Friday, May 19, 2017

News Items Worth Reading 2

This writer lays bare his feelings of what is going on all around us and believes it is more about a coordinated movement by the political left, entrenched bureaucracies, mainstream media and RINOs shoving average Americans out of their way than it is about their abject hatred of Trump.  They think this is THEIR country and we the people are bothersome tripe to their grand plans for us.  Quote: "When targeting the dummies, the goal is simple. Draw off enough weak, attention-addicted RINOs to make it impossible for the President to govern. Then, hopefully, us normals will shrug, and slink away, having relearned our place. After all, we’re deplorable. And when the liberal establishment retakes power, and the mavericks and goody-goodies get tossed aside, the bureaucracy, media and the Democrats will conspire to ensure that no one can ever take their power from them again. But they haven’t considered the consequences. We’ll object. So we have to fight against this cable network coup. Because, if we don’t fight now, we all may end up fighting later."

The news behind the news is the real story here.  The president of the United States is the highest authority in the land when it comes to classifying or declassifying any information.  The antics of rogue government elements who have been releasing information are the guilty ones and the media outlets who report the leaked information are complicit.  All involved should be held accountable...the suspicion is that the guilty parties within government are Obama hold overs working hard to destroy Trump.  The media who report it are complicit in such attempts.  That is the real news.   Quote: "The Washington Post reported Monday that President Trump revealed "highly classified" intelligence to Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during their recent meeting at the White House. But the Post forgot to mention that the President’s conversation with Lavro v is itself among the most secret and classified matters our government holds – and the leak of key parts of that conversation is likely a crime. This is now the third time in a short period that the president's most secret and private discussions with a world leader have been leaked to The Washington Post."  

Some Democrat elected officials once again demonstrate their sanctimonious ignorance.    This elected official apparently thinks her First Amendment rights are different from most of the rest of us.   These people no matter their position are an embarrassment to average Americans who pay their gaudy salaries.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

This is the truth the Democrats and leftist mainstream media will never talk about.  This is far, far, far worse than anything Trump has done, if anything of that passes as unethical or illegal.  I'm sorry to say this but Hillary is definitely unethical if not an outright criminal and this along with a host of other examples proves it.

Given ongoing outbursts of chaotic and irrational behavior of  Democrat loyalists and mainstream media this assessment seems pretty accurate. Quote: "By constantly whipping up hysteria over imagined misconduct (remember the phony story, thoroughly debunked under oath, that President Trump fired James Comey after he requested more resources for the Russia investigation?), the media and their hyperventilating Democrat allies are driving insane the more unstable elements of their coalition.  The entirely predictable consequences include violent attacks on Trump supporters and eventually could lead to a wave of political assassinations. Think I am exaggerating?  These are just the most recent incidents of political violence form individual leftists:"   After providing three examples the author has this to say.   "The silence of the shams today is deafening. Those who don't stand up and denounce this accelerating wave of violence are setting themselves up to profit from it.

A very disturbing piece. If true things will get really, really bad for Trump and the nation. Quote: "In previous articles, I mentioned the importance of the midterm elections, and how (to run the country effectively and to be reelected) the President needs success within his first six months in office.  Although he is more than willing to make changes and has demonstrated his good intentions, the battle with the ensconced Marxists labeling themselves as either “progressives” or “centrists” is being lost.  Why is it being lost?  It is because these prior Obama appointees in the Circuit courts and the Supreme Court, along with the innumerable holdovers within the administration’s machinery effectively amount to a “fifth column,” bent on sabotaging the President’s efforts. The successful derailment is well under way.  As I wrote in other articles, all that is needed for the Democrats to take the Senate and the House of Representatives in the upcoming Midterm elections is for the President to not make visible and productive changes within the first six months of his term.  The stultified public will perceive it as a failure, and with the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) Republican party to help with a “shove” here and there, the President will fall right into the pool."

If you do not think the Washington Post is immersed in the Washington DC swamp you need to read this.  This political machine and left wing propaganda operation is definitely not a newspaper.  It needs to be junked and rebuilt from scratch as do many of its partisan fake news left wing partners.    Add this to the mix and you will see what I mean.  Read a few of the reader comments, too.

This is just one of the unfortunate consequences of the long standing control the Democrats have had over the city of Chicago.  Quote: "Chicago disarmed its law-abiding citizens in 1982 with gun control laws that all but banned firearms from the city. Recently, Mayor Rahm Emanuel dissolved the gang task forces, relocated detective bureaus away from high crime districts … wink wink, and burdened beat cops with a kilo of ACLU paperwork for every street stop, no matter how minor. How’s it working out? The crime and murder rate, which had been dropping until 1982, immediately turned upward. It’s now at third-world levels and still rising."    This is another reason not to follow irrational Democrat/socialist political gun control and law enforcement policies.  Historically one of the first things socialists do after seizing control is to disarm the public.

Irrational and dangerous leftists across the globe are becoming more and more bold and more dangerous all the time.  This is just one item to illustrate the point.

This is the mess dirty politicians of both parties make.  While this nightmare is located in Alabama, multiply it by an exponential number and it represents what goes on in Washington, DC.

This is about the curious case of the murder of a DNC operative during the most recent election cycle. The claim is that he was the one who leaked internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks.  A private investigator working the case for the family says the DNC is inexplicably poking its nose into the investigation and the police department is acting strangely.   This item raised questions, too. Quote: "There are many questions raised by the latest revelations, but one of the persistent oddities has been the classification of Rich’s murder by Washington police as a botched robbery when nothing was stolen, not his wallet, watch or phone."  And,  "When asked by WND to confirm, deny or comment on reports that detectives did not interview Rich’s co-workers, a Washington police spokesperson replied, “We do not have any evidence to suggest that Mr. Rich’s employment was a factor in his death.”  WND also asked police if they could confirm or deny the department has a laptop owned by Rich that had evidence of contact with WikiLeaks on it, or that its investigators were “told to stand down on this case.”  Curious, No?
But this item pops up and one has to wonder. Have no idea if there is a relationship or not.   But, curious it is.  And, finally there is this.    If interested, here is another item that adds a bit to the story.

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