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Medical and Health Care Items 2

You will not like what you read in this item. Quote: "The president of Merck Vaccines, the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine. Major media consider this a non-story, on the level of a can of overflowing garbage on a quiet street corner. Well, they have to consider it a non-story. If they reported it and pressed it and dug deep into it, they could fracture the pillars of the entire vaccine establishment. In order to get at the whole truth (or refute any of the charges raised in this article), Congress needs to hold hearings, and competent committee members need to question, at length, William Thompson, the two Merck whistle blowers, and Julie Gerberding. I say the chance of that happening is close to zero. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I see no sign Congress is willing to step up to the plate. Too many drug-company lobbyists, too much campaign money from the drug companies, too much fear of going up against entrenched “scientists” who keep claiming all vaccines are safe and effective. We’ve heard, from sources other than President Trump, that he is going to order a task force to investigate vaccine safety. We’ll see if it happens."

Unbelievable.  This pharmaceutical company has developed a very expensive treatment that partially deals with the consequences of serious reactions to childhood vaccines. Quote: "Shocker: I found this explosive statement in FDA press release: “The initial symptoms [of the childhood disease CLN2] usually include language delay, recurrent seizures (epilepsy) and difficulty coordinating movements (ataxia). Affected children also develop muscle twitches (myoclonus) and vision loss. CLN2 disease affects essential motor skills, such as sitting and walking. Individuals with this condition often require the use of a wheelchair by late childhood and typically do not survive past their teens.”  Does that sound like anything you’ve ever heard of?  It’s the result, in some children, of administered vaccines.  Vaccine damage. Imagine this. A doctor says to a mother: “You have to stop talking about the horrible things that happened to your child right after he received a vaccine. You’re wrong. You’re not making sense. It wasn’t the vaccine. Your child has a rare genetic brain disorder called CLN2. We now have a drug that may slow down one of the progressing symptoms. It’ll cost $486,000 a year. To give the drug, we’ll need your child for five hours every other week. We’ll insert a catheter in his head…”  

This serves as a warning.  Consider this information before getting a Zika vaccine should you ever think you might need one. 

Health Care.

Obamacare is still with us.  This piece however offers some hope at minimizing the horrendous burdens it inflicted of many.  We still have to wait until the whole thing is overturned.  Quote: "When the Democrats passed the “Affordable Care Act,” they expected to be in control of Congress and the White House for a long time. Indeed, they thought the “reform” law would help tighten their grip on power. Likewise, they assumed that the authority they handed to the HHS secretary would be wielded by a fellow traveler like Kathleen Sebelius or Marilyn Tavenner. They certainly never imagined that HHS would be headed by someone like Price — an experienced legislator, a sophisticated health policy expert, and a respected physician — who also happens to be a highly articulate opponent of Obamacare.  Much of the pain Americans have experienced since the advent of Barack Obama’s “signature domestic achievement” is caused by HHS rules that can’t be found in the actual law. They are, rather, regulatory fiats issued by Sebelius and Tavenner pursuant to the enormous discretion Obamacare granted the HHS secretary. The most notorious example of such bureaucratic decrees is the notorious contraception mandate, which was used by the Obama administration as the basis for its assault on the religious liberty of Little Sisters of the Poor and other groups with moral objections to paying for abortion-inducing drugs."

This item should concern us all.   Quote: "A study published in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy titled, “Effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in human gastric epithelial cells in vitro,” reveals for the first time that the nanoparticle form of the common “whitening” agent known as titanium dioxide is capable of inducing “tumor-like” changes in exposed human cells.[1]  Whereas previous cell research has established that titanium dioxide (TiO2) is cytotoxic (cell damaging),[2] this is the first study of its kind to find exposed cells undergo a ‘phenotypal’ transition from normal to cancerous cell traits, including an increased rate of cell proliferation and a decrease in programmed cell death – hallmark features of precancerous and/or cancerous cells associated with ‘immortalization.’  Owing to the fact that the researchers tested human gastric epithelial cells, a type of stomach cell in direct contact with material we eat, and considering the broad range of drug, personal care and food products nanoparticle TiO2 is commonly used within, the toxicological implications of these findings are deeply concerning."

This item provides good reasons to avoid SSRI antidepressant medications.

Our society has moved so far to the left that up is down, truth is fake and fake is truth.  This is unbelievable nonsense.  Quote: "For decades, the milk industry has made us believe that milk is crucial for our health. Most of us have been brought up with the idea our teeth and bones will crumble if we don’t drink three big glasses of calcium-rich milk every day. Though scientific research has linked milk consumption to cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, heart diseases, allergies, and a host of other diseases, governments and celebrity shills with thick milk mustaches keep telling us that milk is essential to our health. These celebrities, however, forget to tell you that they were paid to make these statements, hiding the dangers lurking behind these hip milk mustaches.
In their latest attempt to push antibiotic- and hormone-rich dairy products onto the people, the mainstream media is spreading fears to spook people into believing healthy dietary choices that reject processed foods are dangerous."

Some Republicans are trying their best to keep government in the healthcare business.  They apparently do not believe in free market principles but instead government should set health standards.  They are a disgrace.

For the guys.  This items suggests that having an MRI is likely a better solution than having a biopsy if prostate cancer is suspected.  Quote: "Psychiatric News reports (4/7/17): “A study published in February in JAMA Neurology has found that patients taking antidepressants that are strong inhibitors of serotonin reuptake (SSRIs) may be at an increased risk for intracranial hemorrhage, particularly during the first month of use…”  “The results showed that compared with patients taking [the older] tricyclic  antidepressants, patients being treated with SSRIs had a 17 percent increased risk of experiencing an intracranial hemorrhage. The risk was highest during the first 30 days the patients were taking the medications.”
SSRIs include: Celexa; Prozac; Paxil; Zoloft; Lexapro; Luvox."

New PSA guidelines.  Quote: "Most urologists in conventional medicine have long placed great emphasis on the PSA test to determine prostate health. The new advice published Tuesday closely aligns the panel with medical groups that also support shared decision-making. The biggest remaining difference is timing. The task force draft says screening conversations should begin at age 55. Other groups say start earlier, depending on family history of prostate cancer and other factors. It recommends against testing men aged 70 and older.  Here is the point: The literature says a low PSA number of about four indicates a normal or healthy prostate, whereas higher numbers put prostate health in doubt and even suggests malignancy. To the medical community a higher number, of course, calls for biopsy and may lead to prostate surgery.  Yet, some men may have prostate malignancy with very low PSA numbers or no malignancy with very high PSA numbers."

This is a medical practice that should disturb us all, especially the guys.

Here is another item that should put us on notice, especially those with a heart condition.  There are 100 medications that actually worsen our hearts. 

This item discusses the people, the tsimane, who have the healthiest hearts in the world.  And, carbohydrates are 72% of their diet.

This item discusses the reasons why we should be eating grass fed beef instead of beef from industrialized sources.

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