Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Items of Interest 3

Quote: "But it is progressives’ total rejection of the norm of reason that is the real problem. It’s actually a wholesale rejection of the Enlightenment by those who babble loudest about being enlightened. Facts, evidence, logic – they have determined that these are horrendous obstacles to the imposition of their progressive dictatorship, and they are trying their best to stamp them out. In the place of offering Fact A and Fact B as the reasons to accept Conclusion C, they instead offer Hack Cliché A to lead to Pre-determined Conclusion B – as in “Be Silent and Obey Us.”  A conservative might argue, “Studies and experience show that the government giving free money to people tends to make them less likely to work and causes disintegrating family structures, leading to more poverty.” To which a progressive would respond, “You racist!”  Or a conservative might argue, “History has shown that military weakness and strategic indecision emboldens dictators.” To which a progressive would respond, “You racist!”"

This item offers clarification of what far too many people do not understand about the welfare state.  Quote: "This finally brings us to the crux of the issue. The rights for people to access health care and whatever else the liberals are contesting are already protected. It isn’t some esoteric inclusion in the Constitution that is open to interpretation. Redundant laws protect citizens at every level of government for each of these issues. The inevitable conclusion, then is that the left isn’t fighting for rights at all.  Despite trying to mask things with convoluted language, they know the truth of this. Their fights are for money. They want the government to pay for their access to each of these things, despite voluntarily living in a free-market economy.  The truth is not that they need these things to pursue happiness, but rather that they want more things at someone else’s cost. This breaks liberals into two camps: those who understand how taxes work and those who don’t."                    

Despite what the leftist mainstream media and leftist pundits tell us about how wonderful the Clintons are, their public persona is not who they are.  The Clintons are not nice people.   

Thanks to the longstanding mainlining of sexual perversions led by progressives to destroy societal morality they have this feather to put in their hat for their successful efforts in perversion.  The meaning of human biology is becoming meaningless.  Liberal fake science is defeating the reality of gender.    Anyone to takes a look at history will see how pushing this agenda is related to Marxism.  Good job progressive liberals/progressives/Democrats!!!  You must be really proud of such a grand achievement.   This proposal is as the item says pure evil.  Let kids be kids and stop forcing them to choose their sex.  Their sex was established at conception.  As the American Pediatric Association warned playing sexual roulette with children is a dangerous game.    This item deals with  wing transgender insanity.

What are white leftist/progressives/Democrats to do?  They created this monster (black lives matter) and now their black radical friends are excluding them as the pursue their "all black" objectives.  Whatever is going on it is quite possibly not good for whites no matter their political persuasion.  This does not represent a big step forward for progressive/liberal/Democrats.  They have created something they now no longer control.  This is another indication that the liberal left has lost control of its multicultural ambitions.  When will they understand that their whole socialist scheme is falling apart, as it should because their creation of protected/special groups is backfiring big time since it removes the idea that all people are created equal.  Their scheme does the pits groups against each other.  Just look around and should be obvious.   Black Lives Matter is a blight brought to us by the irrational and irresponsible political left.  Quote: "Black Lives Matter has been eerily quiet since Trump took office. That doesn’t mean their impact on the country has been null. The raucous they caused for more than two years and with the frustratingly staunch support of Obama left a mark on this country.  Social justice warriors will say they made us better. Statistics will contradict that belief. Let’s look at the example California has set and quantify the real damage done by this movement."

Now this is a story that will make liberals happy.

This is what happens when governments adopt socialism as a form of government.  Venezuela was a thriving country with a dynamic economy before Chavez took over and turned it into a socialist "paradise".   This video provides a glimpse of what our leftist socialists/progressives/Democrats want to do to us.

This is a very, very relevant follow-up to the previous item because it contrasts the thinking of the rational right with the irrational left.  It discusses the ridiculous rants by not so smart/informed loud mouths defending courts who violate their constitutional duties.  Quote: "While we’re imagining…imagine a world in which court orders are met with disinterested nose picking. When the public has no expectation of the court’s objective judicial reasoning or constitutional moorings, and thus no deference to it. Imagine a world in which injunctions to import armies of foreign nationals and pay for them all carry no weight whatsoever. Imagine a world in which far less judicial review is granted by the other branches of government, and in which the court has to find highly coercive means in which to enforce its catalogue of increasingly ignored edicts. That’s a very different judiciary than the one we have come to expect   At some point a society is obliged by competing factions to determine by which it will be ruled. As the legislature has receded into an almost ceremonial role, it was inevitable the executive and judicial branches would come into increasing friction. Both are completely political institutions, though only one subjects itself to the process of politics. Consequently the court never cultivates talents of leadership while still retaining an undiminished appetite for leading. What results are plodding and mousy men demanding power while demanding no discomfort from wielding it. And this only works while the public lets you hide behind that piece of paper you ignore."

If this is true Obama is in deep, deep trouble.   More trouble for Obama.  In just his last year in office he spent $36 million of our tax dollars hiding from the public damaging information about HIS apparent unethical doings.   This offers even more about Obama's unethical use of our tax dollars.  He apparently funded George Soros to support leftist regimes in foreign elections.  Quote: "The lawmakers outline specific evidence of political meddling.  "We have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the U.S. Mission there has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as in the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring left-leaning political groups over others," they wrote. This activity was pushed by USAID and groups associated with Soros' Open Society Foundations, according to the lawmakers. The organizations are said to have pushed a "progressive agenda" meant to "invigorate the political left" using taxpayer funds, according the letter. "Respected leaders from Albania have made similar claims of U.S. diplomats and Soros-backed organizations pushing for certain political outcomes in their country," the lawmakers wrote. "Time and again, foreign leaders visiting Washington have expressed concerns to us about how American taxpayer funds are being used counterproductively in their respective countries," the lawmakers disclosed, referring to efforts undertaken in Latin America and Africa."     Here is more.    And yet more that suggests Rice's comments may well be questionable.   More.

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