Thursday, May 11, 2017

Comey’s Firing and the Delicate Sensibilities of Senator Schumer

Comey Fired! The Left positively livid! Especially that smooth-talking hypocrite, Senator Chuck Schumer. Trump should have fired Comey sooner, he avers. Maybe the day Schumer called for Comey to be fired?  We know Schumer would have still found fault.
The talking heads tell us how in the past the White House had an orderly process for handling things like this; only that dastardly Nixon ever did something so outrageous as fire someone with so little warning. But do you really think Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor hired to investigate the Watergate Scandal, was shocked that Richard Nixon went after his job?  When people say “Nixonian” they forget what Nixon did wrong in the Watergate Scandal – he wasn’t covering up anything he did, he was trying to cover up the misdeeds of his friends.
Who in DC today defends their friends? Wait, I know the answer: Democrats. They defend every job, every person, no matter what they have done because they are a team. Republicans belong to a society of individualists, a nice way of saying our side is filled with people too conservative to take any risks for anybody. To be fair to my fellow Republicans, we have proper concerns about defending those who are actually guilty; however, the guys in the beltway rarely take the time to find out who is and who isn’t guilty. Fire first, find out later. Trump took his time firing Comey. 

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