Friday, May 12, 2017

Five Benefits Of Trump's Economic Policies

With the man behind The Art of the Deal in the Oval Office, it’s no surprise that the economy is booming. Banks are gearing up for increased lending with the expectation that Dodd-Frank will be rolled back and student lending restrictions reduced. Combine that with industry-specific boosts, such as those benefitting the auto industry, and the economy is set to take off.
Whether you’re looking to borrow, refinance, or you’re just generally watching the market, there are big things on the horizon. Here’s what to expect as President Trump reintroduces real freedom to the banking world.
Dodd-Frank Changes Yield Home Loans
If you ask the Obama administration figures behind Dodd-Frank, you’ll hear constant discussion about how lack of regulations led to the housing bubble and the foreclosure crisis. They’ll patter on about the need for greater consumer protections. But none of them will mention the fact that Dodd-Frank creates unnecessary barriers to borrowing. They’ll also ignore the hundreds of shuttered credit unions -- once federally insured, Dodd-Frank’s restrictions shut them down.

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