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The fact that countries whose illegals/refugees in our country that are criminals and do not want them back is a good reason to send them back. Quote: "More than 2,000 criminal non-citizens, including many here illegally, are released from prison every year onto the streets of American cities.  Americans like Casey Chadwick, 25, have paid with their lives. She was stabbed to death outside her apartment in Norwich, Connecticut, by an illegal criminal alien from Haiti who had already served 17 years in prison for attempted murder. ICE had tried to deport him several times but Haiti would not accept him.  The problem is that 23 countries will not take back their criminal migrants, according to a DHS report cited by Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The government has not named all 23 uncooperative nations but WND has been able to identify 13 of them."   Consider this item which is repeated over and over again and tell me it is a good idea to invite into our country people who behave like this. 

The hypocritical mainstream media just does not get that their antics are transparent to those who are paying attention.  Quote: "A week ago, President Trump unleashed a media firestorm when he accused Barack Obama in a tweet of wiretapping Trump Tower in New York. The standard portrayal: Once again, the president has shot from the hip, right into his foot, “without any evidence” whatsoever.  These are the same media that excitedly accused the Russians of “hacking the election,” based on a report from the CIA, FBI and NSA in early January while Mr. Obama was still president. The partly declassified document alleges that the Russians were involved in securing the hacked emails released by WikiLeaks that embarrassed the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta. Ouch. That did not help the Dems. But just to be clear, the Russians could not possibly “hack” the nation’s thousands of independent voting machines."    The hypocritical behavior of so many Hollywood types should bother anyone with a conscience.  The supported tooth and nail illegalities conducted by the Obama administration.  Yet they going tooth and nail against Trump as he tries to clean house.

This MSNBC hit piece on the Trump marriage proves just how disgusting the leftist media really is.  Quote: "MSNBC did a horrendous hit piece that attacked President Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania Trump suggesting that Melania is not happy in her role or her marriage. This is a new low even for the left.  MSNBC host Kate Snow invited the Washington Post’s Paul Schwartzman on for a segment to discuss whether the first lady is happy being married to a billionaire, who now has the most powerful job in the world. They then showed photos and videos of Melania Trump while the words, “reclusive and elusive” hovered on the screen."   The presumption, of course is that all marriages of people on the left are idyllic, including Bill and Hillary's widely speculated marriage of convenience.

The federal government's bureaucracies are in bad need of being trimmed and having their charters rewritten.  Unfortunately far too many of our elected officials serve their own interests rather than the nation's or their constituents.  Too often they are more concerned with helping big business interests or the interests of special interests rather than serving the public's interest who happen to pay their salaries.  This is just one of many examples.  Quote: "Coming back around to Monsanto, we now see that Monsanto not only has the EPA in its back pocket, it also has legislators from both sides of the aisle, employs heavy-hitting lobbyists who go on to work in all sorts of evil functions, and a mainstream media (including government-funded NPR) which is complicit in masking the links to these firms wherever possible.  It all brings us to the last sentence of Zerohedge’s article: All of which begs the question of whether the D.C. swamp is just too large to be drained.  Obviously, the nation needs to at least try to drain the swamp.  But, as the case of Monsanto has demonstrated, it won’t be as easy as just “pulling out the stopper” and watching the corrupt element wash away."   This piece provides a good picture of how the insidious and partisan bureaucracies waste our tax dollars seemingly without a care for the damage done to the Republic.  Quote: "Then, the truly inconceivable happened and Hillary won bigly in the wrong states and not bigly enough in the right ones, and, well…. Immediately, with Trump ascendant, the Treasury and its handmaidens at the Federal Reserve engineered a rapid burn-through of the war chest at a rate of about $90-billion a month since November, so that now there remains only about a month’s worth of walking-around money to run the US Government. With the old debt ceiling truce expired, congress would have to resolve to raise it, to legally enable the Treasury to resume its massive borrowing operations, or else the government won’t be able to pay invoices or issue pension checks or meet any obligations. It could even default on its “no risk” bonds."   Another EPA lapse in ethics which could have led to illegality down the road.

To continue the federal government bureaucracy theme, this is a very interesting piece.  It points out that legal action can be taken against bureaucrats following presidential orders which violate the law/constitution.  Quote: "Lawcrimes: Can We, the Citizens of the United States, Prosecute Bureaucrats Who Violated US Law by ‘Just Following Orders’ (to Execute Obama’s Un-Constitutional Directives)?  The Answer Is, “Yes, We Can!”"  And, "During the eight years of the Obama Administration, executive orders, executive memos, and other executive actions emanated from the White House that were against the laws which had been written by the representatives of the American people.  Federal bureaucrats working in the executive branch for the various departments of the government did exactly as they were bidden.  Even when they were directed by the US Supreme Court to abandon illegal EPA rules, Obama shot back at the Court:  “There is no reason that this Court ruling should have any impact on the ability of the Administration to develop and implement the Clean Air Plan [that the Court has now judged to be illegal].”  And, regardless of the Supreme Court ruling that the EPA cannot legally restrict coal emissions to the extent that power plants would be forced to shut down, Obama bureaucrats, in lockstep with the president’s will, said “Yes, sir” to Obama’s clearly-illegal orders and carried them out anyway.  In so doing, they broke the law.  And they all should pay the same price any other American would pay for breaking the law.  They should be fired from their jobs.  Some might also deserve to be prosecuted and fined."    So the question to be asked is "what are we waiting for?'

This is about the EPA and why Trump wants to scale it back.  Quote: "Inhofe, author of “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” acknowledged there is historical, scriptural and scientific evidence that climate always changes, but says the hoax is that progressives insist the world is coming to an end because of man-made gases.  The Clean Power Plan, like all global warming policy, was never genuinely intended to reduce carbon emissions, Inhofe contends, but is a means for progressives to implement “economic equality.”  “The real goal,” he said, “is to change the economic development model. In other words, redistribution of wealth between nations. That is what was really behind this thing to start with.”  Margot Wallstrom, who was the environmental minister of the European Union, said the Kyoto Protocol, the predecessor to the Paris treaty, was “about [the] economy, about leveling the playing field for big businesses worldwide,” he said.  “Then along came Jacques Chirac from France. He said, ‘It’s not about the environment, it’s about the first component of an alternative global governance.'”  Inhofe pointed out that Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres admitted the global warming policy set by the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, of which she is the executive secretary, is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism."

Folks on the left seem to think this is bad.  But my guess is that most law abiding tax payers are glad this is happening.

This property rights case is going to the Supreme Court.  The case is disturbing given the behavior of government agencies.

This is similar to the above discussion of federal bureaucrats.  Far too many in the judiciary have lost their way and are violating their oaths to uphold the Constitution.  They have and are now in effect making law and creating rights out of whole cloth instead of assuring laws are abided and comport with the Constitution.  This item explains. Quote: "The American judiciary is creating an “affirmative right to immigrate” to the United States for every person on earth, says Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review and author of “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America.”"   Seems like liberal judges are more interested in playing political games than doing their jobs.  When Obama did the same thing as Trump no one blinked an eye - it was just fine then but not now.   Leftist bias is truly out of control and doing harm to our country.   It is not possible to believe that a judge who backs this Imam renders a ruling against Trump that even liberal lawyers admit is Constitutional even though they may disagree with Trump's policy.  A judge's job is to rule on the law and not his opinion.

Trump is taking an axe to the overfunded, bloated, duplicative agencies and programs.  It is a good thing.  Fraud, waste and abuse are the hallmarks of so much of the federal bureaucracy.  Nonetheless the less than responsible and less than frugal political left are apoplectic at the thought of cutting any programs.  They have little concern for saving tax payer dollars but do care about their precious give away programs that garner them votes.  But what is necessary is necessary and Trump is following through on another one of his campaign promises.  

It has been noted before but this piece highlights the hypocrisy so prevalent in politicians of both parties.  This item focusses on the Democrat party which tends to be the more hypocritical of the two.

Senator Schumer (and 25 cohorts) is not looking out for the interests of America.  He is, instead catering to his leftist supporters.  These senators voted for the Wall before they decided to shut down the government by now voting against it.  Politics, pure politics.   

What???  Democrats have a really short memory.  Not long ago they lambasted Republicans for doing what they now propose to do.

It is certainly interesting that Obama was in Hawaii at the time the Hawaiian judge issued his order halting Trump's travel ban.  Conspiracy or not? You decide. 

This item discusses a must do by the Trump administration. Government size, waste and abuse must be reduced.  Quote: "Is there enough of our Puritan DNA left to eliminate waste? We're about to find out. If a government headed by Republicans can't, or won't, live up to their philosophy of smaller government and more personal freedom, why do we need them? If unnecessary spending and needed entitlement reforms are not accomplished by Republicans, the spending will continue and the debt will grow until the inevitable economic collapse."   There will be howls from both the left and right and by special interest lobbies.  But they need to be ignored for the good of the country. 

The heavily leftist Hollywood crowd appears to be headed even further to the left.

This is a most revealing piece.  The VP of Planned Parenthood avoids answering a fair question seven times.  She knows the correct answer will destroy Planned Parenthood's long time unethical enterprise.  This operation needs to be shut down.  Too many of these type mishaps make it an imperative to do so.

If the media were a self reflecting body they would understand how much of the public does not like their manner of reporting.

George Burns

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