Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More About Our Mainstream Media 2

This item reinforces the previous items.  The leftist media has lost any grounding in reality it once had.  It is even hard to remember when they were actually not biased liberal propagandists.  Quote: "If you want some evidence that we are still winning, you need to read the L.A. Times editorial and see how frustrated the coastal elites have become. According to the L. A. Times editorial board, Donald Trump deserves the headline, “Our Dishonest President.” This from the people who allowed that previous President to repeatedly lie to pass one of the most revolutionary and disastrous laws in history—The Affordable Care Act. We are still dealing with the financial disaster that was promoted by promising anyone who wanted to do so could keep their doctor. Yet that was never worth a statement from the editorial board.  Truly, this piece of hysterical trash shows the coastal elites are afraid.

This is a pointed and accurate assessment of the mainstream media.    Their clear bias is worthy of firing the whole lot of them.  They fall far short of their mission to objectively report the facts and let the public draw its own conclusions.  Instead they arrogantly tell the public what they want us to know/believe/understand.  That is pure propaganda.  This item summarizes just how out of touch these people are.

This item reviews a lesson taught to but not learned by the mainstream media.

Will liberals raise their hands if they are proud of the outcome from the eight year run of the Obama destruction machine?

Interesting insight into twelve ways the the leftist mainstream media seeks to divide versus unite American citizens.

This is about Sean Spicer, Trump's press secretary. It deals with a broad range of things. 

Famed journalist, Bob Woodward, tells the media the truth and what they need to hear.  Quote: ""Polling numbers show that most Americans disapprove of & distrust the media. This is no time for self-satisfaction or smugness."  Will they listen?  Not likely.  

It is really, really sad how the progressive left media cannot get out of their own way.  They continue to push obvious failed policies in the face of factual reality.

Why do liberal news organizations print out and out lies/fake news?  This piece offers understanding as to how they do it.   Quote: "This New York Times article below is a good example of the barely existent distinction between outright Fake News versus the Narrative. The NYT manages to reassuringly mislead its subscribers by putting Real News in a distorted order."    That answers in part the how but the answer to why is liberal news outlets are liberal propaganda operations.  Actual news not matching the liberal narrative gets written so it fits what they want readers to "think" is news.

This piece provides a prime example of how the NYT and other leftwing so called newspapers misrepresent facts or blatantly lie when dealing with situations and people they do not like.  It is childish behavior, they should grow up and apologize for their far less than professional behavior.

You cannot trust anything contained in the mainstream media, including its corrupt fact checkers.

NPR should be ashamed of itself.  It is prone to reporting really suspicious fake news with a straight face.  For a number of years l listened to NPR but always felt a bit squishy about some of their reporting.  Facts that have been emerging over the past year or two substantiate my doubts about some of their coverage.  This serves as an example. 

The New York Times is the leader of the progressive/liberal Democrat mainstream media cabal.  They even promote child abuse.  No kidding.  Quote: "On Sunday, The New York Times published an opinion piece called Hannah Is a Girl. Doctors Finally Treat Her Like One. The author is a research fellow named Jack Turban who works at the Yale School of Medicine. It is downright revolting to hear someone in the medical community approve and promote transgenderism among children."   And, this item illustrates why so many say that the NYT has no ethics whatever.

Members of our left wing media need to read this item slowly so they get it.  Likewise, all our left wing politicians.  Maybe, just maybe the light will turn on.  It is time to cast aside ignoring and/or misrepresenting facts and start dealing truthfully with them. 

This is the kind of thing in which the mainstream media engage.  It is pathetic.  Quote: "Having lost the debate over building a border wall to curtail illegal immigration and protect national security, the Big Media have turned to a new argument against President Trump’s No. 1 campaign issue – a claim that it will cause an “eco-catastrophe.”  For the last six weeks, the Washington Post, New York Times, Science Times, Newsweek, NPR, CBS News and other outlets have begun making the case that the proposed wall along parts of the now heavily trafficked U.S.-Mexico border is not only bad for people, but also for animals – including cats, armadillos, Sonoran Pronghorns and various other reptiles and amphibians."   What about one of the left's iconic ecoligical solutions, wind mill farms, that kill birds by the thousands?

The leftist mainstream media has designs on controlling free speech.  They only want speech they agree with to be aired.  Nice tyrannical behavior don't you think?

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