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More About Our Mainstream Media 3

If it in any way reflects poorly on the liberal agenda it is not news.  Liberal mainstream media apparently accepts Muslim practices most people find repulsive.. This is a case where the mainstream media ignores female genital mutilation.   Quote: "
Detroit physician was arrested earlier this week for performing the grisly practice of female genital mutilation on young girls in a first-of-its-kind case prosecuted in America.  Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, a Muslim physician and native of western India, performed the procedure, described as “barbaric” by U.S. Justice Department prosecutors, on girls ages 6 to 8.  At least two of her small victims were brought from Minnesota by their parents to have the procedure done. Minnesota, like Michigan, has a large population of Muslim immigrants who would seek out this procedure for their daughters.

This is typical.  Think of how the mainstream media and Democrats of all stripes would be hyping this story 24-7 and demanding investigations and resignations if the person involved were Republican.  Their bias is both transparent and their propagandizing sickening.  Quote: "If I didn’t know any better, I’d think some of the reporters at Buzzfeed and Politico received their journalism credentials from schools that advertise on matchbook covers. Some of you are old enough to remember that. It’s similar to pondering the notion they received their training on being journalists from a toy inside a Cracker Jacks box. Either way, a recent story published by both outfits doesn’t deserve to be called “reporting.” It’s a hatchet job, and if you take a whiff, you can likely smell David Brock nearby.  The stories attempt to accuse Neil Gorsuch of plagiarism, and do so sloppily.  Both the Buzzfeed piece and Politico piece are garbage, using information spoon-fed to them, to make their case instead of relying on a full examination of Gorsuch’s work. Politico even admits it: POLITICO did not conduct a full examination of the federal judge’s writings.  Of course not. Why do any work when you can just take from what Buzzfeed (who published first) said and find ‘experts’ to help drive your narrative?  And this is more of same.  Different topic but similar tactics. But, since it is one of their liberal leftist Democrat buddies, the matter is simply a diversion.   And this is how an ultra-liberal on CNN is treating the Rice story.   Wont cover a legitimate story because it does not match his agenda.  But give him a fake news story that does and he's all over it.

This reflects the double standard held by the mainstream media.  Quote: "The media worships Michelle Obama.  The double standard with how they treat conservative women is obvious.  Michelle Obama made one decision that led to some important questions.
Recently, The Washington Post ran a profile about Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen. Pence and his wife are Christians who live their faith.  The Post referenced a 2002 article which says that as part of their marriage, Pence does not dine alone with women other than his wife, nor does he attend social events where alcohol is served unless his wife is present.  Liberals freaked out. The far-left site Vox ran an article claiming what Pence does is illegal.   Illegal, what???????  Democrats can actually commit illegal acts which the media dutifully ignores, unbelievable.

This is unethical behavior on the part of google and You Tube.  If you did not know it before they are a part of the leftist cabal trying to shut down anyone who does not agree with their leftist point of view.    They are not the only unethical players in this liberal game.  The Huffington Post is also ethically challenged.

Rather than proving what the mainstream media wants us to believe it is proof positive that they are knowingly lying to us.  They promote fake news.   Unbelievable  how they say Trump and Russia are cahoots with each other without any evidence but deny this story is true when know facts indicate there is at least smoke if not fire behind this one.

An amazing thing to watch.  The mainstream media has no focus and no sense of what is important and what is not. Quote: "White House spokesman Sean Spicer attempted to explain that Tillerson was in Moscow to meet with his counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, to discuss the crisis in Syria. But Garrett pressed on with his insinuation it was a snub, because Putin had met with previous secretaries of state, such as John Kerry.  That’s when Spicer drolly observed, “No, but I would say that there’s a bit of irony” that for all the talk of the Trump transition team and administration having “back channels and direct links” to Russia, for the complaint now to become, “they won’t meet with you."    They chase insignificant notions in hopes of finding a story instead of focusing on real items worthy of investigation.    

This item reminds us that we need to beware the veracity of any of the mainstream media's fact checkers.

This former liberal media icon is a proven bold faced liar.  He had to resign because of on air lies and now in his book (nobody should read) he lies about is military service.

If you think this MSNBC host is an honest, upstanding purveyor of the truth you are wrong.  He is a leftist propagandist big time.

This is an example of mainstream media dissonance.  Quote: "Again and again, Obama’s ministry of propaganda, with its branch offices from CNN to the New York Times to the Washington Post, solemnly instruct Americans that “unmasking is not spying.” That is about as convincing as the slogans carved on Orwell’s fictional ministry headquarters in 1984: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”  One needs surveillance skills to find any disapproving references in the mainstream media to the pervasive political espionage that the Obama administration conducted against Trump. Even the Trump haters on Morning Joe had to acknowledge the shamelessness of the New York Times in burying the Susan Rice story on A16 — a story that made only oblique and rationalizing reference to her political espionage."

Hypocritical mainstream media does it again.  When Obama did it they yawned.  Trump does it they claim it is too expensive.  You got to laugh at their duplicity.  Any credibility they once had is long gone.

The leftist mainstream media does all it can to protect liberal/Democrat personalities and activities.  This item document as case where they have purposely ignored real news that harms their leftist ideals/narratives.  Not reporting real news is a form of fake news that they claim they do not do fake news.  Well???

Instead of reporting news the mainstream media is acting as propaganda agents by defending their leftist friends who may well be in trouble.  They choose to focus on fake news about Trump instead.  Quote: "On the heels of a bombshell report that Susan Rice – former President Barack Obama’s right hand woman – asked dozens of times for intelligence agencies to unmask the names of Trump associates, the mainstream media is predictably, providing her cover.  Instead of investigating the report, which was first broken by Bloomberg News on Monday, the press corps is calling it a “distraction” from the real story of potential Trump administration collusion with Russia."

This follows up on the previous item.  Major network hard at work protecting Susan Rice while maintaining focus on Trump bashing.  Quote: "All of that and more went unreported on the Big Three networks. Ironically during Monday's White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer called the media out for doing just that. “I think that it is interesting the level or lack of interest that I've seen in these developments when it goes in one direction,” he declared, referencing when the press rushed to wrongly finger NSC Director Ezra Cohen-Watnik as the source of Nunes’ information. But he, in fact, was the one who discovered Rice’s order during a review of the unmasking process. A noticeable double standard indeed."  

George Burns

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