Friday, May 19, 2017

News Items Worth Reading 3

And, this item provides an entirely different take on the Rich murder/DNC/Russian/FBI fiasco.   This adds more detail.  The Democrats are scrambling and hoping their focus badgering Trump will keep the public occupied and not pay attention to their several ongoing scandals of major proportions.

This is an insightful piece that will at times frustrate, anger you and still other times evoke agreement.  It definitely offers food for thought.  Quote: "Meanwhile, to all of you yapping incessantly about Russia, don’t complain in 2020 when you get a horrible corporate Democratic candidate and Trump wins. Even if you dodge the Hillary bullet, don’t expect for a second to get anyone decent nominated. The “resistance” is clueless and Trump has much better odds of a second term than ever being impeached. The Russia nonsense is all a carefully crafted distraction narrative to keep you stuck on the debt serf plantation and away from organizing genuine resistance. Keep it up, the plutocrats are laughing uncontrollably.  This is precisely why I reserve my most intense contempt for the corporate media. It’s quite intentionally focusing people’s attention on a still unproven theory that marginally affects their lives, compared to very real issues of economic misery and the neo-feudal world being institutionalized all around them. This is straight up evil. The corporate press is deliberately not focusing on things that really matter to people, and diverting mass attention to what is still just a conspiracy theory. If you have proof Trump is a Russian stooge, let’s see it. If not, then focus on the very serious issues that matter and helped elect Trump in the first place. The corporate media, neoliberal Dems and neocons are successfully diverting genuine angst and energy away from pressing economic concerns and toward a imperial geopolitical agenda that benefits the plutocrats and their ambitions. They are manufacturing resistance."

Facebook is "all in" on both the killing of babies and the censorship game.  The Facebook concept is good but its political activism is bad.  If its management was decent they would recognize they should protect freedom of speech instead of selective politically motivated censorship.   Quote: "Women must be allowed to kill their unborn babies to achieve equality to men.  It’s a barbaric and insulting statement, but it is essentially what Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards told the liberal blog Bustle this week.
An abortion destroys the life of a unique, living human being in the womb — the woman’s own child. Yet, Richards said she believes a woman’s ability to choose abortion is “fundamental to women’s equality.”   This is the organization which benefits from selling baby parts.  Ethical behavior is not part of their corporate operating standards.

This is definitely an item deserving of an FBI investigation. We will just have to wait and see if it happens.

This is so very true.  Hopefully those involved in Obama's rogue IRS activities will be fully exposed and ultimately punished.

This poor excuse for a president is trying his best to remake himself into a courageous icon of history. This particular effort is sickening.  Quote: "In an interview with Jack Schlossberg last week, former President Barack Obama said that he showed a tremendous amount of courage when he allowed Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to gas his own people without facing any punishment for the genocide. On the evening he was to accept the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award, Obama was asked about the most difficult choices he had to make while occupying the White House. “Well, the hardest issue that I dealt with was always sending out young men and women into harm’s way – our troops,” Obama said. “But I actually think that the issue that required the most political courage was the decision not to bomb Syria after the chemical weapons use had been publicized, and rather to negotiate them removing chemical weapons from Syria."  Those of us who remember know full well his boast was an empty bluff and that he did not have the courage to follow through.

These are the kind of people the political left supports.  Elements like this not so radical Muslims are invited in by leftist leaders in Western Nations.  What compels the political left elites to so ignore facts that cannot be disputed?  Facts like this Imam's call to murder jews.    And, take a look at this item.  The young lady is a former Muslim who tells us that we need to keep Muslims out of our country.  See what she says.  I would trust her word before anything Obama, Hillary, Merkel or any other liberal/socialist has to say.   

This is racial insanity.  It is even racists in its intent and blatantly so.  I wish Obama had never been elected.  His racism spawned a rebirth of racial tensions.  If someone like Ben Carson had been president things would have been much different.  

George Burns

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