Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Donald Trump Dismisses James Comey: The Letter

This author asserted at this website four months ago that;
  • There is no supportable evidence of a successful Russian attempt that can be credited with scuttling Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations;
  • That there’s no evidence of WIKILEAKS and Vladimir Putin conspiring or coordinating to change the results of the American elections;
  • There’s no evidence of the Trump Campaign or Donald Trump conspiring, colluding or coordinating either with the Russians or Wikileaks;
  • The ONLY evidence in existence to date is of the Clintons having a Russian Connection that benefited the Clintons only.
The Clinton’s activities gravely damaged the interest of these United States and global security. The laws allegedly being broken by the Clinton Team cover self-enrichment and self-dealing while serving as elected and appointed officials in high office. The Clinton’s may also have violated racketeering laws under RICO. 

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