Sunday, May 21, 2017

Beltway crowd wants us focused on molehills instead of the mountainous problems they've created

This country has very big problems, and none of them – at least not the serious ones – were created by Donald Trump.
Take your pick. The debt, the unfunded entitlement obligations, the messed up health care system, the crime, the cultural disintegration, the tax code . . . the political class gave us these problems over the course of many decades. Whether by neglect or active foolishness, they have imperiled our fiscal stability, our economic vibrancy and even the safety of ordinary people. They’ve also made it harder for us to protect ourselves against external threats.
These problems are mountains. Mountains can be conquered, but it takes someone who is not only willing to climb the mountain but has the strength and the courage to see the challenge through when it gets difficult. Whatever Donald Trump’s faults, he ran for president because he understood the nature of these problems, and he was willing to climb the mountains.

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