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Medicine and Health 2

That Obamacare is a complete failure is indisputable.  Nonetheless, many of our head in the sand political elites beg to differ.  Facts mean nothing to them even though another health insurance giant is pulling out of all Obamacare coverage.  Quote: "Aetna's CEO Mark Bertolini said that if Obamacare does not get fixed and nothing happens to it, "it is going to continue to deteriorate."  Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference, Bertolini said the Affordable Care Act needs to be fixed since it cannot be repealed. "We have a bill that's been passed and quite frankly the current legislature, the House can but not the Senate, cannot repeal it," Bertolini said. "I've spent enough time inside the legislative labyrinth understanding what can be done or what cannot be done under reconciliation, and we cannot repeal Obamacare, ACA, whatever you want to call it, without 60 votes in the Senate." "What we need to do is admit that it needs to be fixed," he said. "Eight years without touching it, no piece of major social legislation has ever had that happen." And he continues, "...Bertolini said that Aetna planned to exit the Iowa and Virginia health care exchanges due to the financial losses. Now, the company is removing itself from the Obamacare markets entirely next year (via Bloomberg)"  And lastly, Blue Cross Blue Shield "CEO Brad Wilson told The News and Observer in February of 2016: “In year one [2014], five percent of our ACA customers consumed $830 million in health care costs. That’s how much money went out of our door to pay for the heath care for the sickest five percent of the ACA population that we had; we collected $75 million in premiums–between what they could contribute and the government subsidy. Any way you cut it that’s an unsustainable business model.”   Do you trust self serving politicians to tell us the truth? 

This may be a surprise to some people.  Obamacare was not the first federal government intrusion into our nations health care system. Quote: "The feds first got involved in the healthcare industry over 80 years ago with the Social Security Act, signed into law in the 1930s during FDR’s administration. This created both the Social Security system, as well as the Social Security Administration. Although this didn’t directly affect healthcare, SSA was followed by the 1965 Social Security Act Amendments, which created two federal medical programs, Medicaid (for low income families) and Medicare (for people age 65 and older). In the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr. writes on the effects these programs had on the healthcare industry through its introduction of a third party payer that guaranteed artificially high prices."  And, "Today, Medicare faces unfunded liabilities approaching $48 trillion.  “If we return to double digit health care inflation, we could see Medicare’s liabilities swell to more than $88 trillion,” writes Cato Institute senior fellow Michael D. Tanner. And that’s just Medicare. According to a report by the National Center for Policy Analysis, there is more than $30.3 trillion owed in Social Security and Medicaid benefits. In addition to Medicaid and Medicare, under Social Security there is also Federal Old-Age (Retirement), Survivors (OASDI), and Disability Insurance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, (TANF), State Children’s Health Insurance Program for low income citizens, (SCHIP) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Despite SSA and its amendments being signed into law by Democratic Party presidents, and despite Republican opposition to “Hillarycare” in the early 1990s, the GOP has also backed socialized medicine. In an article on the passage of Medicare Part D in 2003, Laurence Vance writes how it was “instituted by a Republican-controlled Congress with the full support of the Republican leadership and signed into law by a Republican president.”    

It takes this writer to explain insurance to a medical doctor. A very interesting piece.  Quote: "Oh by the way best guess is that this crap in aggregate costs Medicare and Medicaid alone — not including private expense — some $400 billion a year.  If you stop it essentially the entire federal budget deficit disappears.  This **** needs to stop folks, and it needs to stop now.  Yeah, that’s just two people but damnit you know it’s everywhere at present and has been for decades.  The people in the so-called “medical profession” responsible for this, and that’s most of them, need to be asset-stripped to their underwear and locked in the stocks for us to throw rotten tomatoes at.  It’s our fault folks.  It’s our fault that not only are people dying miserably by the boatload but our government is going to fail on a fiscal level within years if we don’t demand it stop.  It’s our fault because we won’t hold people accountable for the misery and financial******they serve on all of us — and the screwing it imposes on everyone both privately and through the federal government."

This item continues the discussion regarding collusion between government agencies and pharmaceuticals. Quote: "It turns out every new medical drug should contain a warning: “The FDA approved this medicine. Watch out.”  Perhaps the warning should be more extreme: “If you’re taking this drug, have an emergency medical crew on stand-by.”  A new study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association, examined all 222 drugs approved by the FDA between 2001 and 2010. The finding? Years after approval, roughly a third of the medicines were then labeled with warnings about serious adverse effects; and some of those warnings indicated life-threatening complications. For example, cancer and liver damage. For example, death—which, the last time I looked, is life-threatening.  The Washington Post reports: “Among the drugs with added warnings [years after the drugs were approved, as safe, for public use]: Humira, used for arthritis and some other illnesses; Abilify, used for depression and other mental illness; and Pradaxa, a blood thinner. The withdrawn drugs [taken off the market] and the reason: Bextra, an anti-inflammatory medicine, heart problems; Raptiva, a psoriasis drug, rare nervous system illness; and Zelnorm, a bowel illness drug, heart problems.”

All of us should really be concerned about what medical professionals tell us about diseases and what may be wrong with us.  The need to be challenged to defend what they say and then independently verified by a separate so call expert or two.  This item should provide one example of why that is so. Quote: "Consider this: In the wake of microbiologist Frank Plummer’s astonishing remarks to the press in 2003, not one major media news outlet in the world followed up and launched a probing investigation of a SARS scandal. It didn’t happen. It hasn’t happened since. “A newly discovered disease” with the same symptoms as ordinary seasonal flu is said to be unique, because every person who has it also has a never-before-seen virus EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT EVERY PERSON DOESN’T HAVE THE VIRUS. Memo to college and medical school students: write a thousand words on the logical implications of the above paragraph.  If you can’t, turn around immediately and go back to high school. Stage protests until the school offers a mandatory course in logic taught by a competent instructor."
And yet more.  Quote: "BUT suppose the drugmaker and the government (FDA) both cheated and lied and committed multiple crimes, during the clinical trials of the drug leading up to its approval for public use?  It turns out someone has been investigating those clinical trials o f Xarelto, and he has uncovered stunning secrets. His name is Charles Seife. He is a professor of journalism at New York University.  Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the 18,000 lawsuits against Xaraelto, take notice. This is information you want to have at your fingertips. Seife can provide many details—here I’m just presenting his overview."

This piece should prove that it is not a good idea to believe anything Democrats say about how great Obamacare is and how bad the Republican plan will be.  The Democrats long ago lost all credibility to claim they are the party that best serves our country.  In truth that claim is a really bad joke.

Caring for our thyroid is important.  This piece discusses what we need to look for and do to keep it functioning properly.

This is a matter that has been bubbling beneath the surface for some time.  Jon Rappaport does a good job of summarizing some disconcerting facts about medical matters in the European Union and a bit of the United States.   Provided for your may or may not disagree.

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