and in this case illegal behavior.  They do the dirty deeds but others pay the price.

George Burns

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