Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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By now most people know that the FDA and giant pharmaceuticals are in collusion with each other.  This item suggests Trump may have made a mistake with his pick to replace the head of the agency.  Quote: "Trump’s current nominee is Scott Gottlieb, who is apparently tasked with speeding up the FDA’s drug-approval process—a disaster in the making, given the fact that FDA-approved medical drugs already kill 106,000 Americans a year (a conservative estimate). Source: see Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”  Here are a few quotes about Trump FDA-nominee Gottlieb from The Hill:  “But Gottlieb also faced criticism from groups that are concerned his ties to the drug industry could hurt the agency’s commitment to safety and efficacy.”  “He has longtime ties to the drug and medical industry after leaving the FDA in 2007.”  “He is currently a member of the product investment board for drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, and a member of the board of directors for MedAvante, Gradalis, and Glytec, which does work in medical technology.”  “Public Citizen blasted Gottlieb for taking what they said was hundreds of thousands of dollars from multiple drug and device companies between 2013 and 2015, mostly for consulting and speaking fees.” Gee, he sounds a lot like Obama’s FDA Commissioner, Califf."

Two high profile members of the medical profession have come down hard on their professional peers, the FDA and pharmaceuticals.  Quote: "Medical journals, the FDA, drug companies (and doctors)—a club. And each member of the club is responsible. Accountable. Culpable. The next time a doctor, or some “science blogger” who loves mainstream published studies, sounds off about “real science,” show them this piece. And if they say that Dr. Marcia Angell is just one medical-journal editor, point them to the following: Richard Horton (another pro’s pro), editor-in-chief, The Lancet, in The Lancet, 11 April, 2015, Vol 385, “Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?”:  “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…"

This is good news.  The medical community is waking up to the fact that staying healthy includes eating the right things in the right amounts. Quote: "One of my main criticisms of orthodox medicine over the years has been the lack of real nutritional training and understanding for and by doctors. My years of research led me to understand that almost all of America’s health problems are directly related to diet. In other words, when Americans get sick, what they need is a wholesale change in diet, not synthetic chemicals to mask the symptoms of disease. Americans are suffering from what I call full-belly starvation; their bellies are full but their bodies are starving for nutrition."

This is a harsh indictment of the FDA.  Do you think the author has a point?

A sad commentary on unethical big pharma practices.

By now everyone knows what happened to Ryancare.  It flopped and in my view rightly so.  To say that others have not worked on viable replacements is wrong.  Several have been circulated.  This is a synopsis supported by analysis developed by the Heritage Foundation.  This item addresses the high cost of pharmaceuticals and what could possibly happen."  http/ 

Interesting piece about how viruses and diseases are researched.

Things like this give one the strong impression that Monsanto is a criminal enterprise. 

This is a disturbing piece on the harm the pharmaceutical industry inflicts on innocents.

This item addresses the idea that science with an agenda is fake science.

About Vaccines.

This is an item provided by Charles.  Quote: "Here’s a link to a seven part presentation which raises lots of reasons for concern about collusion between the CDC and big pharma in pushing demand for and in mis-representing research which is supposed to be certifying vaccination safety.  Turns out that there is a revolving door between big pharma and key committee membership in the CDC where people with conflicts of interest are able to vote their vested interest in pushing vaccines without disclosing those interests.  Since those votes are sanctioned as being good public policy since they occur at the CDC but legitimacy of the CDC is crumbling.  I only watched episode 6 but found it to be pretty concerning.
Link is useful throughout this weekend only.
Another item shared by Charles. He says: "WARNING SIGNS: Code words in latest executive order indicate Trump may be getting sucked into the GMO / pesticide swamp –"    But, this good news could be negated by the previous item.  Thanks to Charles for sharing.  Now active support is needed to take this movement nationwide.  
Another item from Charles who shared this warning to be careful of the source of the shrimp you eat.
JFK, jr. talks about problems with vaccines.  Quote: "When Robert F. Kennedy Jr was a guest this week on Tucker Carlson’s show (FoxNews), he said it was only the second show he’d ever been allowed to discuss the topic of vaccination dangers. The reason why, he says, is because shows are paid billions per year by pharmaceutical companies in advertising dollars and they don’t want his message to be discussed. RFK Jr., like many others, is sounding the alarm with respect to childhood vaccinations. Many of the vaccines are mandatory, and not vaccinating one’s children, as TFTP has reported, runs the risk of having one’s children taken away, and put into the custody of the state. Some parents are imprisoned by the State for not vaccinating their children. Still, others are made to appear unstable for even suggesting vaccines cause autism and are dangerous for the health of children, even though one executive-level Center For Disease Control researcher blew the whistle that the CDC knew they covered up information supporting that case.  And, "I’m called anti-vax all the time because the pharmaceutical company gives so much money,” to quash his message. He praised Carlson and commended the talk show host/news mogul for allowing him to come on his show and help to start the debate on a national level. Carlson defended his decision to have RFK Jr. discuss the subject because he said, “I think you ought to be allowed to ask legitimate questions without being attacked,” and added he hopes RFK Jr. is actually successful in getting the debate going."

Tell me you feel comfortable with vaccines with this stuff in them.  Quote: "Vaccine animal cells are a disturbing but frequently overlooked aspect of the whole vaccination issue. Fortunately, there has been a wide-growing awareness of the many toxic ingredients and adjuvants used in vaccines (see here for a list of the top 10). While people rightly object to substances such as mercury, MSG, aluminum and formaldehyde, how much attention has been placed upon vaccine animal cells? Did you even know that many vaccines use animal DNA to grow and culture the bacterium or virus being vaccinated against? Today’s vaccines have been made from a variety of animal cells, including but not limited to DNA from birds (chicken cells are very common), cows, pigs, dogs, monkeys, worms and other insects. This information alone makes many people shudder. The vaccine packaging label often states that these cells are there only in trace amounts, but they are present nonetheless. What are the implications of this? How many people are having reactions due to taking a vaccine with cells of an animal to which they are already allergic?"

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